Las Vegas Wedding Cost

Cost of Weddings in Las Vegas

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Most people have casinos and gambling in mind when thinking of Las Vegas, but the city is also a world-known capital of weddings. Statistics show that over 100,000 marriage licenses are issued each year in Las Vegas alone.

How much will a wedding in Las Vegas cost?

If you’re just looking for a chapel, with no extra services included, you will spend between $50 and $200, depending on the location you choose. Book the chapel as soon as possible if you want it to be available, as bookings are made daily all around Las Vegas. If you’re lucky, some chapels will also include a small bouquet for the bride or a bottle of champagne or wine as a bonus.
If you go around the city you will find chapels offering a basic package for your wedding starting from $150 and going up to around $250. A basic package usually includes 5 – 25 pictures, a bouquet, recorded music, the chapel, on officiant, boutonniere, and sometimes even a rented limo to take you from your hotel to the chapel. You can find basic packages for $99 online but check for reviews before ordering, to make sure that the website is real and offers serious packages. If you want a Vegas wedding just to have Elvis as the officiant, then you must know that this service will cost you around $200 – $720. These weddings are very common around the city and the services involve an Elvis impersonator that will officiate the wedding, walk the bride to the aisle, and/or sing a few songs, depending on the package.
Bigger packages can cost $200 to $750, but they will have other services included, like a bigger bouquet, a singer (vocalist, pianist or organist), a video recording of the wedding, along with everything from the basic package.
If you want a basic wedding at a hotel on the strip, you will spend at least $400, if not more, and you’ll get just the chapel, minister fee, bouquet, boutonniere and recorded music in the package.

If You Want To Book a Limousine, Here’s How Much One Will Cost

A more advanced package at well-known hotels can set you back $600 to $2,200 and will have everything from the smaller package included, along with 10 to 20 photos, champagne or wine, and sometimes a DVD recording of the ceremony.
The full packages at big hotels usually cost at least $800, but can go as high as $4,000 – $8,000, and will include everything from the other packages, along with a rented limousine, 25-75, a wedding coordinator, pictures on a CD, a singer, and a lot more. High-end hotels charge anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 and will offer a few original services.

As an example, for $25,000 at Bellagio you will get Everything from a full package, along with Cristal champagne, $1,000 credit for salon and/or spa within the hotel, two tickets to one “Cirque du Soleil”, one Penthouse suite booking for three nights, a professional harpist, free rehearsal, mini reception for around 30 guests, and a lot more.

At Caesars Palace, a deluxe wedding will cost $19,999, but for the money, you’ll get everything from a normal full package, along with free Zen couples massage, dedicated wedding coordinator, 1-night accommodation in a penthouse suite, videographer and photographer, $250 floral credit and a lot more.

These high-end hotels also offer cheaper packages with fewer services included, so be sure t0 give them a call and ask before booking.

Here are some additional costs you might encounter

You will need a minister to officiate the wedding and if the package of your choice won’t include one, you will have to pay around $50 to $100.
Renting a tux will set you back $100 to $200, and a wedding gown will cost at least $120 – $150.
If you want your ceremony to be filmed but don’t have this service include in your package, you will pay around $50 to $100 for a DVD recording of the wedding.
Most packages, except for the cheapest ones, will include a rented limo, but if you want to book one yourself you will spend around $35 per hour. You should also tip the driver separately for a better experience.
You will spend more during weekends or some holidays like Valentine’s Day.

You Will Also Need a Cake For Your Wedding. Here’s The Price of a Wedding Cake

Be sure you have everything else planned before booking a chapel or hotel because if you get there late you will pay a fee of at least $50.

Here are a few ways of spending less on your Las Vegas Wedding:

Elvis Wedding Las Vegas

  • From June to August temperatures in Las Vegas can reach 100 degrees, so weddings planned during the hot season will usually be cheaper.
  • Before ordering, check out as many chapels and hotels as possible, as some might offer coupons or discounts.
  • Most people book their weddings at the end of the week, so you’ll get a better price for a Monday to Thursday wedding.

Should the average working Joe have a Las Vegas wedding?

If you really want to have your wedding in Las Vegas but don’t have a lot of money, then you can have your ceremony for as low as $99. Even if it’s your dream to have Elvis as your minister, be sure to talk to your future wife first, to make sure you have similar tastes. Most women have the perfect wedding in their minds for their whole life, and their perfect wedding might not be a $99 basic package one that only covers a chapel and minister.

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