Jollibee Menu Prices

Jollibee is a well-known multinational fast-food restaurant chain with locations all over the world. They are famous for their Jolly Spaghetti, Yum Burger, and Chickenjoy. This is everyone’s favorite place to dine when craving crispy chicken.

This eatery has the mission to spread the joy of eating and succeeds to do this with the delicious American-influenced items and the casual Filipino fare. Their signature dish is the Chickenjoy, which is finely hand-breaded to be crispy on the outside and marinated with a secret mix to be juicy on the inside. As for the sweets, one of the customer’s favorites is the Peach Mango Pie, prepared with Philippine mangoes. Besides these, Jollibee’s menu includes burger steaks, fried chicken sandwiches, burgers, and many more.

In order to get an idea about how much you should budget if you want to eat at Jollibee, in the table below you can find their latest menu prices.

Item Size Price


Chickenjoy $1.79 – $3.49
Chickenjoy w/ palabok $9.99
Chickenjoy w/ spaghetti $8.79
Chickenjoy w/ 2 sides $8.19
Chickenjoy w/ rice $6.89


Joybee Spaghetti $4.99
6. Palabok Fiesta $6.49
Spaghetti Family Pack $14.99
Palabok Family Pack $18.79


Amazing Aloha with fries $8.69
Amazing Aloha basic $7.29
Heavyweight with fries $7.39
Heavyweight Yumburger basic $5.79
Yum w/ tlc with fries $4.49
Yum w/ tlc $3.19
Yum w/ cheese with fries $3.99
Yum w/ cheese $2.49
Yum basic $2.09

Rice Meal

Burger Steak $3.99 – $5.19


Peach Mango Pie $2.99


Coffee $1.99
Soda $2.19 – $2.49


Jolly Crispy Fries

Mashed Potato

Steamed Rice $1.49
Buttered Corn $1.99 – $4.59

Brand History

Jollibee chain originates from the Philippines and was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong in 1978. The first location opened in the USA in the year of 1998. However, the history of this chain starts back in 1975, in Cubao, Quezon City with a Magnolia ice cream parlor. The outlet was operated by Tony and his family, and along time, at the customers’ request, they began to also sell sandwiches and hot meals. The family decided to transform the ice cream parlor into a fast-food restaurant as the food items became more appreciated than the ice cream. In the beginning, the restaurant was named “Jolibe”, but eventually, it changed its name to “Jollibee”.

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Nowadays there are more than 1,500 Jollibee locations all over the world, with restaurants in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe (UK, Italy, Spain), East Asia (Macau, Hong Kong), and the Middle East.

Our review

Jollibee Menu ItemsThe Jollibee restaurant setup is very simple. Their locations are very clean and welcoming so you and your family will enjoy dining there. Also, this fast-food restaurant is child-friendly.

The best-selling food item from Jollibee is Chickenjoy, which is a tasty crispy chicken with a unique taste. The aroma and the beefy flavor of their burger patties will make you want to come back for more.

Besides the bestselling fried chicken, it is recommended to also try their Halo-halo, Burger Steaks, and Chicken Dippers.

The service here is very efficient, with a friendly and welcoming staff who will serve your food immediately after your order most of the time. Even during peak hours, they will always assist their clients in a timely manner.

Jollibee FAQs

AT what time does Jollibee open?

In general, Jollibee opens every day at 10:00 a.m. but it depends on the day of the week and location. You should verify the schedule of the restaurant you are interested in on their official website.

At what time does Jollibee close?

Most of the Jollibee restaurants close at 09:00 p.m. from Monday until Saturday. However, it may vary from one location to another and you should check the operating hours of the location you are interested in on their official website.

What is Jollibee famous for?

Jollibee is well known among customers for their Chickenjoy dish, which is a fried chicken juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

What type of oil does Jollibee use?

Jollibee cooks all of its products with a soybean-canola oil blend or zero trans-fat soybean oil.

What makes Jollibee unique from its competitors?

Jollibee differentiates itself from its competitors through two things. Firstly, they are flexible enough to adapt to the tastes of their local customers, and secondly, they have tight control over the operations management, which allows them to have lower prices.

Is Jollibee Longganisa pork or beef?

One of Jollibee’s breakfast items is the Longganisa, which is a sausage made of pork.

Where does Jollibee get its ingredients?

Jollibee imports its ingredients and spices from the Philippines in order to get the food exactly right.

Who are Jollibee’s suppliers?

The main supplier of Jollibee is Cargill Philippines, which provides them with chicken.

Who founded Jollibee?

Jollibee was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong in 1978.

Who owns Jollibee?

Jollibee fast-food chain is owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Who is the CEO of Jollibee?

At the time this article was written the CEO of Jollibee was Ernesto Tanmantiong.

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