How Much Does Clear Cost

How Much Does CLEAR Cost?

CLEAR is a program that verifies your identity. Biometrics like eye scans and fingerprints validate your identification and allow you to get through security lines faster.

Going to an airport will require you to stand in two lines for security verification. The first line is for identity verification and the second is for physical security screening.

With the CLEAR program, you will be able to go past the identity validation line directly to the physical security screening line. In order to do that, there are CLEAR kiosk systems where you authenticate using your eye scan or your fingerprint.

Airports set up separate CLEAR lanes to validate your identity and skip the usual identity verification lane. In addition, if you are registered in the TSA PreCheck program, you will be able to bypass both security lanes. This will save you time by going directly to the PreCheck line.

How much does cost?

The cost of the CLEAR program registration is $189 per year, billed monthly at $15.75. Children under 18 are waived the CLEAR Plus membership cost. Another thing we should mention is that up to three family members can be added at an annual extra cost of $70 each, to the initial membership.

We recommend referring to the official website for accurate prices, as these prices are always subject to change. This is the official website of the program and gives you all the information you need about the process of registration and the price plan.

How it works

The CLEAR system is available in over 50 locations around the United States. CLEAR can be found not only at airports but also at stadiums or other venues. A few examples of airports that provide CLEAR lines are Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, and many others. For an up-to-date list, check their CLEAR official page or download their app.

When at the airport security, you can use CLEAR lane for verification. In order to verify your identity, scan your fingerprint by tapping the screen or scan your eye at the specific set-up kiosk. Also, after validating your identity, present your boarding pass.

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This process helps save time and avoid the long lines for ID checks, taking less than five minutes. Once you are verified, you can proceed to the next lane, at the physical screening verification.

How to sign up and enroll

The registration can be done online, through their official website, When applying, a form of identification is required, such as a US Driver’s License, US Passport, US-issued Permanent Resident Card, US Passport Card, State-Issued ID, or US Military ID. To be in conformity with their policy, the document must be valid, have a photo, not be amended, and not be expired.

The next step after completing the registration is to visit one of their official locations. There will be no need for an appointment and the meeting will take about ten minutes, at most. A good thing to consider is that you can use your membership on the same day as the completed registration process.

CLEAR vs. TSA PreCheck

CLEAR TerminalsTSA PreCheck and CLEAR are both verification systems to help members avoid specific lanes. However, there is a major difference between these two. For instance, TSA PreCheck will allow you to skip the physical screening verification lane, but you will still have to go through the identity verification line first. The CLEAR annual membership, on the other hand, will take you directly to the physical screening line, for verification.

With the PreCheck membership, there is a possibility of being arbitrarily chosen for a standard physical screening verification, at the main lane. However, CLEAR guarantees an effective pass, with the condition to have an active membership and follow the identification process through the kiosk.

CLEAR will always have an experienced employee to help with the verification process, at their specific line, whilst, the TSA PreCheck line lacks the presence of a TSA agent to help starter members with the process.

Another difference is that CLEAR works with any airline, whilst PreCheck collaborates with only some specific airline companies.

Important things to consider

Proceed to the CLEAR lane to validate your identity, if you are PreCheck qualified.

If you have eligibility for both CLEAR and PreCheck programs, you can skip both lines of standard verification. This option is available only if the flight is eligible with your PreCheck, as stated above.

An important matter to consider is that when arriving, in order to rush the process through US Border Control and Customs you can opt for Global Entry.

Keep in mind that children under 18 years old have free passes as long as a CLEAR member adult accompanies them.

How to save money

Keep an eye out for promotional codes online. You will often get as much as $30 off the membership costs.

Having The Platinum Card from American Express, The Business Platinum Card from American Express, or the American Express Green Card will get you a free CLEAR membership.

Another way to receive discounts is by being an elite member of certain airline loyalty programs.

Partners such as Delta SkyMiles and United MileagePlus give a $10 discount for the entry-level elite members from either loyalty program.

Also, with Delta Silver Gold or Platinum Elite, a discount of $40 is applied. The same with the Deltas AmEx card.

Holding a Delta Diamond or a 360 Elite will get you a free CLEAR as well.

As of the time of this publication, United Premier Silver, Gold Platinum elite members, and United credit card owners benefit from a $40 discount.

CLEAR offers annual discounts for students, veterans, or active military. As of today, an enrollment fee for students is $66, and for military individuals, it is $99.

Federal, state, and local government employees also have available discounts.

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