How Much Does Clari Cost?

Clari is a startup that provides a platform to help organizations better predict revenue. Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari, said he has helped 21 startups list on the stock market since 2016.

With its predictive analytics platform, Clari has invested in revenue operations or RevOps. This niche market is clearly attracting investors in these times when the ability to more accurately predict sales has become crucial for businesses. The company was created in 2012 and has just raised from $150 million to $1.6 billion in series E. Its SaaS offer relies on artificial intelligence to improve the predictability of sales by providing visibility on all sales, marketing operations, and the customer’s life cycle management:

  • Analysis
  • Control of the commercial pipeline
  • Strategic account monitoring
  • CRM automation
  • Customer loyalty, etc.

Clari is a conversational robot, a computer program that powers real-time online interactions with customers and answers a variety of questions.

The problem with many conversational robots is that they give robot answers and users quickly notice that they are talking to a machine. Clari was conceived as a virtual assistant with an almost human charm, which has as natural interactions as possible with customers.

Clari is able to educate customers about their accounts and transactions in real time, helping them feel more confident about their finances. Unlike other chatbots, once the user logs into the secure mobile environment, Clari can answer general customer questions about accounts, activities, and transactions in real-time.

How much does Clari cost?

Even if you don’t find the cost of Clari published on the company’s website, you can request it. Expect to pay for a basic set of functionalities from $15 to $50 per user, per month. In case you want an extended version, it may cost you per month from $80/$90 up to $130 per user, per month.

To be sure, you can always ask for detailed pricing info or feature updates. They also offer a free demo possibility.

Clari popular contenders

  • ConsignCloud with a price starting from $119 per month.
  • PSQuote with a price starting from $100/ user per year
  • Showell with a price starting from $25/user per month
  • Quotadoo with a price starting from $86 per year

Clari software main products/features

  1. Sales Forecasting Management. Sales forecasting features using AI-based projection based on your company’s performance.
  2. Pipeline Inspection. This feature helps you see how much more you need to get to a certain number, according to your business coverage.
  3. Sales Analytics. AI-based analytics gets real-time insights from the entire revenue team, gaining visibility into the productivity of the team and the accounts. This helps see the factors that affect the numbers and make the best decisions.
  4. Revenue intelligence. With the aid of integrated AI features and automation, you will better monitor the sales and revenue process.
  5. Account engagement. Get in insights into your team’s accounts to see any gaps. This will help distribute the resources correctly to win more business.
  6. CRM automation. With Clari’s AI features, you won’t need manual data entry, as all your sales and activity data will be automatically saved. This is an advantage in winning and closing more deals due to comprehensive actual facts.

How did Clari Grow?

Clari DashboardNow, while the company is looking to list itself on the stock market, it is working to expand beyond sales and other areas of the business, such as marketing and product renewal, with the ultimate goal of helping companies sell to current customers.

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Companies that get massive rounds of funding or are listed on the stock exchange are using the platform to generate more growth, efficiency, and predictability.

Recently, Clari raised $150 million at a valuation of $1.6 billion. This tripled its rating from the D-Series round in 2019.

It is important for enterprise software to reach recurring annual revenues of $100 million. This is a good signal for future earnings and a strong sign that a listing is coming, something that investors want.

The biggest problem is probably not the lack of capital. Even Byrne called the current funding environment “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.” Instead, it needs to grow fast enough to compete against other suppliers. The challenge then becomes matching product development with the sales sprint needed to sustain this growth. In March 2021, Clari had 300 employees, and the plan was to double that number by the end of the year.

In 2020, Clari earned large companies and analyzed over 1 trillion revenue data points. The company claimed 100,000 active users in 170 countries and reported that the use of its platform has doubled over the year, as companies have used it to improve their strategies and explore other growth areas in the face of the health and economic crisis.

Among its clients, Clari counts many software publishers including Databricks, Qualtrics, and UiPath who have carried out important fundraising or IPO in recent months. Companies such as 3D Systems, Fivetran, SentinalOne, Talend, DataRobot, HashiCorp and Sumo Logic are also users of the solution RevOps.

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