How Much Does a Valentine’s Day Gift Cost?

Last Updated on February 5, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and romance. Many people express their affection by giving gifts to their significant other. But with so many gift options available, how much should you plan to spend?

This article will explore gift costs for Valentine’s Day, from budget-friendly presents to luxury splurges. Read on for tips, ideas, and advice to help you find the perfect gift while staying within your budget.

How Much Does a Valentine’s Day Gift Cost?

Valentine’s Day gifts can range from inexpensive to extravagant. Overall, most people spend between $50-$200 on a gift. Exact costs vary based on the item and where you shop. Here are typical price ranges for popular Valentine’s gifts:

  • Flowers – $30-$150 for a bouquet
  • Candy/Chocolates – $10-$100 for a boxed assortment
  • Jewelry – $50-$5,000+ depending on metal and gemstones
  • Clothing/Accessories – $20-$200 for apparel items
  • Gift Baskets – $30-$200 depending on size and contents
  • Gift Cards – $10-$500 for prepaid cards to favorite stores/restaurants
  • Experiences – $50-$500+ for concerts, trips, massages, etc.
  • Plush Toys – $10-$50 for cute stuffed animals

As you can see, affordable options under $50 are readily available, but it’s easy to spend more on pricier gifts too. Establishing a comfortable gift budget is best.

For example, The Verge offers some ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts as follows: Apple’s romantic getaway gift guide, price: $799+, Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, price: $24.88+, Fitbit Charge 6, price: $48+.

The Strategist also has various Valentine’s Day gift ideas under $50, including chocolates, stuffed animals, cocktail items, candles, books, and more. Prices are under $50.

Business Insider talks about the Breda unique luxury watches, most under $200.

Catawiki wrote about the €20 Million Watch, the €3.1 Million Handbag, or the €2.1 Million Car. These are extremely expensive luxury gift ideas.

Introduction to Valentine’s Day Gifting

Exchanging gifts has become a popular way to mark Valentine’s Day. According to the National Retail Federation, spending on Valentine’s Day gifts is expected to total $23.9 billion in 2024. The average consumer plans to spend $192.80 on gifts for their loved one.

Gifting shows that you care enough to select or create something meaningful. A thoughtful present reflects your partner’s unique personality and interests. Popular gift categories include flowers, candy, jewelry, clothing, gadgets, experiences, and more. Many partners also exchange heartfelt cards and notes.

Budgeting for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Before shopping, decide what you can reasonably spend on a Valentine’s Day present. Consider your current finances and other obligations. It’s thoughtful to select a gift you can afford without overextending yourself.

Here are some tips for setting a realistic Valentine’s Day gift budget:

  • Make it proportional – Take into account the seriousness of your relationship and typical gift expenditures.
  • Consider costs jointly – If exchanging gifts, agree on a shared budget with your partner.
  • Factor in extras – Remember to budget for gift wrapping, shipping, cards, etc.
  • Allow some wiggle room – Leave a little cushion for unexpected expenses or splurges.
  • Look for deals – Check for discounts, sales, and promo codes to maximize your budget.
  • DIY when possible – Making gifts yourself saves money.

Once you’ve set your budget, look for creative ways to make it go further. Prioritize thoughtful gestures over expensive gifts. Shop sales and negotiate discounts for optimal value. Your sweetheart will appreciate your gift no matter the price tag.

Ideas for Different Types of Gifts

Your Valentine’s Day gift options are diverse. Consider your partner’s interests and choose a meaningful gift style that fits your budget. Here are suggestions in various price ranges.

Affordable Gift Ideas Under $50:

  • Heartfelt card with a loving message
  • Photo album or picture frame with special photos
  • Personalized mug with a cute quote or inside joke
  • Homemade coupon book for romantic gestures
  • Sentimental scrapbook with ticket stubs, receipts, etc.
  • Cozy blanket in their favorite color
  • Sweet chocolate truffles or candy
  • Scented candle and massage oil set
  • Decadent dessert you baked yourself

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Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts Over $100:

  • Diamond or gemstone jewelry – earrings, necklace, bracelet
  • Luxury watch – Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, etc.
  • High-end perfume or cologne
  • Lavish chocolate gift tower – chocolate dipped fruit, truffles, more
  • Weekend getaway – hotel, spa packages, romantic activities
  • Hot air balloon ride, helicopter tour, or other adventure experience
  • Tickets to exclusive concert, play, or event
  • Designer handbag or wallet
  • Thoughtful charitable donation in their name

Personalized and Custom Gifts:

Add a special touch by personalizing a gift. Some ideas include:

