LILY Drone Cost

Lily Drone Cost

We have added an update to this article, so be sure to read the ending of the article, before rushing to order this gadget.

Lily is an exciting hybrid between an aerial drone and an action camera.

Action cameras and aerial drones, affordable in price as they can be, are two of the most popular electronic toys in recent years. No wonder that someone had the idea to combine these two concepts,  to link them together with a smart solution to capture, and pack them in the case of a drone that will attract the attention of sports and exercise amateurs: Lily.

Having small dimensions, at first sight, Lily does not seem different from the other four-engine drones with a built-in camera that is already available on the market. However, the product is waterproof and resistant to dust, the IP67 certification promises to eliminate the expensive damages caused by an unwanted immersion, and the case is shock resistant.

What makes Lily an interesting product are the control options and the software platform that monitors it. After launch, the drone ascends into the air and will follow the user. The camera can shoot a 1080p resolution of 60 frames per second, or simply HD (720p ) of 120 frames per second. The user will have a handy remote control that will allow the drone to identify and pursue the user as a faithful dog, and the object recognition software algorithms will help it to orient in the air and to a position in such a way to capture the user’s best angles. The user can control the direction of the drone with the remote control, but this operation is optional because Lily is designed to be used independently.

This is Lily drone in the airSo, sports enthusiasts will have at their service a mobile aerial camera that will allow them to capture video streams, more imposing than those obtained with an action camera fixed on clothes or equipment, and the fact that the sound is captured by the user remote and not by the drone will enable the capture of a really useful soundtrack. Lily uses a powerful auto-stabilizer, that manages to keep its balance even when it’s discarded or it must execute quick changes of direction. Unfortunately, its software algorithms are not able to detect obstacles moving through the air, its use is recommended only in wide-open spaces.

Like all the other compact drones, Lily has the same problem in what it concerns its autonomy. The battery is non-removable and offers a range of only 20 minutes, then recharging it requires two hours. For this reason, Lily can rather be used when you know from the outset what you want to shoot and less as a video companion from which you can select what footage you want, but the product remains interesting.

The Lily Drone can Be pre-ordered now for $599, plus $20 shipping. The only problem is that it won’t be delivered until February 2016.

Should the average working Joe get a LILY drone?

This device could really help you if you film your stunts for a living, if you need an eye in the sky at your job or if you simply are a selfie fanatic. Although it does seem a little too expensive, if making videos is part of your job or primary hobby, then LILY will surely be a nice addition to your tools. Like for most of the gadgets we talk about on this website, remember to make sure first you have enough money to spare on it, because getting it is in no way mandatory.

November 21st, 2016 Update

After the launch date has long passed, we checked this product to see how it performed. We were very surprised to see that the product hasn’t been released yet, with a lot of customers backing out and asking for a refund. While people wait eagerly for this gadget to be officially launched, an update on the official Lily Drone Blog from October 5th, 2016 states that the online shop will open next year, in 2017.

As we try to keep the info on ThePricer up to date, real and honest, if the general feedback doesn’t improve within the next few weeks, we will be forced to stop linking from other articles to this one. As for any future customers, be sure to do your own extensive due diligence before ordering this product.

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