Kodak Kiosk Cost

Kodak Kiosk Cost

What can be more annoying in life than your phone reformatting and erasing all your valuable pictures and videos?

When all close ones, the time, the parties, and the places are gone from your life, something still remains with you: the memories, of course.

The business that has been practically synonymous with photos is Kodak. And considering that, of all companies, they are the ones who really understand how images impact our lives, they have actually created a principle that brings convenience in protecting our most valuable memories.

A picture or photo kiosk is an interactive self-service for picture printing, scanning, resizing, and editing, amongst other services. The Kodak Kiosk is the one made by the Eastman Kodak and can be found usually in pharmacies, supermarkets, and warehouse stores. However, like we usually note, convenience usually has a cost of its own, so be ready for the service to be somewhat costlier than the normal printing rate you would find anywhere else.

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However, if you wish to own a picture kiosk, it would be interesting to know just how much its full price is.

Typical Expense of Kodak Kiosk

The normal Kodak photo kiosk rate varies from around $8,000 to $20,000 depending upon the type and functions of the kiosk.

To be even more specific, the Kodak G4 Photo Kiosk with a 17-inch display will cost anywhere from $8,500 to $10,000, while the Kodak G4XE photo Kiosk with a 24-inch screen, printer, and scanner will cost around $13,000 to $15,500. The exact same type of kiosk with a 36-inch display, scanner, printer, and magnetic card reader will cost somewhere between $15,000 and $18,500.

If you think the Kodak kiosk costs mentioned above are not within your capability just yet, you can purchase a reconditioned Kodak G4 with a 17-inch display that includes a six-month guarantee at around $4,000 to $5,000. A bigger display of 24 inches in size that features a 1-year guarantee will cost anywhere between $7,500 and $10,000.

Kodak also offers the Kodak Print Place Picture Kiosks which are essentially smaller sized variations of the normal kiosks planned to save flooring area and naturally to do away with the high start-up expense. These are Wi-Fi connected, making consumers link their Android and Smart device gadgets straight to the kiosks. They are portable and can be utilized on-site during special celebrations like weddings The rates of these kiosks are the following:

Kodak Print Place Desktop System – $1,700
Kodak Print Place Desktop System with Printer Box – $2,100
Kodak Print Place Pedestal System – $2,150
Kodak Print place Deluxe Pedestal System – $2,650

What should be included in the price

All kiosk purchases have warranties, the duration of which depends upon whether you went for a brand new or a reconditioned system.

Also, normally, common services like setup and installation along with the training on how to run the kiosk are included in the final Kodak kiosk price.

Extra Expenses to Consider

On top of the Kodak kiosk costs, you should be ready for the following products to be part of the operation of the kiosk business:

Cheap Kodak KioskA photo kiosk starter package that consists of paper and ribbons normally varies from $400 to $600.
The replacement when you lack the necessary paper will cost around $100 to $200.
Ribbon when changed will typically cost between $100 and $150.
Extra applications for accessing Facebook, picture modifying functions like facial retouch and family pet eye retouch that are readily available on premium modules cost around $100 to $200 per module.
The setup and installation of the kiosk and the training on how to run the devices are typically included in the Kodak photo kiosk cost. However, if you have dealt with a dealership that does not cover these activities, be ready to invest additional money to cover them.
The rental charge for space depends on where you wish to position your kiosk.
You might wish to market or promote your company by offering leaflets and store circulars. You may also want to offer great discount rates as a way of presenting your kiosk to customers to attract customers. This would mean you need to give up some revenue for the very first couple of days or even weeks.

Looking For a Kodak Kiosk.

To look for a Kodak photo kiosk, go to the Kodak site or call 1-800-465-6449 for the real rates of each make and model, whether brand new or reconditioned systems.

To get a kiosk estimate or to find a kiosk dealership, the best place is also the official Kodak website.

Aspects Affecting the Cost of a Kodak Kiosk

You might find that the start-up expense of Kodak kiosk is rather costly, however, based upon the feedbacks of those who acquired one system, high ROI is nearly ensured. However, you have the alternative to minimize your financial investment depending upon your choices.

The following are the elements that can affect the final cost of your first financial investment in a Kodak kiosk:

The model of the Kiosk – Kodak has a number of kiosk designs that you might pick from. A few of these are the G4XL-II Digital Order Station, G4XL II 17″ Digital Print Station, G4XL II 17″ Double Digital Print Station, G4XL II 24″ Double Digital Scan & Print Station, G4XL II 36″ Double Digital Scan & Print Station, G4XL II 36 ″ 3 Digital Scan & Print Station. Call Kodak for the real rate of each model.

Typical Expense of a Kodak Kiosk

Brand new or reconditioned – you can always go for the reconditioned ones if you are on a tight spending plan. Do not fret as they also feature service warranties.
The size of the screen – you certainly have an option to have the exact same design and functions and have either a bigger or smaller sized screen, depending upon your budget plan.
Devices and other gadgets – if you want your kiosk to be a one-stop store, you can buy the ones with full devices and gadgets that can aid consumers with all the access and service they may require.
Access and Connection.
The following are the ways in which to link to the Kodak kiosks to be able to submit and print pictures:
  • Sd card and flash drives
  • Bluetooth and Infrared
  • Facebook
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Kodak Gallery, Kodak Photo CD, and Kodak Image Disk
  • Floppy disk, CDs and DVDs
  • Fast Print Scanner
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