How Much Does Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Cost?

Last Updated on March 28, 2023
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You are likely to spend anywhere between $12 and $1,200 on Cubic Zirconia jewelry like a bracelet, ring, or necklace. Cubic Zirconia stones, on the other hand, are rather inexpensive, as they are mass-produced and synthetic. Expect a cost of $35 for a two-carat stone, while a one-carat cubic zirconia stone will likely cost $20.

The beautiful cubic zirconia pieces are a great alternative for someone that wants diamonds but can’t afford to waste a lot of money on jewelry. You will get the same brilliance and sparkle from cubic zirconia jewelry that genuine diamond gemstones can provide, although it will come at a fraction of the cost. This makes it possible for people on tighter budgets to still get that “wow” factor with their jewelry.

How Much Does Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Cost?

If you’re a fan of diamonds, then you surely know that a simple small stone of nice quality will likely cost a few thousand, if not more. But if you go for cubic zirconia, then expect the same stone of the same quality to come at a small fraction of that cost. According to experts, a cubic zirconia stone of a similar quality to a diamond can be found for just 10% or even less of the cost of the traditional diamond.

As you know, diamonds are measured by carat weight. Cubic Zirconia, on the other hand, being considerably heavier than diamonds, won’t be sold by weight, but rather by their carat equivalent. As a general rule, cubic zirconia is about 50% to 75% heavier than diamonds of the same size. The price of cubic zirconias will rise as their grade rises.

These stones can be found in any of their three grades: A is considered low, AAA is in the middle, and AAAAA will be the most expensive. Most jewelry pieces will have stones of the middle grade, as this is very affordable while also having a beautiful shine.

You will also spend the least on the lowest quality cubic zirconia jewelry pieces, with prices of even under $12 for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. You shouldn’t pay more than $120 for cubic zirconia of an average grade when it is set in tungsten, titanium, vermeil, or sterling.

The most expensive pieces of jewelry are usually made from the best quality stones that are set in 14 to 18-karat gold or even platinum. These will easily cost between several hundred and $1,200 or even more, depending not only on their size but also their design and brand.

You should also know that according to experts, you shouldn’t spend more than $120 per carat when it comes to well-cut loose cubics, as this is usually their higher price range. Of course, if the design of the jewelry incorporates other gemstones like ruby, emerald, or sapphire, the price will rise accordingly.

Cubic Zirconia Overview

Although most people have heard of, or at least seen cubic zirconias, not a lot of them know the origin of this stone. Cubic zirconias, CZs for short, are synthetic gemstones, designed to be an almost exact match of diamonds, although at a considerably lower cost. They are made by melting a natural mineral at very high temperatures and then cooling it. To get the beautiful look of diamonds, the material resulting from all these processes will then be cut and polished close to perfection.

Cubic Zirconia stones have been used for more than 30 years for custom jewelry. Nowadays cubic zirconias are also called by experts faux or simulated diamonds. An interesting fact is that a high-quality synthetic stone can easily compete with diamonds of the highest quality, as it is usually polished almost to perfection, flawless, and colorless.

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Of course, there are also cubic zirconias made in fancy colors, so that they can be made part of all kinds of jewelry pieces, including custom rings, pendants, bracelets, and even necklaces.

Should you go for Cubic Zirconia?

Although diamonds are known to last forever, they aren’t the go-to choice for anyone, as their price is far from accessible. Also, although people might find them very beautiful, there is a trend to avoid supporting the diamond industry, as diamond mining is a very controversial topic that involves things like cruelty toward workers and even child labor. And of course, the high price of diamonds which also seems inflated to many, leaves a lot of room on the market for jewelry fans that can only afford cheaper alternatives.

This is where cubic zirconias have made room on the market. These gems will usually be not only very affordable but also easily accessible. And also, the diversity is impressive, as you can find them in all kinds of designs and at all kinds of prices.

The Trend is Only Growing

Although most celebrities you see on TV will usually wear impressive jewels, most normal individuals will only afford to invest in high-quality, large faux diamonds. These stones are a great choice specifically due to their accessibility and affordability, making them great pieces for normal individuals that want to wear bold jewels although they value their financial stability more than the jewelry they wear. These stones work even better for people that travel a lot and don’t want to lose a valuable piece, who choose to leave valuable things at home.

And the best thing is that most of the time, the differences are so small that they are practically invisible to the untrained eye.

Their Setting

There are a lot of setting options for cubic zirconia. Lower-quality stones, which are usually the least expensive as well, will be set in inexpensive metals, as it doesn’t make sense to have a poor-quality stone set in high-quality metal. These are the types of jewelry pieces that can only be worn a couple of times before they break and are great when you want to spice up your looks and you’re not really affected by your jewelry breaking or getting lost.

If you’re a little pickier and want something of nice quality that won’t cost a lot of money, then a medium quality synthetic stone set in vermeil or sterling silver, or even 18 karat gold layered over sterling, will do. You might also find stones set in tungsten or titanium at some jewelers, although these are hard metals that won’t scratch easily, which makes them slightly more expensive. Stones of the highest quality can be set in expensive metals like platinum or 18-karat gold.

According to experts, just like in the case of quality diamonds or other valuable gemstones, the better the quality of the stone, the better the fitting technique, and the better the metal it is set in. House Russian cubics are considered superior stones as they are hand-cut and polished, which also means they will be set in more expensive metals. This is meant to show off their qualities, including their brilliance and fire.

Things You Should Look For

If you’re interested in cubic zirconia jewelry, then you should try to find stones that are best cut, with even facets, well-placed, and set in such a way that it shows off the best side of the stone. The stone cutter will usually examine the raw stone before it polishes it and works with it so that it becomes a true centerpiece of the jewelry. It requires similar levels of skill to cut a beautiful cubic zirconia stone as a diamond.

Can You Use it For Wedding Proposals?

The value of your relationship shouldn’t be proven by genuine diamonds. This is why getting an engagement with a nicely cut cubic zirconia stone is becoming more and more popular. We’re slowly moving away from the weird past in which a diamond will be the only accepted symbol of love and using faux gemstones is becoming a lot more socially acceptable. And this goes on to the wedding jewelry as more and more brides choose to wear cubic zirconia necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even tiaras for their big nights.

Are There Other Alternatives?

Cubic Zirconia Diamond Comparation

There are other synthetic diamond substitutes as well aside from nice quality cubic zirconia pieces. There are people that prefer a lab-created stone called moissanite, which is gaining more popularity nowadays. Although this stone is known to be more expensive than cubic zirconias, with a price of about $500 per carat, although according to experts, it comes with less fire. There is also the Diamond Nexus. This is yet another man-made stone that is considered a great alternative to cubic zirconia.

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