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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Water Jetpack?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Renting a jetpack will make you feel like a superhero, flying across the water with jets of water pumping below your feet. Not too long ago, water jetpacks were things of SciFi movies with only a few prototypes ever tried by scientists but nowadays, you can rent a kit near most big bodies of water, which, of course, is pretty cool. But before you consider aiming for the skies with the help of water jets, let’s see how much it costs to rent a water jetpack.

This article should give you all the information you need about the costs associated with renting a water jetpack as well as the factors that influence this price, so you know for sure whether you should try this amazing sport or not.

What is a Water Jetpack?

We could describe a water jetpack as a personal watercraft that propels its rider up into the air with the help of water jets. The powerful jets of water it uses will usually lift you off the water’s surface and push you up to even 30 feet in the air. People use water jetpacks nowadays as a way of getting the thrill associated with flying without using a plane or jumping from a high altitude.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Water Jetpack?

It will usually cost somewhere between $70 and $200 per hour to rent a water jetpack. This cost will ultimately depend on several factors, including your location and the company you choose to rent the jetpack from. Also, this cost might also be followed by added fees associated either with the rental itself or damage deposits, late fees, or even fuel surcharges, as the kit won’t just work on water, but will need fuel as well.

Factors that will influence the rental cost

So the price you will pay will depend on several factors, out of which, probably the most important is the rental company you choose to go to. There are several companies that offer water jetpack rental services and the prices will differ between them. But what are other important factors that will influence the cost of the rental?

Duration and Location

Not only the location you choose but also the duration of the rental will influence the final cost of the service. You will usually spend less on renting a water jetpack in a smaller town than you’d spend in a very tourist-oriented and populated area like Los Angeles, New York City, or another large city. And of course, it will be more expensive to rent a water jetpack for a longer period of time, although, depending on how long you’re going to rent it for, you might get a better price per hour for longer rentals.

Equipment and Accessories

Depending on the complexity of the kit, along with the water jetpack itself, you might have to rent additional accessories and equipment. This can be anything from safety gear to buoyancy aids, helmets, or life jackets. Make sure to ask whether these will come at an additional cost or if they will be included in the rental fee so you know how to budget for the water jetpack rental.

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Additional Fees

Some companies also have additional fees that you need to pay when you are renting a water jetpack. Among these, the most common are damage deposits, late fees, and fuel-related surcharges. So make sure you have a grasp on anything you will have to pay additionally before you go forth with the renting and sign an agreement.

Why Rent a Water Jetpack?

If you’re close to a big body of water and you are an adrenaline junkie or just want an adventure you are likely to never forget, then renting a jetpack is surely among the best ideas. The good part about renting is that this will take the financial pressure of buying and maintaining the equipment from your shoulders and enable you to just enjoy the beauty of flying without the scare of height.

You will also be able to save some money when renting a water jetpack because you won’t have to take care of any expenses related to part replacement or costly repairs.

Other factors related to the rental

Water Jetpack ActivityWhen renting your water jetpack, there are a few factors you need to consider. For example, will the company charge an additional fee for insurance and liability coverage? Will you rent by the hour or by paying a one-time fee?

When renting the water jetpack by the hour, you will usually be charged within the range we gave above, somewhere between $70 and $200. This will depend on the factors we went through above.

There are also rental companies that will only charge you a one-time fee for the rental but include all of the fees in the final bill, including the cleaning fee, a damage deposit, and a setup fee. Before you sign a rental agreement, make sure you also ask about the possibility of opting for a one-time charge, to see which one would be more financially advantageous for you.

Insurance and Liability

You should expect most rental companies to ask for an additional fee that will go towards insurance and liability coverage. This coverage is intended to protect you against injuries or damages that are caused by your water jetpack activity. Make sure you also ask about this type of coverage when signing the agreement.

Don’t start the water jetpack activity before getting equipped with proper safety gear. This should include protective clothing, buoyancy aids, a helmet, and a life jacket. You should also try to familiarize yourself with any safety procedures, as well as the controls of the jetpack kit.

How can you spend less?

To make sure you’re getting the best deal, compare the available rental companies before making a decision. Don’t just look at the price; also check their customer service and the quality of the equipment you’re getting. There are rental companies that also offer discounts for extended rentals, first-time clients, or multiple rentals, so make sure you ask about all these before picking the one you’re working with.

You should also ask about the insurance and liability coverage and whether it is part of the rental or not. Although most rental companies will offer coverage for damages and injuries, there are some that will choose not to. You should also read the small print on the contract before signing it.

And of course, ask about anything that will be charged additionally and any requirements you will have to make sure you are covered by the insurance before you sign the contract. Following these tips will ensure that you won’t be faced with any surprises when renting a water jetpack. Of course, on top of all this, your safety is the most important, so always follow all safety protocols when on top of the water jetpack.

Final words

Water jetpack rental is always a thrilling and exciting activity. Although, before you turn into a real superhero, make sure you know all the details related to the costs of renting a water jetpack. This article should be enough for you to know everything you should look at when opting for this activity.

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