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Iggy Azalea’s Net Worth

Iggy Azalea Net Worth

Iggy Azalea, by her real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, was born on June 7, 1990, in Sydney, Australia. She is one of a handful of females rising on the hip-hop scene as MCs. Although she is very successful, she still admits to considering herself an outsider in the world of rap due to her rural Australian origins and her white skin. Her childhood wasn’t as flashy, spending a big part of her youth years in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, where she had a humble life next to her father Brendan Kelly, a comic artist and a painter, and her mother Tanya, who was cleaning hotels.

By the age of 14, she was already rapping, getting her inspiration from the rapper Left Eye Lopez and a girl band called TLC. She started a band with two other girls that she knew from her neighborhood. Noticing a lack of interest from the other girls in the group, she soon quit the band to go on her own path. She then started to develop a desire to move to the promised land, the US, so she dropped out of high school and worked alongside her mother to raise the money.

Right before turning 16, her dream came true. She came to the United States in 2006. Although it started as a holiday, this trip made her stay in the US, telling her parents that she had no intentions of ever returning. Iggy managed to get a visa waiver and obtained her GED. She then returned to Australia every three months to make sure that she renewed the visa waiver so she could continue to live in the US legally.

After living in Miami, Florida for a while, she then moved for a short while to Houston, Texas, and then to Atlanta, Georgia for another few years. Before February 2013, when she was eventually granted a five-year O Visa, she was working illegally in the United States. The name of the street where she grew up, called Azalea, combined with the name of her dog, Iggy, was the base of her peculiar stage name.

What is Iggy Azalea’s Net Worth?

The net worth of the Australian musician and rapper called Iggy Azalea is around $15 million. She made a name for herself back in 2013 when she released the single “Work”, which became a hit on the global stage. At the time this article was written, Iggy managed to sell over 22 million singles and 50 million albums all around the world.


It was in 2010 that Iggy decided to settle in California. She chose LA, where she continues to live to this day. At around the same time, she met her future boyfriend, a rapper named Jefe “Wine-O” Wine, who also signed her to his Wine-O Music independent record label. Wine-O still released Azalea’s music on iTunes using his label even after the two split their ways. She started using YouTube to upload some freestyle videos in 2011. A couple of controversial songs called “Two Times” and “Pussy” brought a big boost to Azalea’s career, after they went viral on the video platform.

In September of the same year, Azalea showed her first full-length project to the public, which was a mixtape called Ignorant Art. Her second mixtape, called TrapGold, was released the next year. In 2012, Azalea was featured on the XXL annual Top 10 Freshman cover issue, being the first time in history that a female rapper of non-American origins was able to pull this.

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She started to talk about a debut studio album called The New Classic but requested to be picked up by a major record before releasing it. She asked for help from the famous rapper T.I., to get some input on her debut album idea and artistic direction.

While continuing to work on this new album, in 2012 Azalea signed a deal with Grand Hustle Records. She continued to perform and collaborate with other artists. She headlined a tour in Europe as a way of supporting TrapGold and went on a tour around North America with Rita Ora.

Iggy Azalea CloseupOn February 13, 2023, Azalea announced that she managed to snatch a deal and sign a contract with Mercury Records. She then kept her word and released a music video for the debut single “Work”. This happened on March 13, 2013. It was almost instantly a hit. It only took a month for her to release a second single that was called “Bounce”. Its premiere was on BBC Radio 1. In July 2013, she was the opener for a Beyonce concert when her World Tour Mrs. Carter Show reached Australia.

Her third single also premiered on BBC Radio 1, on August 19, 2013. It was called “Change your Life” and it came from “The New Classic” album. BBC Radio 1 also premiered “Fancy”, a hit single that came out on February 6, 2014. Fancy managed to hit the top of the US Billboard chart almost instantly, becoming Azalea’s most successful single of her career up until now.

On April 21, 2014, she finally released The New Classic to her audience. It went straight to third place on the Billboard chart, selling over 52,000 copies within the first week in the US alone. It actually became the highest-charting female rap album after Nicky Minaj‘s album Pink Friday in 2013, called Roman Reloaded. In the same spring, Azalea worked on a collab with Jennifer Lopez on the single “Booty” and with Ariana Grande on the “Problem” song. Azalea announced her next plans on December 10, 2014, on her official Twitter account, talking about a world tour plan in 2015, as well as a second studio album.

Iggy also released the duet “Pretty Girl in May 2015, alongside Britney Spears. Her world tour was eventually canceled but she planned a new tour for 2016, as a way of supporting the album she was working on. That same year, in October, she announced another album that would be called Digital Distortion. Se released the lead single called Team in March of 2016.

She was signed as a judge on The X Factor Australia, during the eighth season of the show, which lasted between October and November 2016. This caused her to delay her next album, but went ahead and released two additional singles named “Switch” and “Mo Bounce” in the spring of 2017.

Iggy Azalea announced in February 2019 that she managed to complete all work on the second studio album that was called In My Defense. The first single of this album was called “Sally Walker” and debuted directly in 62nd place with sales of over 82,000 copies right from the start. This was followed by an album released on July 19, 2019, called In My Defense. This one debuted and peaked at 50th place on the Billboard chart, which was not even close to the wild popularity of her first album. It also got a lot of negative critical reviews.

Real Estate

Iggy paid $5.2 million in June 2021, for a home in Hidden Hills, California. She had some issues with one of her neighbors after moving in because she was making a lot of noise with her construction. She reached the point where she thought her logical next step was to call the neighbor over Twitter, tweeting the next message:

Day 1 living in my new house and my bored housewives ass neighbor already tried to snitch on me for doing construction on my own fucking home.

Some people believe that the tensions reached unbearable levels and that this is the reason why Iggy eventually decided to list the mansion for sale just 6 months later. The price was $6.2 million, but she accepted a lower offer of $5.949 million in May 2022.


Iggy Azalea was not only nominated but also won several very important awards. 2015 was a great year for her, being up for four Grammys for Best Rap Album, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist categories. She also received nominations for eight different MTV Video Music Awards in 2014, winning the Best Pop Video award for “Fancy”. She has an impressive record, with 128 award nominations, and winning 39 of them.

Personal Life

In March 2018 she received permanent resident status in the United States of America.

Azalea dated for a year the rapper A$AP Rocky. Before splitting up, they got matching tattoos on their fingers, but after the breakup she removed hers. She then started a relationship with Nick Young from LA Lakers in November 2013 and two years after that, they announced their engagement. Although things seemed to be going great, in June 2016 they split up after Young bragged that he cheated on Iggy, in a leaked video.

She then started a relationship with rapper Playboi Carti in 2018. They currently have a son together.

Azalea also talked about her plans to get a nose job and breast augmentation.

In January 2023, Iggy Azalea also announced joining Only Fans, although in the past she vowed to never open an account in her life. This got fans really pumped up about the news.

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