How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Star?

Cost of Naming a Star

Personalized gifts will always be a pleasant surprise, but if you want to impress someone, you don’t have to invest in a very expensive gift. There are many websites that come up with the unique proposal to buy a star in the sky for a certain amount. The star is ordered online and you can name it as you wish, and it can even bear the name of the person you want to give it to.

Naming a star

Naming a star is considered by many to be one of the most original and beautiful gifts. The symbolism of the star has great importance worldwide. It reminds us of the possible eternity of our lives, as well as the vastness of the universe.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, known as NASA, is in charge of space programs and conducts research in space. But this organization is not involved in naming stars. The only organization that publishes stars named by the scientific community is the International Astronomical Union, IAU. This means that if you want to find out more about the name of a star, you don’t have to turn to NASA.

Some institutions, as well as some private individuals, offer interested people stars for sale. The buyer then receives an act of purchase. However, this document has no legal significance because no one can acquire ownership of a star, accordingly to IAU, International Astronomical Union. Some suppliers assure the buyer that they can change the name of a star if they want it for a fee. This change of name is then only made on the legally irrelevant document. This does not change the name of the star in question, which is commonly used in astronomy.

Stars are numbered in constellations, and only the brightest stars have had names since ancient times. No other star names are given. To name celestial bodies such as asteroids, names of well-known scientists, historical figures, or legendary figures are almost exclusively used. We are not aware of any possibility to influence this name.

How Do You Buy a Star?

There are so many websites that promote such acquisitions, and the fact that this “sale” of stars is not yet banned is solely due to the fact that there is apparently no sample of evidence, or no one has filed a complaint so far.

If you still want to buy a star and name it, this next part should explain how it is possible. The star package will arrive home and contain the registration certificate, a photo of the chosen star, and an astronomical map to find the star in the sky. For those who worry that their star may be somehow alienated, the Astronomical Register assures them that once named, a star cannot be sold again.

Although they do not differ from each other, the stars cannot be confused. They can be precisely identified by astronomical coordinates, telescopic coordinates, constellations, and, more recently, star catalogs. Some may be visible to the bare eye, while others may be visible only with binoculars or telescopes.

With the help of the map and the instructions in the stellar package, you will be able to locate the star you bought in a few minutes. All the stars that are named are recorded in a Star Catalog, distributed annually to major astronomical observatories in Europe and North America. Not only will you make someone the owner in the constellations, but it will also enter the exclusive club of stars who already have a star in the sky like Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman, and Winona Ryder, to name just a few. Or, at least, that’s what they say.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Star?

There are many star registry services around the world and each has its own type of package with its own prices. In general, they offer the same services, and the prices for naming a star go from about $20 up to $150.

Additional costs

Star ClusterIn addition to naming the star and giving it a special date, there are several ways to personalize the star gift, meaning some extra costs. First, you can enter a personal message for the new owner in the order form. This message will be included in your gift box. The second way is to customize the star certificate.

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The final costs when naming a star for someone can also depend on whether you prefer an eventual delivery speed.

Here are some of the personalized options you can opt for when buying a name star:

  • Star naming can run from $20 up to $50;
  • Getting your certificate with the star name can cost you from $20 up to $50;
  • A framed certificate is $60 or more;
  • A star map can go from $20+;
  • A space photo with the star goes from $50+.

What are star adoptions?

Star sponsorships are often offered by astronomy associations or small observatories. For a certain amount, you can adopt a star. This amount of money is used mainly for the construction or expansion of an observer.

This adoption is not included in the internationally valid star maps; relevant associations/observatories should point this out. You will only find the “star name” on your certificate, beautifully designed, which you receive as a thank you for supporting the construction of the observatory.

Neither do you acquire rights over the star, nor is the star officially named after you. It is just a symbolic act.


In fact, only the IAU, or the International Astronomical Union, has the power to officially name a star or any other celestial object. What’s more, sites offering to buy a star or baptize one, are not recognized by this organization. And then, when you think about it, if a star is known, it is probably already named, and its name is not chosen at random.

Our advice: A small telescope or binoculars are certainly as extravagant as the certificate gift for a “lunar property” and you can use them to make the most beautiful observations of celestial bodies.

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