How Much Does SeaDek Cost?

Most boating enthusiasts know that owning a boat is not as cheap as you might think, especially when you’re new to the whole ordeal. Among the most common questions that new boaters have are what type of engine should they look for, whether the boat has to be winterized or not, and whether they should go for a used or new vessel.

But as you become more and more experienced in boating, you might start to ask whether you should buy SeaDek and other boat accessories.

Although this product has been around for several years now, it has just become more and more popular. So below, we will go into everything you need to know about SeaDek, its cost, and whether you should install it on your boat or not.

How Much Does SeaDek Cost?

The cost of SeaDek is around $84.99 for the smallest sheed, which measures 18×38 inches. The largest sheet of SeaDek, which is also the most expensive, costs about $284.99 and measures 40×80. Although the price of SeaDek depends on the sheet’s size, how much you’ll end up spending will depend on how many sheets you’ll need, based on the size of your boat.

According to some professionals, when you take into account all of the needed supplies, a DIY re-decking project using SeaDek will cost around $1,500, with about two to three days of work needed.

People who have already used SeaDek state that it is around 25% more comfortable to stand on when you’re fishing, and about 80% more comfortable when you need to kneel on it.

A discussion on TheHullTruth revealed that people spend between $1,350 and $6,000 to have SeaDek installed on their boats. One individual stated that they paid $200 for installation on a $1,350 SeaDek order. As for the products themselves, they spent roughly $25 per sq ft for 2-color, 6mm, embossed and pinstriped sheets.

Another individual said that they paid an extra $50 for the template needed for the job, so this is another expense you should consider if it is not included in the initial bill.

What is SeaDek?

SeaDek is a foam deck material you can use on your boat. This product was first launched in 2002 and has since grown in popularity quite a lot.

The company behind SeaDek is based in Florida. It states that this product isn’t only used by top boat builders in the marine industry, but also by some boat owners who are looking for custom aftermarket products.

SeaDek products are made from Closed-cell PE/EVA foam. They are a comfortable and safe alternative to currently available marine traction products. SeaDek is meant to replace the need for molded-in non-skid. It is customizable and easy to install. This saves a lot of time and money for OEMs through the manufacturing process.

What does SeaDek do for your boat deck?

Seadek Beautiful ProductBut why would you, as a boat owner, need a foam deck? Especially considering that a lot of boat enthusiasts consider fiberglass the best available option. Well, truth be told, fiberglass sure looks amazing when it is brand new and just installed, but with age and wear and tear, it will slowly become very uncomfortable to stand on. This holds true even more if you’re using your boat on the ocean when waves are in full swing and are rocking the boat.

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The foam deck is meant to provide support, becoming very handy when needing to make the boating experience more comfortable. The company behind the product states that SeaDek is meant to protect the boat surface from dents and scratches, reduce the noise, and offer improved comfort when the boat is moving around. It also provides great traction even when the deck is wet and absorbs incoming shocks which reduces fatigue.

Is Sea Dek magic worth its cost?

Getting SeaDek makes sense if you’re serious about boating. It will ease the stress on your joints when on your boat, making your life a lot easier. You’ll also take advantage of the noise reduction which will help you move around while fishing, without fearing that your next catch might get scared away.

But what about the occasional boater? If you only go out with your boat on the weekends, does SeaDek make sense? In this case, it probably won’t. The product is made to pay for itself in time, but if you don’t use the boat enough, you will probably not get your money’s worth.

Even so, the product has enough positive reviews to make you buy a few sheets if you can afford them, even if you aren’t an avid boater. Although there isn’t enough data to say for sure whether adding SeaDek to your boat will increase its value when you try to sell it, it will surely not decrease it.

Final words

You will probably spend around $1,500 to have your boat covered with SeaDek, although people have spent anywhere between $1,350 and $6,000 for the job, depending on the size of their boats and whether they went for a DIY project or hired a professional to do the job. Overall, the product seems to be worth it based on the reviews found online and on what experts say about it.

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