How Much Does Laser Tag Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Laser tag is a sport that can be played individually or as a team activity. The purpose of this activity is to collect points by shooting with a special weapon. What is special about this weapon is that it shoots with infrared rays. Because of this, Laser Tag is a less harmful game than paintball, as participants do not get hurt and there are no consumables to discard or change. All players are equipped with a uniform that most often consists of a special vest and a bandana to distinguish the team members from each other. The assigned vest is designed to receive the infrared signal from the weapon so that each player and team score can be counted.

How much does it cost to set up a laser tag business?

If you’re thinking of starting a laser tag business from scratch, you’ll need somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000. The most expensive part of the investment will probably be the purchase of the building if you have the possibility and the necessary funds. The building should have an area of around 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.

The laser tag setup has 3 components:

  1. the building and its parts
  2. the playing arena
  3. the equipment

All 3 components must be purchased based on population, square footage, and revenue you want to generate.

The adequate playing arena per player is about 125 square feet. The vesting room should have 14 square feet available per player, and in the briefing room, around 9 square feet should be available per player.

In an area with a population of 400,000 or more, it is best to have just a stand-alone laser tag.

When building the business construction yourself, the cost will very much depend on your choices. For example, the tiles in the bathroom or the sofa in the waiting room can be customized to your will. A reasonable price would be $65 per square foot. This price should include everything from lights, doors, flooring, and ceiling tiles, to any other items needed for the building of a new space.

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The costs of the arena depend on whether you can build it or you need a company to do it. Either way, you may need anywhere from $14 to $22 per square foot.

The laser tag equipment will include weapons, vests, scoring software, and obstacles for the play area. It is the less expensive part, and you can pay for a more tactical type of weapon for around $600 per piece. If you want a more traditional type LED lit vest and weapon setup, this could run you $2,500 per set. Your facilities should have an inventory of thirty to forty weapons and vests.

How much profit can a laser tag business make?

To achieve a good profit, you must have a strong marketing strategy, a well-designed facility with at least 14/16 weapons and vests, and a working program with at least 45 hours per week. All these can bring in the first three years a $40,000 to $100,000 profit.

How much does laser tag cost to play per person?

There are laser tag gaming packages for all groups and all ages. You have a variety of packages, and levels to stun everyone, even yourself. The prices may differ from weekdays to weekends.

  • 1 Game Session: from $5 to $7 in rural areas, and $9 to $11 in metropolitan areas;
  • 2 Game Session: from $9 to $13 in rural areas, and $16 to $19 in metropolitan areas;
  • 3 Game Session: $10 to $18 in rural areas, and $25 to $28 in metropolitan areas;
  • 1 Hour of Play: $16 to $30, depending on whether it’s a rural or metropolitan area.

In general, consumers pay per game, as laser tag is a timed game, and lasts an average of 5 to 7 minutes. The average price for a laser tag game is $8-$15. Depending on what package you choose, you can get a discount for any additional game.

Don’t forget about the point-of-sale software which costs from $9,000 up to $20,000.

Overview – How and when did Laser Tag appear?

Laser Tag ArenaThe concept of the Laser Tag appeared in 1979, but the most interesting is how it came to exist. Since the 70s, the United States has been calling for a revolution in the training of soldiers. Thus, in the next period, infrared training was invented, which replaced classic training with real ammunition or no ammunition at all. The original name was MILES, Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, and like today’s work, the score was recorded using certain sensors mounted on soldiers’ uniforms.

In 1982, Star Wars prompted George Carter III to start a laser tag game and build a special arena to play. The first center specially designed for this purpose was established in 1984 in Texas. Subsequently, in 1986, more precisely around the winter holidays, the first official and commercial equipment was launched on the market, and the public was very receptive. Since then, laser tag games are in high demand among children, young people, and even adults.

Additional costs

Take into account that every laser tag system is dependable, and this means maintenance costs and eventually new components. For example, the lights might stop working, some components may be broken, and some scores might not get recorded. There are always new and improved versions, so if you want a working and supportive product you have to purchase updates. In this regard, expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 per year.


If you have decided to try a game of laser tag or to build a business around this game, it is good to consider the things we have gone through in this article. First of all, it is a very good source of physical activity, as you have to jump, run, hide, and walk on the vine, and adrenaline will accelerate your pulse, so you will burn a considerable number of calories and work out the most important muscles in your body. Secondly, the way it is designed makes it very easy to keep score, it cannot be cheated, given that everything is electronic and the points can be easily tracked.

In addition, another advantage of this game is that it does not cause pain and does not require consumables, as is the case with paintball games where cartridges are used, and they cause pain upon impact. Laser Tag games can be played in teams or individually. In addition, they can be made according to a story, to follow missions, or play freely, based only on the opponent’s hit. The price list for playing is slightly different depending on the company, area, and the specific program proposed by the client.

The best is to do your own research by going to different conventions and see which are your options. Consider laser tag to be both family fun and a business plan.

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