How Much Does a Tragus Piercing Cost?

If there is one type of ear piercing that has remained timeless, it is the tragus piercing. Although subtle, the placement draws attention and even exudes a more understated way of being rebellious. It’s a mix of toughness and femininity, all in one simple piercing.

How Much Does a Tragus Piercing Cost?

Depending on the place where you are living and the place where you make the piercing, the average cost of a tragus piercing would be anywhere between $30 and $60, not including the jewelry. Though, this cost will come with a simple, cheap piece of jewelry. The price will increase greatly if you choose to upgrade your jewelry, depending on the jewelry you choose.

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the 23rd Street Body Piercing charges around $30 for a tragus piercing, not including the jewelry. The price for barbells starts at $25 and for rings starts at $15.

If you are living in San Francisco, California, and choose to go to Body Manipulations for making a piercing, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $30 and $50 for an outer ear cartilage piercing. You will have to pay separately for the jewelry.

According to the PiercingModels.com website, the average cost of tragus piercings is anywhere between $35 and $55, depending on the salon and rings you choose.

Tragus piercing – short presentation

Tragus is basically the fold of skin on the ear that you push down over the ear canal when you want to block out unpleasant noises. But apart from being something to block out unwanted sounds, your tragus can also be used to convey a message.

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With sterile forceps, the piercer demarcates the area and uses a sterilized small 18-gauge needle to drill. Then she/he inserts the piercing made of surgical steel or titanium, which is a very light material and with the least possibility of rejection. The process itself is very fast, taking a few minutes to complete.

Tragus piercings seem to have a durable quality. Over the years, the demand for tragus piercings has remained constant, with people of different tastes and preferences turning to them. Tragus piercings also look great on older people’s ears, because the tragus doesn’t sag too much over time.

How much does a tragus piercing hurt?

A tragus type of piercing hurts just as much as any cartilage piercing. However, if you don’t have a cartilage piercing yet, a tragus piercing might hurt a lot. If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about getting your piercing, make sure you choose a professional who is patient and can ease you through the entire procedure.

Most of the pain will probably not be from the procedure but after the procedure. Because a tragus piercing is located close to the ear canal, you could easily touch it when you put your hand to your ear, put on headphones, or lie down, experiencing a considerable pain level.

Accidentally hitting a new or healing piercing hurt for a long time and you have to be very careful with a tragus piercing given where it is. So even though getting your tragus piercing might not be very painful, living with it while it heals might hurt a lot more. And you will have to prepare for it.

What are the additional expenses?

Usually, the jewelry is not included in the cost. The most popular types of tragus piercing jewelry include barbells, captive bead rings, micro dermal, rings, hoops, studs, and labret studs. The jewelry chosen by most for the start is a 14- or 16-gauge CBR or a curved barbell.

The price of tragus jewelry would start at around $5 for a sterling silver stud and go up to more than $320 for an authentic three-millimeter diamond stud. For example, you can find popular tragus jewelry on Amazon at prices that range anywhere between $10 and $30.

You will have to budget for the cleaning solution if this is not included in the price. These products are essential to make sure the healing process goes according to the plan. In general, it is recommended to use a mild-free liquid soap with anti-microbial properties when cleaning the piercing.

Plan on spending around $12 for a good cleaning solution. Also, you should change your pillow covers every day for the next month and avoid touching the new piercing. Plus, you should avoid using the cell phone at that ear or lying directly on it.

Important things to consider

Tragus Ring PiercingA tragus piercing healing time will usually be within 2-3 months and while it is healing it is important to strictly follow the aftercare instructions given by your specialist. While the tragus piercing appears to have healed on the outside, the inside may not have healed completely. It’s best not to make assumptions and continue to follow aftercare practices while it heals.

Clean the piercing at least 2-3 times a day. Unless your specialist has told you otherwise, the general recommendation is to use a mild, unscented soap or spray the area with a diluted saline solution. Wash your hands thoroughly and be careful not to move the piercing.

If you use a disinfectant spray, avoid unnecessary pressure on the tragus piercing. This means being careful when putting on the headphones and not sleeping on the side with the pierced ear. Also, always make sure the bedding is clean.

Just because it’s so easy to customize a piercing to your liking, it’s not always easy to decide when you have so many jewelry options! It helps you focus on what metals you want for your piercing and go from there. If you have more sensitive skin, stainless steel, and 14k gold are the best choices to prevent your body from rejecting the piercing.

Tips for saving money

Ask for quotes from multiple piercers in your area and compare the costs. Most of them will be more than happy to offer you a price offer over the phone.

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