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Life Coach Cost

Life Coach Cost

You do not know what to do with your life? You know what you really want to do, but you don’t know how to do it or you don’t have a plan? Do you have a plan but feel stuck? Would you like more from life? Do you feel that something is missing from your life? Do you need focus and concentration? Something does not work?

Well, if you are in one of the above situations, a coach will probably be able to help you. As you can see, the range of situations in which a coach can act is very diverse. And it’s about both personal life situations and business contexts.

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Appeared more than 25 years ago and strongly influenced by the success of neuro-linguistic programming, coaching has evolved as a method of personal development and is currently an extremely prolific, highly valued branch of consulting – with excellent results and sometimes, really amazing. He has an eminently practical and positively oriented vision towards the development of human potential.

Coaching means “training” and refers to a partnership between a coach (coach) and his client, a client who wants to achieve a specific goal, in the sense of evolving or increasing its performance – professionally or individually.

Coaching is associated with one or more of a person’s important desires:

  1. conscious evolution – understanding, self – knowledge, and overcoming some limits;
  2. achieving performance in a certain context;
  3. defining and reaching the level of individual excellence.

In coaching, the emphasis is on identifying the resources that each person has and on building strategies to achieve the desired positive goals. In addition, can benefit from coaching teams and organizations. Therefore, coaching means success and development!

Life coaching is a process of personal development that you go through with the help of a coach. The coach is your personal trainer who accompanies you in your development journey, guiding you, helping you to analyze and understand your position, desires, goals, and what concrete steps you need to take to get there. And once there, the coach will help you set a new goal, or – as the case may be – stay in that area. The coach will help you identify and achieve certain goals, goals that you decide and that you want.

What should you consider when choosing a coach?

Choose expertise – not all coaches will deal with your wishes to focus on a particular area.

Choose the man – coaching is a very personal endeavor so it is good to choose the man with whom you can empathize and with whom you feel you share a vision and certain values.

Choose the experience – Coaching is a field populated with professionals at the beginning of the road. It’s okay, we’ve all been there at first, but you’ll probably prefer someone with hundreds of hours of coaching behind them.

How much does it cost? Coaching prices

Life CoachWhen you purchase the services of a coach, you not only buy his experience or expertise but, also his time. And because time is limited, the price of a coaching session will vary not only depending on the coach but also depending on the demand registered at a given time for that coach.

The opinions of coaching specialists are divided when it comes to the costs of a coaching session. One thing is for sure, the prices vary depending on the seniority level of the specialist and the complexity of the “treated” challenges. Thus, the prices start from $50 and can reach $1,300 per hour/session. An hour of coaching can vary between $50 per hour, for a coach with a few years of experience, up to $400 for an executive coach, with an experience of over 10 years in this field, and meetings with general managers and company owners can reach $1,300. A coaching session can last between 45 minutes and two hours, the typical duration being 60 minutes.

We know that a good price is important to you, but please keep in mind that when it is free or very cheap, coaching does not work as it should.

This is because coaching really requires client involvement. Moreover, coaching requires a commitment to transformation. And most people find it easier to make such a commitment when they have to pay for coaching services that are slightly uncomfortable for them.

So, the price of coaching should not be a financial burden or an amount that generates frustration, but no ridiculous amount, which you can easily get rid of.

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