  • Engraved jewelry – necklace, bracelet, watch, locket
  • Custom art portrait depicting you as a couple
  • Monogrammed bathrobes, slippers, blankets
  • Personalized coupons for romantic dates, errands, massages by you
  • Scrapbook of special memories and milestones
  • Photo calendar or book with pictures of you together
  • Spotify playlist of “our songs”
  • DIY coupon book for back rubs, breakfast in bed, and more gestures of love

Handmade Gift Suggestions:

Nothing says “I love you” like a gift made just for your sweetie. Handmade presents to consider:

  • Love coupon book – for hugs, kisses, foot rubs, and quality time together
  • Photo collage in a hand-decorated frame
  • Custom poetry book with poems you wrote about your love
  • Decadent cupcakes or cookies you baked and decorated
  • Cozy knitted scarf or beanie hat
  • Nostalgic mixtape of favorite songs
  • Framed mixed media art piece combining photos, ticket stubs, fabrics, etc.
  • Hand-painted coffee mugs, jewelry box, platter, or other useful items

Cost-Saving Tips for Valentine’s Day Gifts

You can find affordable gift options without sacrificing thoughtfulness. Use these strategies to save:

  • Shop sales and clearance sections – Check for discounts on flowers, chocolate, jewelry, clothing, and more.
  • Look for online stores and wholesalers with low prices year-round.
  • Buy discounted gift cards to give your partner their favorite splurge.
  • Use coupons, promo codes, loyalty programs, and other special offers when possible. Sign up for retailer emails to get deals.
  • Buy supplies in bulk and make your own gift baskets, baked goods, customized coupons, crafts, and more.
  • DIY gifts like photo albums, memory books, framed art, and more often cost a fraction of premade versions.
  • Give an experience gift like cooking classes or pottery painting – these tend to cost less than material goods.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day ChocolatesIf you’re short on time, there are still thoughtful last-minute gift options. Consider these quick and affordable ideas:

  • Pick up a flower bouquet, box of chocolates, or gift basket from the grocery store. Many have Valentine’s sections.
  • Grab a bottle of winechampagne, or craft beer you know they’ll enjoy. Add a personalized gift tag.
  • Order a customized coffee tumbler or water bottle with their name on sites like Etsy. Opt for expedited shipping.
  • Print and frame a meaningful photo of you together from your phone or computer.
  • Schedule a last-minute massage or manicure/pedicure at their favorite spa.
  • Cook or order takeout from their favorite restaurant and add flowers and candlelight at home.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day Gifts Online

Online shopping makes finding deals easier. Benefits include:

  • Convenience – No driving to stores required. Browse anytime, anywhere.
  • Selection – Find gifts that may not be locally available. Access specialty and handmade items.
  • Cost savings – Online retailers tend to have lower overhead and offer discounts.
  • Free shipping – Many retailers offer free standard shipping with minimum purchase.
  • Easy price comparisons – Quickly check prices across multiple stores.
  • Discounts and cash back – Use promo codes and apps for added savings.

When ordering online, be sure to pay attention to shipping deadlines so gifts arrive on time. Choose expedited shipping if needed.


Valentine’s Day gifts come in all price ranges. With some forethought, you can find special gifts to make your sweetheart feel loved without going over budget.

Focus on sentimental gestures, personalized details, and celebrating your unique relationship. Avoid getting caught up in commercialism – fancy gifts don’t prove your love. Prioritize spending quality time together over lavish presents.

With creativity and a bit of planning, you can make Valentine’s Day truly memorable without breaking the bank. The most meaningful gifts come straight from the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to get a gift on Valentine’s Day?

It is customary for couples to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day as a token of their love and appreciation. However, there is no rule that you must give a gift. The most important thing is to spend meaningful time together. If gifts are exchanged, they should come from the heart, not out of obligation.

Why do people give gifts on Valentine’s Day?

Exchanging gifts is a way to tangibly express love on Valentine’s Day. Gifts represent thoughtfulness, care, and adoration. They show your partner that you want to make them happy and celebrate your relationship.

Even small, inexpensive gifts can carry great meaning when given with sincerity. The act of gift giving also allows couples to strengthen their bond through reciprocity. Overall, presents help make the day feel special.

What is the most popular gift category for Valentine’s Day?

The most popular Valentine’s Day gifts typically include the fragrant allure of roses and the sweet indulgence of chocolates. These romantic gestures have stood the test of time in conveying affection and passion.

Greeting cards, with their personalized messages, continue to tug at heartstrings, while jewelry adds a touch of elegance and sentimentality to the occasion. These classic tokens of affection symbolize love and devotion, making them enduring choices to express one’s feelings on this special day.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, customized gifts and intimate dinners offer a unique and cherished way to express love on this special day.

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