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How Much Does a Wedding Tuxedo Cost?

Typically, a wedding tuxedo will cost between $50 and $150 to rent, while buying one to own will set you back $200 to $1,200, depending on several factors. So let’s go over the most important aspects you should consider when buying a wedding tuxedo.

A wedding day is an important event in anyone’s life which is why people will want to look as great as possible. Most men find their best in an elegant, yet simple tuxedo. But if you’re set on wearing a tuxedo for your wedding is it better to buy or rent one?

Should You Rent Or Buy?

When trying to figure out whether you should rent or buy your tuxedo, you will have to consider both budget-related factors and the number of opportunities you will have to actually wear it.

If you’re the type to always be invited and attend formal social events like charity balls or dances, cruises with formal dinners, or black-tie weddings, then it might be worth it to buy your own tuxedo. Since you won’t need to pay a new rental fee for each event you attend, you will actually end up saving money.

Even so, there are several factors you should consider before you go ahead and buy one. First off, there isn’t a tux to go with all kinds of events. So for example, a tuxedo you buy for summer balls might be really bad for a winter wedding. You should also understand that fashion is in continuous change and a tuxedo you buy today might look very outdated sometime in the past. A tuxedo might also have a fixed width and as your waistline expands, it might not fit you properly when you need it.

With all these things in mind, depending on your particular situation, it might make more sense to buy or rent a tuxedo.

How Much Does a Wedding Tuxedo Cost?

Of course, regardless of whether you buy or rent a tuxedo, its quality will most likely be dictated by its price. If you’re on a really tight budget or you simply don’t want to set aside a bigger sum of money for the tux alone, then you can surely go for the cheaper alternative and rent it.

Of course, if you have enough money to splurge, you can always go for the high end of the price range and buy a luxury tuxedo from a high-end material made by a renowned designer. When you’re just looking to rent one for a one-day event, even a high-quality tux will still be pretty affordable.

Buying a Tuxedo

Expect higher prices when buying a tuxedo than when renting one. You can get a very simple tuxedo for as low as $150. It will probably be made with a simple cut and from a questionable fabric and any improvements in its features will increase the price quite drastically. A good quality tux is likely to cost somewhere between $300 and $900.

Getting a tux from a fine boutique or a renowned designer is likely to set you back $1,200 or even more. You will notice that a popular designer will easily sell a tux for double this amount or even triple this. There’s no harm in buying something more expensive if this is what you feel will make your night amazing, just make sure you will be able to wear the tux enough times if you are buying a really exquisite one.

In most cases, along with the cost of buying your own tux, you will also be faced with paying for any needed alterations. This isn’t an expense to consider when renting. Alterations can easily cost $50 to $100 depending on the amount of work needed.

Tuxedo Rentals

You can usually rent a cheap tuxedo for $50 to $75 in the case of basic-looking options while going for a better-quality one can cost you $150 to $200. The cost to fit the tuxedo to your measurements will usually be included in the price of the rental. This should also include the accessories and shoes you select.

When you pick up the tux, it should be pressed and clean, and ready to be worn. Before taking it home, you should try it on just to confirm that everything fits as it should. Although most people don’t know this, the cost of cleaning the tux after you return it will also be included in the rental fee.

Also don’t forget to ask when you should return the item to the shop, as although most stores will let you keep it for the next two nights or so after your event, some will charge an additional fee for late returns.

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If you want to cut down costs, consider taking your groomsmen to a location from where you will all rent tuxedos so that you can get either a bulk discount or even your tux free of charge.

Bottom line is, you can either buy your tux for somewhere between $150 and $1,200 while renting one will set you back $50 to $175.

A look into the past

Although they come with the crisp lines and fine fabrics of modern fashion, tuxedos are still a way of looking into the past, for grooms that still want to set a strong impression.

It was back in the 1800s that men started to use the first black ties, with the early introduction of dinner suits and tuxedos at New York City’s Tuxedo Park Club. It didn’t contain coattails, which have been in vogue during those times, being one of the most important factors to set it apart from earlier suit models. This look gained traction pretty fast, becoming the popular “tuxedo” trend. This name stuck to our times and is still called this way in the US. In Britain, on the other hand, this style is referred to as the dinner jacket look.

Not Only One Style

Although most people believe that all tuxedos look the same, nowadays you can find all kinds of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from. People usually pick their desired design based on their tastes, their size, as well as their budget.

Among the most common options available on the market, you are likely to hear about the two, three, and four-bottom options, along with the double-breasted style. You can also pick between different lapel styles, among the most popular being the shawl, peak, and classic. And of course, there are also different colors to choose from. Although black is usually the one people opt for, there are also fashionable shades like gray, white, or even red, or blue.

Shopping in Person

Interesting TuxMany people still opt for going to the store and picking most types of clothing due to the convenience of being able to try the thing you’re spending your money on. Of course, shopping in person comes with some advantages, like seeing in person the fabrics and the different cuts that work best for your body.

Talking with a store representative can also help you get recommendations related to the logistics of your particular event, as well as guide you through the decision-making process of buying. This will be very beneficial, especially for people that aren’t really sure what is appropriate for a certain event or have no clue about formalwear and how to combine pieces of clothing.

When renting, you can ask the salesperson for help to ensure that you get a tux that will perfectly fit you and will come with its needed accessories. This means you can also get shoes, cuff links, a cummerbund or vest, and even a shirt if needed. Some stores are even able to provide socks for you. You might even be able to snatch a package deal depending on the rental store and its available deals, getting all the pieces you will need for an event.

Don’t buy a tux without getting measured and getting it fitted for your size. Also get accessories for it if they aren’t included in the package, before leaving the store.

Shopping for a Tux Online

If you’re the type of individual who prefers to buy or rent stuff online, then you can get your tuxedo from an online shop. You can actually check out the multiple tuxedo designs and pick the one you like best from the comfort of your home as a lot of niche stores will have websites where they list their products. Among the websites that people talk about when it comes to renting a tux are UniformalWearhouse and MyTuxedoRental, while Buy4LessTuxedo is known for selling tuxedos.

Shop Locally

TuxedoRentalGuide has a searchable directory that offers local tux rental shops. It makes the tux rental process really easy. Other business directories like YellowPages will also offer you choices for your tux rental. You can also go to larger chain stores that offer tux rentals of go the small business path and look for occasion boutiques that offer formal men’s wear.

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