Katzkin Leather Interior Cost

Katzkin Leather Installation Cost

Last Updated on February 3, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Founded in 1983, Katzkin Leather, Inc. of Montebello, California is a leader in the manufacture of custom leather interiors. With over 2,500 restyling locations, Katzkin has created over one million delightful car interiors over the past 30 years. The Katzkin company has more than 3,000 interior models, offers 135 colors and materials, and more customization options than any other car interior manufacturer.

How much do Katzkins cost?

The cost of Katzkin leather installation is affected by various factors such as the design you wish, the type of your car, the installer you choose, and the extra features added. The company does not make an exact price public on its official website, but according to an online source, you should expect to spend anywhere between $1,700 and $2,500, depending on the selected option. Your final price will be determined by the installer.

According to a member of the Wrangler Forum, the cost of the Katzin leather installation will be anywhere between $1,300 and $1,600, depending on the color schemes chosen, options, logos, and quality. On the same forum, another member said that he had to pay around $1,200 at his local dealer.

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Also, a member of the same online forum, Wrangler Forum, said that he had to pay around $1,200 for both the kit and installation, while for the installation alone he had to pay almost $320.

You can find Katzin leather kits on Amazon and eBay at around $600, but these do not include any professional installation.

What is included in my purchase?

The company does not only offer the leather interior transformation, but also a 36,000-mile or 3 years warranty, whichever comes first. You should know that the warranty does not cover any claims for excessive wear, damage in the case of using chemicals or silicone-based products, abrasions, and scratches.

Also, in case you are not happy with your product, you will be offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee, receiving a refund or even a replacement of your car interior.

You will be able to choose between a wide variety of leather material options such as Premium, Suedezkin, Synthetic, and Barracuda, each of these with its own looks and characteristics. According to the company, you can customize your car’s interior in thousands of ways.

Katzkin Leather Interior – Advantages

Elegant and luxurious appearance

Katzkin Leather InteriorThe leather interior, once reserved only for luxury cars, has made its way into the most modern vehicles today. Leather is an excellent choice in terms of appearance as it is very elegant and attractive.

Health benefits

The leather is ideal for reducing the number of irritants, an important aspect, especially for those who suffer from allergies. Dust, pet hair, and other allergens are more likely to stick to cloth seats than leather.

Easy maintenance and pleasant smell

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning leather seats is quite easy. Moreover, while in production, the leather is treated with a special fragrance that lasts for years, making the interior of the car smell better.

Resale value

Finally, leather is a great choice for resale value. If properly maintained, leather seats are likely to retain their appeal even after many years of use.

Katzkin Leather Interior – Disadvantages

High cost

The leather interior is generally more expensive. The price can vary greatly, and of course, higher quality leather will be priced accordingly. Of course, you can opt for artificial leather if you want a cheaper option.

Special maintenance

Neglecting leather maintenance can cause the seats to crack or tear, and automatically lead to expensive repairs. Furthermore, leather cleansing requires a special solution that can be expensive and must be tested before being applied to the leather. Otherwise, you might damage it completely.

Temperature too high or too low

Temperature is also something that should be considered when it comes to choosing the interior. The leather interior can be cold in winter and too hot in summer. This is because leather absorbs heat, especially dark colors, making driving uncomfortable.


How long does it take to install Katzkin leather?

An authorized Katzkin Professional Installer will be able to install your new car interior in around two days or even less, depending on the type of car.

Can I install Katzkin leather by myself?

Unfortunately no, because these are not seat covers. A Katzkin Authorized Professional Installer will remove all the cloth from the seats and replace it with a new premium interior complete with door panels and console cover (depending on the car).

Is Katzkin leather worth it?

Keep in mind that Katzkin is premium leather, so switching from canvas to Katzkin is a great investment.

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