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How Much Does It Cost To Bleach Your Hair?

Every girl or woman wants, at least once in her life, to be able to enjoy blond hair. In most cases, except for those who enjoy natural blond hair from mother nature, a long and arduous process of hair bleaching is required. If this is the first time that this desire strikes you and you think you can get platinum blond hair at home, let us stop you before committing a big mistake.

What does it mean to bleach your hair?

Bleaching is a chemical process that leads to the lightening of hair color. Once applied to the hair, the oxidizing mixture penetrates the structure of the hair and removes the color pigments from them. The longer the process, the lighter the color will be. Bleaching can be done on its own or before a new coloring, the result depending on the intensity of the original color.

How much does it cost to bleach your hair?

The cost to bleach your hair goes from $60 to $500 and more, but it varies depending on the results you want. If you are a brunette and want to become blond, it will be more expensive than for a blond who wants to switch to platinum blond. The color you want also matters, along with the length you have on your hair, and how many bleach application sessions are needed. It is best to ask a hairstylist in the salon for some more information regarding the final cost.

For example, for the balayage technique expect to pay around $450 or more.

Additional costs

After bleaching your hair, you will definitely need to tone and dye your hair. Most hair saloons include these services in the bleaching price, but if they are not included expect to pay an extra $20 to $70.

After you got your hair bleached, your hairstylist may recommend you some products to take care of your hair at home. Here are some of the extra expenses:

  1. Conditioner and color-safe shampoo – $10 to $50 or more;
  2. Hair masks – $15 to $60 or more.

Besides these products, they might recommend keratin or other salon treatments, which can cost you from $200 up to $400.

Factors that influence the cost of hair bleaching

Whether we are talking strictly about hair bleaching or any other beauty service at the hairdresser, one thing is quite clear: the more salons, the more different costs.

First of all, it is very important whether the salon where you want to bleach your hair is in a rural or urban area, as this may count a lot for the final price. Of course, in New York, prices are generally higher than those in much smaller cities.

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This applies to any kind of service. The geographical location will also have its weight on the final cost. If the salon is located in a central area and possibly also has a reputation, the costs will be higher. The more equipped it is in terms of professional accredited hairstylists and products used, and the conditions offered to customers, the higher the price of the services provided.

Beyond these general aspects, there would also be details such as the peculiarities of the hair type, its length and density, the type of bleaching, and the number of sessions.

How Much Does Bleaching Cost for Men?

It is not unusual for men to go to a salon and bleach their hair, as many celebrities already started a trend like Jonah Hill, Kanye West, or Jaden Smith. For men, bleaching their hair will cost somewhere from $60 up to $250 or more. The bleaching procedure for men is easier and much shorter, lasting from 45 minutes up to 1 hour.

How much does it cost to bleach your hair at home?

Even if you can save some extra money when you bleach your hair at home, consider some of the factors that influence the final cost from the saloon, like the length of the hair, and the color you want to achieve. If you have shoulder-length hair you won’t need too much bleach, but if you want to go from jet black to platinum and you also have long hair, you will need a big tub of bleach, or maybe more. For these reasons expect to pay $60 to $250 for your home-bleached hair.

Items you need for the best results in terms of hair bleaching:

  • hair bleach;
  • a plastic bowl, in which you will mix the composition;
  • a paintbrush;
  • a comb and a few clips, for separating the locks;
  • plastic gloves and cape to prevent contact with clothes and skin;
  • wet wipes to remove the dye from the face.

Differences between bleaching your hair at the salon and at home

How to Bleach Your HairThe difference between the price of a bleach bought from the store and the price at the salon for a professional bleach is based on the way the product is applied, but also on the quality of the coloring products.

Commercial bleach is generic, but a real professional salon will have professional products, designed to meet different needs. We talked about the characteristics of each hair type. Well, precisely because each hair type is different, a good stylist must know how to determine its characteristics and apply the right bleaching product according to them.

These characteristics can be the natural color and possible reflexes, the already existing pigments, the density, and thickness of the hair, its permeability, its texture, and elasticity, but also the general condition. This is where the price difference comes from.

Short, damaged, rare, dark-colored hair will require a certain type of care and a certain amount of product for bleaching, while hair with other peculiarities may have completely different needs.

Then it would be worth mentioning the duration of the procedure. The darker the hair, the longer and more often it is, and the longer the bleaching procedure will take. If you fall into the category of people with such hair, prepare to spend a few hours at the salon. There are also situations in which the hair is damaged or brittle, and for this reason, the process spans over several days, the interventions taking place in stages.

Bleaching your hair is irreversible

TRUE. Once bleached, the hair will never regain its natural pigment over the length that has been subjected to the procedure. If you get bored of blond, you have to paint it or have the patience for it to grow, gradually cutting the tops. If you prefer an intermediate version, you can always use highlights to camouflage the difference between the blond shade and your natural color. Meanwhile, use revitalizing products because the healthy appearance of your hair will help you overcome the color differences between the tips and roots.

Final words

Although extremely difficult, the bleach of the hair can help you get that much-dreamed-of look, be it blond, pastel pink, or intense red. Always choose to bleach your hair at the salon, even if you have to pay a little more money, as it is best to leave this procedure in professional hands.

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