Kingii Bracelet Cost

Kingii bracelet cost

Kingii is a wearable gadget that saves lives in water.

We talked about carrier technology, about gadgets that monitor our health, physical activity, or help us easily adapt to environmental conditions.
A new example, today, is an exceptional idea, simple to use, that could save hundreds of thousands of lives annually.
No matter your experience, age, or training, the dangers are everywhere when you’re in the water. Many people prefer not to use a life ring or a life jacket because they are uncomfortable for most people. This is why a wearable device type, easier to wear, and extremely useful has been invented.

It’s called Kingii – as the name of a lizard that suddenly gets puffed when it feels threatened.

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The inventor has launched a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo in order to implement the idea. He asked for $65,000. In six days, he raised 435,000 dollars.

Kingii is a bracelet you put on your wrist when you enter the water. It’s slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes and if you’re in danger, you can press a button and in less than one second it turns in an air-filled pillow. After you safely arrived to shore, remove the used CO2 cartridge, deflate the bag and shove it back into its compartment and then insert another cartridge of CO2, that would be available for the next swimming session. Kingii can provide safety to people weighing up to 125 kilograms.

It’s a type of water airbag. The device is provided with a whistle to blow in case help is needed. The pillow pulls your hand to the surface. You can take it in your arms and so you can keep your head above water. It floats for 48 hours. Kingii can be used several times, the only thing you need to do is to buy a new reserve of CO2.

According to the World Health Organization, over 370,000 people die annually drowned. Kingii could save many of them.

The inventor says he began to think about a device of this kind when a good friend of his drowned. He found it a terribly unjust death and thought at what could be done for people who are in danger of drowning.

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The Kingii Indiegogo campaign ran till July 29 and went well past its original $65,000 goal, raising $435,000. Premiums include an Early Bird special of a Kingii and two cartridges for $69 going to the first 300 backers up to a Big Impact Retailer Package of 20 Kingii and 40 cartridges for $1,399. Deliveries are slated for September 2015 if everything goes according to plan.Kingii Bracelet

Currently, the Kingii bracelet can be bought for its early bird access price of around $69.

Kingii is also suitable for children

For a hand bracelet, Kingii is quite big. Seriously, it looks like a device that heroes use to defend themselves in movies. Despite the fact that it is quite large, it can also be worn by children. Discretion is not Kingii’es strongest point but is a convenient and a more comfortable option for a piece of equipment that can save you from drowning.

Should the average working Joe get a Kingii bracelet?

Anything that can at some point save your life and is within your budget should be on your shopping list. That being said, if you plan to stay a lot close to water, love to spend time at the beach, or simply travel a lot, then Kingii is a great gadget to own. You should wait until it is manufactured in bigger batches, to get it at a smaller price, because usually, the first few batches of most products cost slightly more than the ones that follow.

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