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Izabela Stress Net Worth

Izabela Stress Net Worth

Having become a real-world phenomenon, the young woman does not want to be a music star or a commercial influencer, but rather a person whose niche has proven to have an effect on followers. Izabela Stress makes “slime”, and plays with the world-famous “antistress” plasticine, which keeps children busy, and in some occasions, even adults. As you might know, she molds some kind of plasticine into figurines of various shapes and colors, and each of her videos is watched on YouTube by tens of millions of people.

If in the beginning, making them was a game and a reason for fun, in a short time, the matter became extremely serious, because thanks to the popularity she enjoys, Izabela Stress earns a fortune, monthly, from the advertisements that appear on her YouTube channel.

What is Izabela Stress’s net worth?

It seems hard to believe, but since her first video, four years ago, her total views are over 5 billion. Her YouTube channel, Izabela Stress, averages one million views daily. Specialists in the YouTube monetization chapter estimate that the Romanian Izabela Stress made about $13 million from her “game”. She keeps her finances secret and some say that her net worth is even higher, at $18 million.

Early life

Izabela Stress was born on February 22, 1991, in Suceava, Romania. She does not make more information public about her personal life or educational background.

In February 2016 she created her YouTube channel and her debut video was called “Rapunzel Orbeez Bath”.

YouTube earnings

Izabela Stress CloseupIzabela Stress makes millions of dollars a year from her slime videos. Even if it seems hard to believe, on one of her two YouTube channels, Izabela Stress, she has no less than 8.98 million subscribers, one of her videos gathering more than 600 million views (she has a total of more than 5 billion views), an absolute record in Romania! And on her other account, Izabeloi, she has 2.7 million subscribers, a number also huge for the domestic vlogging world.

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According to a site specialized in calculating the earnings of YouTube channels, Izabela Stress earns, every month, between $60,000 and $980,000 (around $15 million per year), depending on the users who follow her. The amounts are calculated according to the rating of the country the users come from. For example, Romania and the Republic of Moldova have a low rating, which gives YouTube channels equally low earnings, while countries with high purchasing power, such as the United States of America or Norway, bring YouTubers considerable amounts of money.

In short, Izabela Stress (she chose a very inspired name) wins simply by having fun… In her vlogs, the young woman teaches her subscribers how to play with colored gelatin, and she does it with such talent that she became the most successful vlogger in Romania.

Slime – the recipe for success

Izabela’s videos are for relaxation through the slime phenomenon. Thus, she films herself when she makes slime or when she bursts balloons filled with glue, paint, or detergent.

Slime is the new passion of children of all ages. A kind of gelatinous plasticine that they can make at home has become the main topic of discussion among schoolchildren and teenagers. Everyone is looking for YouTube videos to learn how to cook at home, swapping recipes, and looking for the perfect combinations.

It’s not hard to make, and it might even whet kids’ appetite for chemistry, but the main ingredient is borax-sodium borate. It has multiple uses, among the best-known being in the manufacture of detergents and soaps. It must be used with great care because if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes, it leads to inflammation. Borax dust can also be inhaled and, once it reaches the digestive tract, it causes irritation, and in large quantities even death, experts warn!

Known as Gak, slime is nothing new. Recipes for the preparation of this pasta have been circulating on the Internet for decades, but the new models, with all kinds of color variations and glitter, have exploded in popularity on social media.

Final thoughts

The young woman from Romania, Isabela Stress, an international star, turned her passions into an extraordinary recipe for success, even though she has a lot to clean up after the experiments she does with breaking balloons filled with all kinds of liquids and more.

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