Lhasa Apso Cost

Lhasa Apso Cost

Known for its stunning, floor-length hanging coat and short build, the Lhasa Apso is a smart dog that can live up to 14 years. This breed of intelligent dogs is calm in nature with an overall good disposition which makes them child-friendly companions perfect for apartment living.

These picturesque creatures are believed to have been bred 2,000 years ago as sentinels for Buddhist monasteries and are closely associated with the Dalai Lama. The Lhasa Guard Dog is also considered a “royal dog” in Tibet because of its close association with Tibetan royalty.

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The modern Lhasa Apso has not abandoned its original purpose of being a watchdog and is now one of the most reliable dogs out there.

Initial Costs of Lhasa Apso Ownership

There are a lot of one-time costs when it comes to owning your very own Lhasa Apso. Included in this is the cost for purchase, transportation, and shipping, training expenses, and certification fees.

Actual Dog Price

Lhasa Apsos are one of the more affordable dog breeds. They’re generally priced from $500 to $1,000 and can range up to as much as $2,500 for puppies with champion bloodlines. It’s highly recommended that you buy a Lhasa Apso from a reputable breeder because even if you spend a little more initially, they’ll be cheaper in the long run because you will have a healthy pet, that wonțt cost you a lot in medical bills.

The shelter

Your Lhasa Apso needs a shelter where they can rest, either inside or outside of your home. Dog beds are priced anywhere from $15-$120 depending on the material they’re made out of, but doghouses can vary in price between $50 and over $500 for more luxurious options. If you ever need to travel with your dog, purchase a crate that’s around $20-$300.

Shipping expenses

All in all, for an animal to fly from one place to the other it costs a lot of money. On average pet owners should expect that their flight will cost between $300 and $950 depending on how long they are traveling (within or outside the US). A few hidden fees can also be expected like transportation at either end ($295-$550) and cargo handling fee ($75), which would bring your total up closer to $1,000 if not more.

You can also take the time to drive to your pet and take it home if they are not too far.


If you are not interested in becoming a breeding professional but still want all the benefits that come along with belonging to the AKC club, then consider buying from reputable breeders who usually register their pets before 8 weeks old.

A $20 fee will be required for the breeder to be able to request to revoke a limited registration and then you can apply for basic registration with The AKC. For only $20, you can become a member of the American Lhasa Apso Club.

Obedience training

Obedience training is the best way to teach your dog how to be at home. You can either enroll at the local obedience course for $119-$165 or opt for private one-on-one sessions starting from $800.

Recurring Costs of Lhasa Apso Ownership

Lhasa Apso breedThe recurring costs for your dog can add up quickly if you are not careful. Some of these fees include the cost of food, grooming, health care, shelter, and items like collars or leashes.

Food costs

The Lhasa Apso is a small dog that can range from 12 to 18 pounds and needs about 1 ¾ cups of high-quality food every day. The meals will be divided into two or three servings.

A bag of dog food could cost anywhere from $15 to more than $60, while treats are typically between $2 and approximately $30 or so per pack depending on the quality. Dog bowls also need replacing at times as they get damaged easily over time; these start around about $2 but go up into the $40s with some nicer brands.

Grooming expenses

The Tibetan word for “long-haired dog” is apso, so this breed is basically known for its floor-length coat. It looks like a fluffy, white mop that needs to be groomed frequently at the salon to keep its nice looks.

Grooming a pup is an expensive and time-consuming task. It usually costs around $50 to $65 but you can cut the cost and make the grooming easier by giving your pet a short puppy cut.

Needed Accessories

If you own a dog, it is recommended to purchase collars. A regular collar can cost anywhere from $4-$10 while an electronic one with tracking may go over the price of $100 depending on your needs.

Your Lhasa Apso will need a few toys to keep it entertained. They usually cost around $2-$16 and leashes are only about $10-$30, so they won’t break your bank.

Routine vet checkups

When it comes to your furry, four-legged friend’s health and well-being, a yearly visit with the vet is crucial. In addition to checking for signs of illness or injury that you might not have noticed on your own at home, annual visits can also be an opportunity for vaccinations against rabies and other illnesses as well as deworming treatments if necessary! And when was the last time your dog got his heartworm test? Be prepared to pay anywhere from $33 -$55 per test plus additional fees like blood work ($80), vaccines (usually around $10-$35).

It’s important to take your dog for dental cleanings every year in order to keep their teeth healthy. This will usually cost around $320 per year. However, sometimes there are unexpected emergency expenses – such as when they fall ill or get into an accident, which can get quite costly. To avoid these excessive fees you may want a health insurance plan which will only cost $25-$70 per month.

Where to Buy Lhasa Apso Dogs?

As you take your time to find a purebred dog, it is important that you buy from reputable breeders. Kunza at FleetFire Timbers and Galaxy Lhasa Apsos are two respected breeders of dogs with healthy qualities worth checking out.

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