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Kylie Strickland’s Net Worth

Kylie Strickland is an American content creator and TikTok star, who became a social media personality after she posted lip-sync videos and comedy pieces on her online account.

What is Kylie Strickland’s net worth?

It is estimated that Kylie Strickland has a net worth of $300,000, according to different sources. She earned most of her money from social media collaborations. Kyle started posting on TikTok in May 2020 and she reached more than 250,000 followers. She said that she made almost $1,000 per month since she gained influencer status on this platform. Also, she makes a lot of money from her activity on Instagram.

Kylie Strickland is an entrepreneur as well. Before becoming a content creator, she sold merchandise such as T-shirts and mugshots at the price of $15 each through her website, but this shop was eventually closed.

Early life, weight, and height

Kylie Strickland was born in Georgia, United States on October 18, 1991. So, currently, she is 31 years old, has a weight of approximately 110 lbs. (50 kg), and a height of five feet and six inches. She is of Caucasian ethnicity.

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Kylie grew up in Troup County, Georgia, and graduated from Callaway High School. She is the daughter of the Pizza Villa owner, which is a popular local eatery.


Kylie’s Strickland relationship status is a mystery. She prefers to be private about her love life and has never made any declarations regarding her personal life.

Though, according to some sources, Kylie Strickland had a boyfriend, Cody Weems, who abused her. She accused him of domestic violence. As she was pregnant at the time of the assault, Cody was charged with an attack on an unborn child as well.

Although she keeps the information about her family very private, we were still able to find out that Before becoming a TikTok star, Kylie gave birth to four children and divorced their father. But there is no other information regarding the cause of divorce or who is her ex-husband. Unfortunately, Kylie Strickland lost custody of her children after she was arrested in 2022.

Social media accounts

Kylie Strickland became popular thanks to her activity on social media. She is followed by more than 64,000 people on Instagram and more than a million on her TikTok account.

Also, Kylie used to be an OnlyFans creator. However, her account kyliestrickland3, has been deleted. It was a great source of income for Kylie before having it deleted. According to her, she earned around $80,000 from posting indecent pictures on this platform.

Legal issues

Kylie Strickland CloseupIn July 2022, Kylie Strickland came to the public’s attention after it was confirmed that the police are investigating her for the fact that she took her top up at a swimming pool and showed her breasts to two young boys.  There was a video of this action that became viral on the Internet.

According to Fox News, Kylie was later detained for child exploitation and electronic or computer crimes. In Georgia, this is a felony.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office declared in a statement that Kylie Strickland “was reported to have been at a residence in Pike County when she purposefully exposed her breasts in a provocative manner to two minor children while streaming live on social media”. Also, he said that after this case had originally been reported to that agency, the cops were able to work together with Troup County Sheriff’s Office staff.

Kylie Strickland tried to defend herself by posting a video where she said that those little boys have seen more boobs than she has probably seen in her entire life. Also, she said that those minors were consuming alcohol at the swimming pool and she is not responsible for the way other parents choose to raise and educate their children.

Before being released on bail, Kylie had to spend some time in prison after she was arrested. One of her liberation conditions was to keep off social media. This is why most of her accounts are currently deleted or private. In the end, Kyle had to pay a fine of $500 and was sentenced to three years of probation.

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