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John Fetterman Net Worth

Fetterman, known for his baldness, tattoos, massive looks, and casual wardrobe (he frequently wears a hoodie) is an American politician. He has transformed himself in recent years into a progressive icon – although he and his advisers preferred the word “populist”.

A graduate of Harvard, the Democrat spent 13 years as mayor of Braddock, which experienced deindustrialization, and has tattooed the dates of the five deaths that mourned his locality, on his arm. During his political career, he supported syndicates, same-gender marriage, the legalization of marijuana, and a more lenient policy for some criminals.

What are John Fetterman’s net worth and salary?

The American politician from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman has a net worth of $800,000 at the time this article is written. He has assets worth anywhere between $717,000 and $1.58 million, according to his financial disclosure from May 2021. Though, most of these assets ($450,000 to $1 million) are in bank accounts and trusts for his children.

Between 2006 and 2019 John Fetterman was the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and in 2019 he became the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Childhood and teenage years

John Karl Fetterman was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on August 15, 1969. Thanks to his position as a partner at the insurance company Chubb and then his own insurance company, John’s father, Karl became well-known in the area. Fetterman grew up in a wealthy area of York, Pennsylvania. Apparently, both his father and mother are staunch conservative Republicans.

John Fetterman attended the courses at Albright College. In 1993 he graduated from the University of Connecticut with an MBA.

He also graduated from Harvard in 1999 with a Master of Public Policy degree.

Braddock mayor

John Fetterman officially moved to Braddock in 2004. Here, in 2006, he became the full-time director of the city’s youth program and the city’s part-time mayor. The same year John became the full-time mayor and occupied this position until 2019 when he became the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

As a mayor, John Letterman didn’t have any other paying jobs and he was paid only $150 per month for his work. In that period, he was financially supported by his parents with around $54,000 per year, according to his financial disclosures.

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In 2013 John bought from his sister a former Chevy dealership for only $1. He and his wife Gisele transformed this property into a residence. The sister paid $70,000 for this property in 2007.

Senate campaign

In 2016 John Fetterman ran for the first time for the Senate, but he didn’t have success. Though, in 2019 he became the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. He had a salary of $217,610 per year while occupying this position.

John announced another campaign for the Senate in 2021. He later won the Democratic nomination with approximately 60% of the vote.

John Fetterman CloseupIn 2022, the Democrat John Fetterman, the lieutenant governor of the state of Pennsylvania, somehow unexpectedly won one of the most watched senatorial races in the US, defeating the famous doctor Mehmet Oz and giving his party an important chance to retain control of the upper house of Congress. Fetterman thus takes the seat of Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican who has decided not to run for re-election.

Just days before winning the Democratic primary in May, Fetterman suffered a stroke that limited his ability to campaign for several months. Oz’s Republican allies, meanwhile, have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to portray Fetterman as a politician who is too soft on crime.

Although Oz became famous on her show, Oprah Winfrey did not endorse him in the election and publicly expressed her support for his opponent, John Fetterman. “If I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already voted for John Fetterman, for many reasons,” said the famous TV producer.

Oz identified as a secular Muslim, raised his four children in his wife’s Christian religion, and rarely discusses his religious beliefs in public. Furthermore, unlike most American Muslims, he is a Republican. And some of his rare comments about Islam — including a warning about Sharia law in the United States, which no group has ever proposed — have been seen by American Muslims as Islamophobic signals.

Oz and his wife Lisa control assets worth $100 million to $400 million and own a $50 million house in Palm Beach, Florida, and nine other houses outside of Pennsylvania, according to Oz’s financial disclosure.

Private life

John Fetterman got married to the Brazilian immigrant Gisele Barreto in 2008. They live in the transformed Chevy dealership in Braddock and have three children together.

John Fetterman’s height

John Fetterman had a height of six feet and nine inches, so he is a very tall man.

Public service

Unfortunately, while he was studying at the University of Connecticut, John’s best friend lost his life in a car accident. Later, John said that this tragic event had a huge impact on him and determined him to work in public service. So, he started to volunteer at the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, where he was paired with an eight years old boy who lost both his parents due to AIDS. Before the mother passed away, John promised her that he would take care of the boy after she will not be there anymore.

In 1995 John Letterman started to work for AmeriCorps. Soon after, he was assigned to help students from Pittsburgh’s Braddock suburb to get their GEDs.

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