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Weight Loss – Kou Tea Cost and Review

Kou Tea Cost and Review

Calorie cycles, diet plan tablets, cardio, gym subscription, yoga; why on Earth is dropping weight so tough? There are complex explanations, however, no answers that truly get down to resolving the crucial issues.

Kou Tea ReviewsThe truth is, contemporary life appears custom-made to keep us obese and unhealthy. Junk food is cheap and easy to get, while healthy alternatives are either pricey or require time to prepare. 7 dollars and 5 minutes can get you a drive-through hamburger with french fries and a beverage. That very same 7 dollars may get you a bag of underwhelming salad, and will not allow for any prep time once you get it in your kitchen.

Most people need to work long hours, and typically have significant household commitments that they need to take care of, so making the effort to get to the gym isn’t always easy as it might seem. Diet plan tablets come with prescriptions, however, they require costly medical professionals’ consultations and feature some frightening heart side effects.

Why isn’t there an easier way to increase your chance of losing weight, without substantial threats and big costs?

Obviously, the answer is that there is undoubtedly such a way. Kou Tea provides an option for those who only need that additional little bit of an edge.

What is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea is a 4-ingredient tea mix utilizing precepts from modern-day and traditional medicine to aid your body in losing weight naturally.

It was created and is sold by RDK Global, the exact same business that created the popular Phen375 weight-loss supplement, so it originates from a pedigree of weight loss experts. This alone was enough to make us rise up and take notice. Anybody can put out weight-loss products, however, supplements created by those with a performance history of popular items deserve our attention.

What are the Kou Tea Ingredients?

Kou Tea’s active ingredients are in the exact same tradition as RDK’s other supplements, 100% natural with a focus on increasing the body’s natural processes instead of introducing any overpowered chemicals with unpleasant side effects.

Kou Tea is a mix of 4 very different teas:

Green Tea

This is among the most popular active ingredients in weight-loss supplements. As a strong anti-oxidant, it aids the body to eradicate destructive free radical compounds. It also has a far lower oxidation process, which means that these anti-oxidants are more dependable than those discovered in other substances.

Green tea has also been linked to processes that aid the body to lower fat conversion when storing excess calories. There is a strong indication that it has moderate appetite-suppressant qualities also, which means that routine intake can aid you to minimize the range of calories you take in on any given day. Given that weight originates from the body storing excess calories, any way to minimize the number of calories that can be stored is a certain plus.

Oolong Tea

Oolong is a tea mix with a long tradition of use in natural and herbal medicine. It has a substance called polyphenol, which is the main reason why it is of interest as an active ingredient in weight-loss supplements. Polyphenol alters the way in which the body controls the fat metabolism processes, making the body release more energy from stored fats.

Oolong is also really high in caffeine compared to other teas, providing you more physical energy and awareness. This can aid you to get the energy increase you require to finish day-to-day tasks and still fit in a short, calorie-burning exercise routine.

These 2 aspects combine to make an extremely engaging slimming and anti-weight gain active ingredient.

Kou Tea Customer Reviews

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh Tea is a fascinating blend. It is the main ingredient in Kou Tea that aids in fighting against bad cholesterol. By lowering the levels of LDL, it enhances your general health and decreases the tension of weight on the body. In addition, it aids in enhancing the metabolic processes and lowering general stress. A significant factor in weight gain is eating to lower stress, so by relaxing our body this tea helps in reducing the propensity to comfort eating, aiding us to manage our calorie consumption.

White Tea

White tea also has anti-oxidant and weight loss properties, however, the primary advantage of its inclusion in Kou Tea is that it tastes fantastic. Oolong and Green tea both have extremely powerful tastes, and can be frustrating for some first-time drinkers. White Tea is far more mild and enjoyable, making this tea delicious and also pretty efficient. We can’t tell you the number of natural teas out there that will have a very strong taste and need so much sweetener that the point of taking them heads out the window. A white tea-based beverage is a lot more pleasurable.

Does Kou Tea Work?

As ever, we should warn you that absolutely nothing is a magic bullet. The hard truth is that when calories ingested surpass calories burned through workouts, weight is gained. Kou Tea does not exempt individuals from this normal biological process.

Nevertheless, here is how Kou Tea works:

1 Metabolic process booster

The natural active ingredients in this tea aid to raise the body’s metabolic processes naturally. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body consumes energy when resting and not doing anything at all. This rate is increased by workouts and other activities. These 4 teas aid to enhance this rate so that your body is burning through more energy, aiding you to lose that weight better.

2 Appetite reduction

Kou Tea has actually shown appetite-reducing properties in a huge number of consumers. This suggests that when you take it, you feel less hungry for a considerable time afterward. This makes you less likely to snack on unhealthy, high sugar, and high-calorie foods. If you actively change an everyday treat or meal with Kou Tea, you have your appetite suppressing advantages and the benefits of not taking in those calories, decreasing your calorie consumption for the day.

3 Healthy Life Support

A healthy body makes you feel much better, further decreasing the desire to snack for comfort. The antioxidant and stress-reducing properties of Kou Tea can aid you to feel more in control, with a much healthier body and general way of life. This makes it easier to unwind, workout, and make healthy decisions for your body all throughout the day.

Kou Tea Costs

This is where Kou Tea may raise some eyebrows. It is not a $5 for 20 packs type of product, sadly. A one-month supply of Kou Tea will cost $34.95, making it visibly more costly in general.

The cost does go down substantially when bought in bulk, fortunately. Getting a 3 month supply will get you a fourth box free of charge, which drops the total cost to just over $26 monthly. At this price, Kou is in fact the same as premium teas on the market, that aren’t developed with weight-loss properties in mind.

Kou Tea Discounts

Are There Any Kou Tea Coupons or Promotion Codes?

Luckily, YES.

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If you wish to purchase Kou Tea at an affordable rate, you can click on the banner below for discount coupons to make your purchase less pricey.

What are Kou Tea’s Side Effects?

For the most part, Kou Tea will not have any side effects aside from those of a standard mix of teas. It is, after all, tea, and most people drink tea every day.

That being said, there are some side effects that need to be taken into consideration.

First off, there is always the possibility that you might be allergic to a specific tea. If you develop any allergic reactions to any type of tea, talk to your doctor before starting to drink Kou Tea, as they can aid to find out if it will be safe for you.

Next is the caffeine content. Caffeine does have strong side effects of its own, consisting of possible anxiety, insomnia, or indigestion. If you react aggressively to caffeine in other products or are on caffeine featuring supplements already, talk to your doctor about starting a tea regimen.


  • Weight loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Terrific taste
  • Healthy body support


  • Rather pricey
  • Strong caffeine level for tea

Kou Tea Customer Reviews

Kou Tea Results and Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews have actually been highly favorable about the usage of Kou Tea to supplement their efforts to live a healthy way of life. It isn’t a magic bullet that will melt the pounds off you without any other effort, however, it can aid you to feel fuller, raise your metabolic processes, and aid your body to better process what you eat. Anyone who includes Kou Tea into their weight-loss efforts should see an improvement in their weight loss results, judging by the available consumer reviews.

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