How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you’re a tech fan, you’re surely blown away by the latest AI advancements, and Midjourney offers one of the most impressive AI models you can find out there. It is an image creator that uses AI technology to make images based on how it is prompted, and Version 4 released by the Midjourney team offers some really amazing algorithm changes to their model and the way in which it generates images.

And if you’re considering Midjourney as a way of improving your commercial projects but aren’t sure about the pricing model and how this tool will affect your budget, then this article might be for you.

So let’s try to dig into how much Midjourney costs, what you get for each of their pricing plans, and which subscription should work for your projects and needs.

How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

The short answer is that Midjourney costs anywhere between as little as $10 per month or as much as $60 per month depending on your needs, although for personal usage, you can still use it for free.

But you surely need a more in-depth answer, so let’s go into more detail about the Midjourney pricing model and how it works.

You can currently go for one of the 3 different Midjourney subscriptions:

Package Basic Standard Pro Corporate
Price $10/month $30/month $60/month $600/year
Fast GPU Time 200min/month 15hrs/month 30hrs/month 120hrs/year
Relax GPU Time No Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Metered Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal Bot Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Visibility +$20/month +$20/month Yes Yes

This table is made to show the features you will get with every Midjourney subscription plan.

Note: The Private Visibility column indicates additional monthly fees for the Basic and Standard packages, whereas the Pro and Corporate packages include private visibility by default.

If you don’t have big plans for prompting the Midjourney bot, then in 90% of the cases, a Basic plan should be more than enough for all your AI image generation needs, which means that most people will spend $10 per month on their Midjourney subscription.

This is because although the plan has some limitations, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to go over the limits of the Basic plan unless you need Midjourney for some heavy lifting.

If you feel like this plan isn’t enough for you, then Midjourney will cost somewhere between $30 and $60 per month, depending largely on the type and size of the business you have.

You will surely have to consider subscribing to the biggest, “Corporate” plan if your business is set to generate more than $1 million per year in revenue, and using Midjourney professionally is a vital part of your business model.

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The Corporate plan costs $50 per month paid monthly (which means $600 per year) for every user and has a fixed term of one year.

Among its many features and wide flexibility, it features the ability to set any rendering you make to private, something impossible in any other Midjourney plan.

For smaller businesses, however, a Pro plan worth $60 per month or even a Standard plan that costs $30 per month should work just as great.

Technically, your total Midjourney cost for any given month could also exceed the price of the subscription, however, that only applies to users who need more Fast GPU Time.

Important takeaways

  • Midjourney currently offers 4 different paid plans along with its free version. These are the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Corporate plans, although there is talk about the Corporate plan being phased out somewhere in the future.
  • About 90% of all paid users will only require a Basic plan, but if you’re a heavy Midjourney user, you might have to subscribe to one of the more expensive plans, like Standard, Pro, or Corporate.
  • Don’t endanger your revenue if your business generates more than $1 million per year. These are situations in which a Corporate plan makes sense. This plan is priced at $600 per year for every user.

Does Midjourney Offer a Free Trial?

Any user that wants to try Midjourney, can take advantage of the free Midjouney trial on Discord.

Every trial account created will receive 25 minutes of Fast GPU time. This feature doesn’t expire.

This limitation can be circumvented, as you can continue to use the free version of Midjourney as a way of avoiding incurring any Midjourney costs.

Although, doing this for commercial usage might violate the terms of service of Midjourney.

Keep in mind that paying a small monthly fee on your subscription will support the team behind the project and support the development of the bot, so if this software is something you want around for as long as possible, then getting a paid subscription makes sense.

Fast GPU Time and Relax GPU Time

As you can see in the chart above, Midjourney plans also come with different amounts of Fast GPU time.

Some of the plans also have Relax GPU time set to “unlimited”. These are some terms that sound weird to people that haven’t used Midjourney before.

Midjourney PaintingA short explanation would be that running an AI model will take a huge toll on the processing power of the system. GPUs are known as the most powerful processors in the world. But the difference between Relax GPU time and Fast GPU time is how your request will get priority in the system.

Regular processing time will cost less than higher-priority processing time.

Upsampling and upscaling jobs should generally use Fast GPU requests, so you should limit the usage of these requests to important projects.

This is to avoid using Fast GPU time for activities that don’t require it and ensure that important jobs are processed in a reasonable time.

This is why you should stick to Relax Mode for anything that can be considered experimental and while creating variations.

If you’re going for Midjourney full force and you consider using a lot of the bot’s time in a combination of experimentation and upscaling, then you should try to read about and understand Midjourney Relax Mode, so that you optimize your consumption of Fast GPU time as much as possible.

The issue comes when you run out of Fast GPU time. If you don’t have a grasp on the Relax Mode, then additional requests might get invoiced in Metered Mode, which will rise the Midjourney subscription costs for that particular month, which means you will be charged more.

When this happens, you will get a notice in the system.


The price of any Midjourney subscription is reasonable to say the least, considering how much time, money, and work can this AI art generator save you and your business.

The price of the subscription will be the only Midjourney cost, aside from when you exceed the Fast GPU time and get charged for using metered mode.

The good thing about Midjourney is that you can actually try everything out for free before making your decision, as it has a limited free trial for new users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

The cost of a Midjourney subscription starts at $10 per month for the Basic plan. The next plan is the Standard, which is better suited for freelancers and smaller businesses, being priced at $30 per month. Getting the Pro plan, which is the next one in terms of prices, will double the hours of the Standard plan and get you the Private Mode for free.

Bigger businesses that rely on Midjourney to generate $1 million or more in revenue per year should go for the Corporate plan, which costs $600 per year, which means $50 per month, per user.

Is Midjourney free?

You can access a free Midjourney trial that comes with limitations. It only has 25 minutes of Fast GPU time. Regular usage of the AI art generator will cost you at least $10.

Can you use Midjourney commercially?

If you’re under a paid subscription, then you are allowed to use Midjourney commercially. You can even build NFTs and merchandise with its help.

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