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Wedding planners: How much do they charge and what are their services?

Planning a wedding is a challenge for those without experience. In this domain, you need organizational skills, business flair, and strong negotiation techniques. Here, the role of the wedding planner comes into play.

They provide a large scale of services, from planning your entire wedding to a more limited role, like supporting and coordinating your wedding day.

Some brides prefer to maintain maximum control over the arrangements and, in this case, the wedding planner is more than willing to take a place in the background, and just be there to provide advice and assistance when needed.

In other cases, brides begin the arrangements without a wedding planner and eventually they get overwhelmed, in time.

That is why most wedding planners agree to take the project a few weeks or months before the wedding. Some even offer to just coordinate the wedding day itself.

The wedding planner can do the following:

Help you plan your wedding, from A to Z

He can get through with all the planning aspects; he can help you find creative solutions and effective choices, in terms of cost. Also, he assures not to exceed the budget.

The consultant will ensure that your wedding day vision comes true, from the perfect ceremony, the party locations, hiring and keeping promises to providers, to ensuring that everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time on the big day.

Wheel and deal with providers

After years of experience, wedding planners learned the providers’ habits. They know providers that give you quality services and that can help you. Wedding planners are skilled negotiators because they know better than you the wedding industry, providers are less tempted to trick them with higher prices or sale tactics.

Obtain discounts or benefits

Over the years, wedding planners have established a close working relationship with their providers considered reliable by customers.

Because of the volume of work consultants generate, suppliers are willing, often to offer various discounts and benefits. You can make substantial savings by using the providers recommended by your consultant.

Schedule meetings and review contracts

Wedding planners offer organizational and administrative assistance. They can schedule and keep a record of your providers’ appointments. They can attend you to all your appointed meetings and can help you make your final decisions.

They can also review the contracts before you sign them, to ensure that obligations are clearly stated to suppliers and that will protect you from fraud or low service.

Act as a mediator between providers and family members

Wedding planners

Wedding planners can be great coordinators, conciliators, and label experts. They can communicate with different providers in your name and even in the family’s name or in the name of the most difficult guests. They can tread a middle course to conciliate everybody, to absolve your stress.

Coordinate your wedding day

The big day has arrived and you have to do your bridal hair and makeup, dress, get photos with family, and make sure that everything is set up for the ceremony and party.

Your wedding planner can handle all these details for you. Armed with a cell phone and a pager, he keeps track of the multiple fronts and resolves all the unforeseen delays or problems.


If you go just for consulting the fee is somewhere between $40- $60 per hour, in the south or a rural area, but in metropolitan areas, like New York or Boston, the fee goes up to $100- $150 per hour, or even more if you choose an experienced wedding planner.

Another type of service is the Day of Coordination package that has a different fee, depending on the size of the wedding (the number of people), the number of locations, the country area. If it is a south or rural area, the fee will be somewhere between $600- $900.

Usually, a wedding planner can manage a wedding with 100 guests in one location. A wedding with more than 200 guests with reception and ceremony in different places will increase the fee.

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In metropolitan areas the fee goes up to $1,200- $1,800 and often includes an experienced planner helped by an assistant, charging for a bigger wedding with two locations.

The cost of a Full Package reaches $2,000- $3,000 in the south or a rural area, or for the services of a less experienced planner.

In the metropolitan areas, the Full Package’s fee can reach up to $3,500- $5,000, having the possibility to easily use the services of a well-experienced wedding planner.

After a market survey, we can say that the average total fee of a wedding planner from the northeast is $3,636 and in the south is $2,635. If the clients get involved the average price is $3,262 and if they do not get involved the price is somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

What about the average working people? Should they hire a wedding planner?

If you believe you can handle planning your wedding all by yourself, then go for it, but don`t forget: Hopefully you will only get married once!

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