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How Much Does it Cost to Level a Mobile Home?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you go outside for a walk and notice that your home isn’t leveled properly, then the time might have come for you to try a re-leveling. And yes, creaky floors and slight tilts are pretty annoying for the average person, but these are also signs you shouldn’t just try to ignore, as they likely tell you that the mobile home starts to sink into the soil beneath it, usually due to heaving ground or moisture. So if any of these issues start to pop up, then consider releveling your mobile home.

Important Things to Keep in Mind Right From the Start

  1. You should take creaky floors or a tilted appearance as important signs of needing a re-level.
  2. The average cost to level your mobile home is $500 to $1,200.
  3. Your home’s size, location, and repair requirements all affect the cost.

How Much Does Mobile Home Leveling Cost?

The average cost to level a mobile home is anywhere between $500 and $750 for a single wide mobile home. This price rises to $800 – $1,000 for a double-wide home, while a triple-wide home will likely cost over $1,200 to relevel. The final bill will likely vary based on several important factors like the size of your home and the amount of work needed.

Bigger mobile homes have more blocks and piers. The process of releveling will basically involve checking every block set and readjusting the ones that are out of place. If your mobile home turns out to need more piers or support beams to be either adjusted or added new, the cost can easily go up.

The Cost Breakdown for Mobile Home Releveling

The final cost of leveling a mobile home will differ based on several important factors, although most professionals will want to work on a fixed rate. Among the most important factors are:

Repair Difficulty

Most professionals will first want to inspect the overall condition of the house as well as what is underneath it, its piers and blocks, and then create a plan of action specifically for your project. The costs will significantly go up if the height of the piers will need adjusting, especially if you have an older mobile home, or if it needs extra piers or more support.

Size of the Home

Depending on the size of the mobile home, the price can differ greatly, as a small single-wide mobile home cost can be just $500, while a wider house can easily go over $1,200.

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Location of the Home

Leveling a mobile home in a rural area can be considerably cheaper than the same job in a large metro area. You can find people to do the work in a less populated place for around $300 to $400.

The Process

Leveling a mobile home may involve a lot of steps, from choosing the right materials and getting the necessary tools to setting up a water level and replacing or removing home skirting. All of these will add to the cost. You will have an easier time figuring out the cost of your specific job if you get in touch with a local pro and ask for a quote.

What Is the Cost of Leveling a Mobile Home Yourself?

Re-leveling Mobile HomesIf you are somewhat handy and your mobile home only needs some minor adjustments on some loose wedges, then you might be able to relevel it yourself. You will still end up spending about $600 when taking on a project like this yourself, depending on whether you have the tools you need or you need to buy them.

Keep in mind that although you will save on labor costs when you level the mobile home yourself, this is still a very physical and demanding job. When needing to level a mobile home, you will have to crawl underneath the home and into the crawl space where you will use some tools a 10 to 30-ton hydraulic bottle jack or a water level to adjust the mobile home, hammer it into place, and raise it as needed.

Of course, you shouldn’t start a project like this if you don’t have the needed experience and know the safety precautions that you need to follow. Working with a buddy can also be of great help.

If the job seems more complicated, however, like the mobile home being extremely unlevel or the piers leaning a lot, you should hire a house leveling professional to ensure the job is done to the highest of standards and your safety is ensured. Most professionals also offer a warranty for the job, which guarantees that the job is done in the best possible way, which makes your investment safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a mobile home be re-leveled?

To make sure you keep the structural integrity of your mobile home, you should consider releveling it periodically. According to mobile home manufacturers, you should re-level your mobile home every 3 to 5 years or so. Proper maintenance is also key if you want your mobile home to be kept at the highest quality years over years.

How much does it cost to relevel a mobile home?

Three to seven hours should be more than enough to have the mobile home put back in its old position. Although this will still depend on the difficulty of the leveling job and the size of the home.

What are the most common signs that your mobile home is unlevel?

If you notice one or more of the below signs, then you should call a professional to check the level and see whether your home needs releveling:

  • The exterior of the home seems tilted
  • The siding or skirting of the mobile house seems to buckle under pressure
  • You notice unusual cracks
  • Water is running off tables onto the floor
  • Creaking sounds in the house
  • Doors and windows are difficult to open and close
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