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Gravity Balans Chair

Peter Opsvik, a well-known designer in his country, Norway, has approached design through both extremes, ensuring rational and functional design elements to his creations, simultaneously with the expressionism located in opposition with the first features. It is appreciated for his creations that reconsider sitting, through seat forms highly appreciated by the public, being the one who published the book Rethinking Sitting, and also who created Gravity Balans Chair among many other things.

Peter Opsvik said:

The only condition in which a human being is completely still is death.

Opsvik investigated, whether, for comfortable seating, the notion of support of the body is important, through the freedom of movement as part of the body support. He took the freedom of movement to another level.Peter_Opsvik_Gravity_Balans_Chair_xyg

We spend most of our time sitting down: at the table having breakfast, driving to the office, sitting in the chair in the office, taking dinner table again, and relaxing on the sofa, cinema chairs, or bar chairs. With all these, issues such as back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders, or headaches, will occur with no delay.

Whether you want to prevent any back pain, if you already have experienced the pain and want to find a way in which to get rid of it, or if you are simply looking for a chair that will give you at least some relaxation in the much-needed weekend, we recommend you Gravity Balans chair, a chair where you will find four positions, from “active sitting” to the “gravity 0” sensation.

If you choose to spend time reading a book on this chair you will feel relaxed at many levels: from the rhythm of breath to the simple fact that the legs and head are at a higher level than the heart.

The design of this chair allows you to change your position without getting up while supporting your back and neck every time. This helps to relieve pressure from your spine and last but not least, comes with the benefits of the opportunity to sit, while being active at the same time.

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Control options and various positioning possibilities for complete relaxation of the body, come at a matching price of $2250 and you can find it on Amazon.com by clicking on the link below:

Some Gravity Balans Chair’s features:

  • Handcrafted in Norway by skilled artisans
  • Guarantee on wooden parts for seven-year
  • It is an ideal chair for both relaxing and working
  • It is great just to lean forward to work, lean back to read, or recline to nap
  • All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests
  • Overall dimensions: 53.1″D, 28.7″W, 48″H. Seat height: 17.3″

As the name suggests, sitting in this chair will give you a sensation of weightlessness. In the position of the back fully balanced, the legs get higher than the heart and the whole body sways to the breath rhythm, with a full sense of annihilation of your own body weight. With full support for the spine and head, the occupant can enjoy total relaxation. The seat has practical functionality and can be used to work at a desk or read. Peter Opsvik has done a great job creating a chair that has a very nice design and a lot of functionalities at the same time.

So should our average working Joe or Jane get this type of chair? If you know you can afford it and you want to relax like pros, then Gravity Balans Chair is the best piece of furniture we’d advise you to get.

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