For a long time, lip blushing has been associated with a strident, intensely colored, perhaps even black tattoo. Fortunately, the techniques have now improved considerably and now the results are spectacular. Now it is primarily aimed at a correction, an improvement in the shape and natural color of the lips.

If your lips have a dull, speckled, undefined contour, thus losing volume, then lip blushing is the ideal solution. If you also experience scars at their level, the recommendation is the same.

After this procedure, your lips get a fresh and absolutely delicious color. You can forget about the small asymmetries.

This type of technique involves filling the lips with water-based pigment. It’s like wearing lipstick all the time and the color has a natural look.

Lip blushing can give the effect of bigger, fuller lips, just like makeup. It can give you a more defined and plumper appearance.

How Much Does Lip Blushing Cost?

The cost of lip blushing starts from $500 and can go up to $1,500, depending on the location, whether it’s a rural or urban area, but also on the experience and qualifications of the esthetic technician. Lip Blushing is a cosmetic procedure so it is not covered by any type of medical insurance.

Additional costs

The lip blush procedure is done with water-based pigments, so because they are temporary, they will fade away. In this case, if you want to maintain your lip color’s intensity you will need touch-ups. Some clinics offer the first touch-up for free, but usually, the price starts from $100 up to $400.

If you got bored of your lip blush you can try laser removal or saline removal. Both of these procedures have the same price of around $150 per session. Usually, you will need more than one session, taking the cost much higher depending on the intensity of the pigment. Another choice, but this can take years, would be for you to wait until the pigment loses its intensity.

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But what’s the difference between lip blushing and a permanent lip tattoo?

The cost of a lip blushing and the price of a lip tattoo are pretty much the same. The main difference between them consists of the pigments’ nuances. Lip blushing pigments have a more natural look, while lip tattoo pigments are more intense.

When is lip blushing needed?

  • When you no longer want to use the classic natural makeup every day and you do not want to always use lipstick.
  • When you need small or large corrections for lack of color, uneven or thin lips, or uneven contour.
  • When you need to save time, avoid daily stress, and have a fresh look 24 hours a day.

Does it hurt?

Lip Blushing Before and AfterLip blushing is more than tolerable. Many clients who have been afraid for a long time before they actually did it express how sorry they feel they did not try this sooner.

Anesthesia is used both before the procedure and during the procedure. Especially after the first few minutes, the patient won’t feel anything.

It is worth mentioning that it hurts a little more than the same procedure done to the eyebrows. However, it is not a rule because it depends a lot on the body of each individual.

How long does lip blushing last?

Normally, a properly executed lip blush begins to fade slightly after about 6 months but disappears completely after 2 or even 3 years.

Maintenance touch-up is recommended every year or so.

It all depends on the client’s skin color. The stronger the color, the more resistance it will have.

Pros and cons of lip blush

Here are some of the pros of the lip blush procedure:

  1. This technique completely replaces decorative cosmetics. Pencil, lipstick, and lip gloss will no longer be necessary because the lips will always keep their same color in all circumstances. You can eat, drink, touch, and even bite your lips. Once they are completely healed, the color and shape will remain unchanged, just as they were done by the technician.
  2. Requires minimal skin care after the procedure, and the healing process will last a week at most. With proper care and professional execution of the technique, you can expect a wonderful result.
  3. It helps to visually correct and change the shape, hide certain imperfections, and is considered the safest way to transform your lips.
  4. The skin heals quickly, within 3-5 days. Due to the introduction of pigment to the surface, the skin is minimally traumatized. If an anesthetic is used, the procedure is painless.

However, there are some cons to lip blushing that you need to know about:

  1. The procedure requires professional training. It is very important to turn to an experienced technician, who knows the details of the lip blush procedure well. If the pigment is injected too deeply, it is likely to form another shade. And the procedure will also be quite painful.
  2. There is a possibility of herpes after the procedure. Tattoo is not the cause of the appearance, but it may still be the factor that causes this virus.
  3. Inflammation may occur after the procedure. However, if the procedure is performed correctly, it will disappear on its own within a few hours.

The level of qualification of the esthetic technician is very important. Equally important is the level of the clinic in which the procedure is performed. In this case, the quality of the anesthetic, pigment, equipment, hygiene conditions and the choice of pigment shade to achieve the desired appearance matters a lot. You will benefit from a beautiful and successful result only if you comply with all the rules and requirements.

Final words

Lip blushing is definitely worth it if you want to enjoy a beautiful and natural lip shade without using lipstick, gloss, or pencil. The tattoo will perfectly camouflage the bluish hue, visually correct the asymmetry and add volume to the lips.

However, all the advantages of the procedure can be achieved only if the rules and recommendations regarding preparation for the procedure, subsequent skin care, and choosing the right technician are strictly followed. This is a tattoo, so you better not look for the cheapest price, as this will remain on your face for years.

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