Glasses Free 3D TV Cost

Glasses-free 3D TV Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you want to keep your home theater experience up to date with the latest technology, don`t even think about getting a new 3D TV. At least not right now. Dolly has partnered up with Phillips and CPG to create a brand new stereo 3D TV for home, that doesn’t need glasses.

The new 3D format by Dolly is the core stereoscopic technology that has been previously used to encode content demonstrated on a 55-inch 4K display tv at NAB, made by Philips. James Cameron and Vince Pace, the leading names in CPG, have agreed now to use the 3D tech created by Dolby as part of the production workflow. More great news comes from The Foundry, which announced their intention of integrating this 3D technology into Ocula and Nuke. Read what Dolby has to say on all this over at the company’s Lab Notes blog.

During the first open tests, a Dolby spokesman said with confidence that this new technology doesn’t have any sweet spots, which enables people to have the perfect view, regardless of their positioning to watch the TV. This isn’t completely true. It would be a lot more accurate to say that there are more sweet spots, 28 to be exact.

Using a lenticular lens that is attached to the screen, this TV generates a number of 28 different “views” of every piece of content, on playback, making it possible to see the 3D effect from many different positions in any viewing area. If you want to enjoy the view, just keep your head still and you’ll notice the crisp and impressive effect.

If you instead try to move from side to side or you walk around the room when you watch the content, the picture will seem to warm, and you can notice the depth effect get into reverse when right and left eyes will be transposed. These are some of the gems that are subtle enough to be missed by most of the viewers but they will surely be visible for experts.

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The technology created by Dolby seems to be a big improvement over any of the previous autostereoscopic gadgets available on the market. The transitions between views will be way less jarring and a lot smoother due to the finessed display.

Although Dolby officials state that there’s still room for improvement, it is speculated that these types of TVs will be available for an average price similar to those of 4K TVs, which is anywhere between $2,999 and $10,999.

The general manager of this joint project, Guide Voltolina, declared for StudioDaily that the key features that they plan to improve are precisely designed, faceted lenticular lens combined with pixel density which will give in return “precision down to the micron” instead of the current round design. He further stated that an 8k display will generate up to 56 different views, which will greatly improve the viewer experience.

The main issue Dolby faces at the moment is convincing display manufacturers to start producing panels that can take advantage of this new technology. It’s not something impossible, though. It is a common opinion among experts that the first demo wasn’t all that great, but it was enough for the first round of customers, for sure.

When you move around too much, the image will seem to swim a bit, noticeable in the background, as views move in and out of alignment. The content will have a decent look if you stand still, though. Although this tv seems to be missing something, it is surely something nice to have in the living room, if you have the necessary funds.

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Although not the best and still in the demo stage, this new technology by Dolby is surely something to keep an eye on. This new 3D tv that doesn’t need any glasses to create the 3D effect is expected to be available on the market soon, so if you want to be among the first customers, start saving money.

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