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No one yet knows the recipe for a perfect event, but a little imagination and creativity are exactly what you need when you want to organize an impressive event. Never opt for an event with elements identical to another’s, follow your intuition and customize your event to be unique and original. You can choose an ice luge to serve in both the useful part and the aesthetic part. The ice at events is translucent, fragile, and exudes extreme beauty, but also volatility.

Ice luges give a special effect and are a guaranteed recipe for success. They quickly gain everyone’s attention and are an art form for refined tastes. You can opt for a larger ice luge, which you can position in a visible place and enhance with the help of lights.

How Much Does an Ice Luge Cost?

The cost of an ice luge will be affected by various factors such as the place you buy it from, the size of the block, and how elaborate is the ice luge.

You should expect to pay anywhere between $170 and $380 for a basic ice luge, while the cost of a large customized sculpture would be anywhere between $750 and $1,200, depending on the number of blocks you want. In general, most companies charge around $265 per half block.

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You may find on ice luges Amazon smaller at a price of anywhere between $25 and $60.

Also, you can pay less than $100 for an ice luge from Luge Doctor, which is located in New York.

Expect to pay up to $760 for a customized company logo on an ice luge from Sculpted Ice Works, while the price of a single block sculpture would be anywhere between $450 and $500 at the same company.

Ice luge short presentation

Ice luges can be created in all sizes and shapes. Though most of these will be less than two feet so they can be placed on the top of a counter and bar. This way it will be more convenient for the individuals to drink or catch the liquid than it would be if the ice luge were placed on the ground.

Depending on how many people will use the ice luge and how large you want to make it, it may have multiple spouts or only one spout.

In case you buy the ice luge from a professional company, it will be wrapped in an insulated blanket in order to be kept cool for the following few hours.

What are the additional expenses?

The price estimates we presented above do not include the setting up costs. In case you buy the ice luge from a professional company and they have to deliver it to you and set it up, in general, you will have to pay an extra cost for this service. Expect to add another $120 to $220 to the total cost.

Usually, lighting is added at weddings to a display and this comes at an additional cost. Depending on the amount of lighting, you may have to pay only around $60 for a simple setup or more than $230 for a complex display.

Important things to consider

Example of Ice LugeIt is recommended to avoid using regular tap water if you want to create your own ice luge. This type of water may create a cloudy-like look. You should use distilled water if you want to make an ice sculpture as clear as possible.

You should not fill the ice sculpture mold all the way up because you should leave space for the water to freeze. As a rule of thumb, the ice sculpture mold is filled with water 90% of its volume, so the water will have enough space to expand when freezing.

The majority of the ice luges will last up to six hours indoors, depending on the temperature. Be prepared to lose around one-fourth of an inch every hour.

How can I save money?

Take into consideration creating your own ice luge. If you choose this route, you will not only save money but also have fun. Even though the ice luge made by you will not be as elaborate and complex as the ones made by the experts, this way you will be able to save a few hundred of dollars.

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