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The Liftique skin tightening treatment is a non-invasive, FDA-approved cosmetic treatment, with the objective of restoring the skin firmness of your face and neck.

Requiring no surgical treatment, fillers, peels, or lasers, the Liftique treatment is perfect for those who are aiming to restore their skin for a younger look.

Just how much does the Liftique skin tightening treatment cost?

The expenses of the Liftique treatment will depend upon your geographical area, how complex your unique situation is and the physician you work with. With many aspects to think about, it can be difficult to find an exact quote, however, from individuals who did share their experiences online, it seems the rates were within the $8,000 price range. As it is a cosmetic procedure with no medical implications, there’s a likelihood your medical insurance policy will not cover the treatment.

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According to the physicians at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons, the treatment can cost around $8,000 per treatment, per individual; nevertheless, the expenses, as noted, would differ depending upon your geographical area, your physician’s experience, and the complexity of the treatment.

One visitor on stated that they work with the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons and mentioned they had to pay $8,000 and saw fantastic results.

Elements impacting the rate

The physician you work with – A medical professional with more experience, extra accreditations, and a much better track record will often charge more than a medical professional fresh out of medical school. According to the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons that we quoted earlier, a great medical professional, if you were to work with one, needs to be well trained in RF machines to ensure your safety as a patient while the treatment is being carried out. It’s also crucial to think about picking a medical professional who is part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with a certification of training for the Liftique treatment. A great physician with experience and accreditations might charge more; nevertheless, it can help guarantee you that they can carry out the treatment safely, saving you from damaging negative effects after the treatment is done.

How many treatments are required?

In some rare cases, some clients might need more than one treatment in the future if the results are not as expected, however, the website does note that no repeat consultations or treatments are a must. Sometimes, the face and neck might need only one treatment, however, in some particular circumstances, especially if deep wrinkles are a problem, more than one session could be required 6 to 9 months after the first one. The results are typically dependent upon how well you look after your skin as it ages naturally, such as protecting it from the sun, having a healthy diet, and living a healthy way of life, for example.

How does the Liftique treatment work?

The Liftique treatment utilizes what’s called Radio-Frequency (RF) energy, which is applied straight to your skin to help heat the deep layers of your skin where the collagen and elastin fibers are. As the RF energy reaches underneath the surface area of your skin’s layer, it has the ability to tighten up the fat and other connective tissues, which essentially leads to adding another layer of restoration to aid in creating tighter skin. In addition to this, the RF energy can also aid shrink the pores and restore any sun-damaged skin too.

Healing and Recovery

Liftique ExpectationsAfter the treatment is done, physicians do note you should be ready to see some swelling. Most clients will not need any pain or discomfort medications, but for many, the swelling will be visible for a minimum of 2 to 3 days, with some even feeling the swelling for as much as 10 weeks. In many cases, itching might a problem, however, this can easily be eliminated with an anti-histamine.

For most, the healing period can take up to 10 days, with physicians advising clients to wait a minimum of 4 to 5 days before carrying out any light exercises. After 10 days to 2 weeks, typically, clients can resume laborious exercises and go back to work, even if bruising or swelling is still visible.

Aside from the swelling, the skin might be extra sensitive to the touch, and after the treatment, patients are encouraged to use sunblock cream to try to decrease any sun damage.

Liftique reviews from the web

On one Yelp review page for the “Liftique” location situated in Beverly Hills, California, 5 customers left a perfect 5 out of the 5-star score, with all of them talking about how amazed they were with the office and the results that they managed to get just weeks after the treatment was done.

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