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Logan Paul’s Net Worth

Logan Paul Net Worth

Not very long ago, vlogging became a very popular and profitable business, and many people who understood this in time and started a vlog on YouTube became popular and made a profit from advertising. One such famous person is an American blogger and actor called Logan Paul. He is a famous American boxer, actor, YouTuber, and internet personality.

What is Logan Paul’s net worth?

At the time this article is written Logan Paul has a net worth of $45 million. Also, he has more than 23 million followers on his YouTube channel and he was one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world at different times.

Besides his YouTube channels, Paul runs the Maverick Apparel business, which is a very lucrative merchandise company. It actually made more than $40 million in sales in its first nine months of activity.

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Starting with November 2018 Logan Paul has hosted the Impaulsive podcast. Also, Paul together with his brother Jake has marked the professional boxing world in the last years.

Key Facts

  • Logan Paul earned $5.25 million from boxing with Floyd Mayweather
  • Between 2016 and 2018 Paul earned $12 to $14 million per year
  • Logan has more than 6 billion views on YouTube
  • Within nine months of launching, Maverick Apparel sold $40 million worth of merchandise
  • Logan Paul has more than 23 million YouTube subscribers
  • Logan Paul owns an $8 million home in Encino, California

Salary Highlights

  • 2016: $12.5 million
  • 2017: $12 million
  • 2018: $14.5 million
  • 2019: $10 million

Real Estate

In October 2017 Logan has bought a house in Encino, Los Angeles for $6.55 million, but he sold it to Machine Gun Kelly for $7.4 million in April 2022.

In 2019 Logan purchased an 80-acre property called Fobes Ranch locates in the San Jacinto Mountains, for $1 million.

Early Life

Logan Paul CloseupLogan Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio, on April 1, 1995. His younger brother is Jake Paul, who is also very famous on social media. The Paul family has Irish, German-Jewish, English, Scottish, and Welsh roots. Logan grew up like a normal kid, except for the fact that he was more interested in the internet than others. Even so, it was difficult for people to call him a “nerd” because he was enthusiastically engaged in free fights. In high school, he was a State Champion wrestler.

When Logan was ten years old, he started a YouTube channel and began filming Vines. When he shot the first video, he found it very funny and interesting and decided to continue his video experiments. Since then, the Zoosh channel has seen a variety of new videos that have only gotten more interesting over the years.

Logan went to Ohio University to study engineering, but in 2014 dropped out of college to move to Los Angeles.


In April 2014, a compilation of Logan’s work from Vine that was transformed into a YouTube compilation video got more than 4 million views in the first week of posting. In a short period of time, Logan had more than 4 million followers on Vine and was hired by various companies such as Virgin Mobile, HBO, and Pepsi, to create paid videos.

In 2015, Logan Paul was the 10th most influential Vine personality, with his short videos earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars each. Logan moved his act over to YouTube when Vine closed down.

At the time this article was written Logan Paul has more than 15 million followers on Facebook, over 16 million followers on Instagram, and more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube.

Sui Forest Controversy

The YouTube star, Logan Paul, decided to spend the New Year in a completely different way than other people. He spent the last hours of 2017, shocking the 15 million followers he had at that time and many other people in the world with a disgusting video he posted on his YouTube channel.

The 15-minute video was called “I found a body in Japan’s Sui Forest” and as the title suggests, Paul found the body of a person who ended their life. He captured the breathless body in his video as well. The American vlogger, at the age of 22, had no problem showing the body hanging from a tree in the Japanese forest, located in Mount Fuji.

The authorities stopped making the cases of those who end their lives in that forest public, in order to try to reduce the number of victims. Besides this, there are signs in the forest with messages suggesting people suffering from such problems ask for help before resorting to such drastic actions.

Unfortunately, Paul completely ignored the seriousness of the situation and many believe that he used this aspect to gain even more fame.

Because of the shocking content, the vlog went viral, garnering over 6 million views and half a million likes before it was deleted.

After these events, Paul realized the huge mistake he made and apologized to his fans for the morbid video he posted: “It was supposed to be a funny vlog.” “[This] is not a joke. Depression and mental problems are not a joke. I came here with the intention of discovering the ‘haunted’ aspect of this forest. This has become very real and obviously, a lot of people go through many unfortunate events in their lives,” added Paul.

Despite this scandal, the channel continues to bring Paul a good profit – about $1 million a month. He has a huge house in California and a car collection. The vlogger travels a lot, combining vacations with filming videos for his channel.

Logan Paul Sues Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul claims that he did not receive the money for the fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. from June 2021 and that he will sue the American boxer.

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and the star Logan Paul lasted for 8 rounds, and in the end, no winner was declared because neither of them knocked their opponent out, as stipulated in the contract. Floyd would have received $65 million from the fight, while Paul should have received just over $5 million.

The YouTube star says he didn’t get all the money he was due. “No, he didn’t give me everything. It’s a fact, a few million are missing. We will discuss this in court. See you in court. Congrats, you’re going to jail, Floyd,” Paul said.

Personal Life

As for the family, Logan is not married and, according to him, does not expect to get into a serious relationship yet. For a while, Paul dated actress Chloe Bennett, but they broke up.

In May 2020, Logan started dating the model Josie Canseco, who is the daughter of the baseball legend Jose Canseco.

The vlogger continues to play sports. He is engaged in boxing and even participates in fights, where he looks good as a fighter.

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