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Price of Trip to Disney World

We haven’t met a person yet who wouldn’t like to go at least once to Disney World and try one if not more of their rides in the well-known fantasy environment. But what is the exact price of a Disney World adventure for a person or a family?

Disney World Theme Park Ticket Prices

The very well-known theme park gives you many possibilities when purchasing tickets for a day of fun in a very sophisticated amusement park. There are several ways to get tickets for adults and/or kids with deals and combos of deals that will help you save a lot of money.

If you have children of age 3 or below, you will be happy to know that you won’t need to get a ticket for them, as long as you or any other adult will be riding with them for their own safety. There are two categories for Disney World Theme Park tickets: for children aged between 3 and 9 and for people aged 10 or above.

Park tickets can be for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and so on. Prices for World Disney Theme Park tickets are displayed on the website for 5 days. Visitors wanting a longer period of play can call up for the actual cost which may be negotiable depending on season and group size.

Younger children’s prices

Disney World Characters

For children aged 3 to 9, the price for a day in the Magic Kingdom park is $89, and a 1-day ticket to the EPCOT, the Animal Kingdom Park owned By Disney World, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios will cost $84 each ticket.

If you’re planning to buy multi-day tickets, you’ll be spending from $86 and as low as $55 per ticket per day, when getting any of the packages of 2 to 5 days. The 2-day ticket for any child within the age range will cost $172 per ticket and the 5-day one will cost $270 for one ticket for the same child.

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Older age group prices

For adults and people aged 9 and above the price will go slightly higher for the same Disney World tour tickets, and is again dependent on the number of days of the visit. A ticket for just one day at the Magic Kingdom Park for people of 9 and above will cost $95 and a ticket for a 1-day visit in the EPCOT or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios will cost $90.

This age group can also get multi-day tickets for a better price and the cost will vary depending on the number of days of visits. A 5-day ticket at Disney World costs $289 per ticket for this age group while a 2-day ticket would cost way less, $187 per ticket.

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Ticket Options

Disney World features a wide range of offers to make sure you’ll have fun in its parks, but because of its size, you won’t be able to visit all of the attractions in a day or two. You can opt for the Park Hopper Option which will offer entry into all of the 4 famous Disney World Themed parks. This package deal ticket has a price of $59.

The Water Park Fun & More option ticket has the same price as the Park Hopper Option but will offer you a way different type of entertainment. If you’ll want to combine both the water and dry park options, you can get a ticket worth $84 which will make you spend less and have even more fun.

Check out a 2022 detailed price roundup for a trip to Disney World:

Can You Upgrade the Walt Disney World Tickets?

When you get to the park, you might start thinking of ways in which you could improve your Disney vacation time, either by adding some additional non-park-related activities to your trip or by trying multiple theme parks in one go. If this is your case, there are a few ways in which you can upgrade a standard Disney World park ticket to add some other privileges, each having its own cost.

Water Park and Sports option

You have the Water Park and Sports option, which would allow you to not only visit a theme park per day but also get to visit other Disney properties. If you go for this type of upgrade, then you will be allowed to visit nine-hole golf courses, the mini golf area, and water parks, as well as the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, but only when it is available. You will get the same number of visits as the number of days in which you have admission to the theme park. So to get a better idea, if you were to buy a 4-day park ticket, you would also be entitled to four visits to these types of facilities. The final price will depend, of course, on the number of days purchased, and the time of year when you visit.

Park Hopper Tickets

If you go for the Park Hopper type of ticket, you will be allowed to visit multiple parks within the same day. Keep in mind that if you pick this particular upgrade, you still have to go through the Disney Park Pass system to determine which is the first one you will visit on each individual day. As soon as you have started one day at one particular park, you can move to a different theme park after 2 PM. You won’t need a reservation for the second park, but that second park should have enough space to accommodate the additional guest. Based on the number of days purchased and the time of the year, the price of this upgrade will also vary.

Park Hopper Plus option

When you get the Park Hopper Plus option, you’ll basically be combining the Water Park and Sports option with the Park Hopper option in a single upgrade.  If you want to go for this upgrade then you should know that it entitles you to enjoy a number of visits to the nine-hole golf courses- mini golf area and water park, as well as multiple visits to theme parks in the same day and access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex if it is available. As with other upgrades, the actual price will vary based on the number of days that you purchase and the time of the year when you are going.

Use Genie+ and Lightning Lane to Skip the Lines

One of the most well-known upgrades you can get for Disney World theme park tickets is the one enabling you to slash the amount of time you will have to wait at each ride’s lane. You can get this upgrade either as a package deal or per individual ride. Using any of these upgrades will allow you to get in a ride using a special ride entrance that is known as the Lightning lane. In the past, these types of entrances were known as the FastPass entrances. The old FastPasses and the FastPass+ upgrade have currently been replaced by the Lightning Lanes.

Genie+ Lightning Lane Entrance

You can get access to most of the entrances with a Lightning Lane inside the park if you get the bundle deal called Genie Plus. The Genie+ package is different than the Disney Genie one, which is a free service and is available to all guests. So what is the actual difference between the Genie+ and the standard Genie? Genie will use your interests and the number of guests inside the park to offer suggestions on what you should ride and when. Genie+ on the other hand will enable you to get expedited entries on rides to avoid long wait times in lines.

You can even consider Genie+ as a way of being in two different places at the same time. So you can use Genie+ to wait in line for you at one ride while you’re riding something else, eating lunch, watching a parade, or visiting a character.

Keep in mind that Genie+ won’t get able to guarantee that you can use a certain ride while inside the park. It will only be able to help you cut in line at 2 to 3 rides per day on crowded days, considering that you will only use one ride at a time and you will have to wait a while before being able to pick the next one. On slower days, you might be able to use Genie+ more. If you try to get a spot later on throughout the day, then the Lightning Lane might also be sold out for a particular ride. This will force you to wait in the regular line if you still want to enjoy that ride.

Genie+ will be subject to availability and you can only add it on the day of the visit. Expect to pay around $15 to $30 per person, per day, to add the Genie Plus to your theme park ticket. 

The total package cost to visit Disney World including rooms and tickets for a family of 4 or less will be around a maximum of $5,250 in 2022-2023. This money will get you a full 7-night hotel stay at one of the Disney Value Resorts, along with 6 days of standard theme park tickets, the Genie+ service, as well as quick-service meals that would be enough for 4 people all throughout the trip.

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