Cost to rent a limousine

Limousine Rental Cost

Last Updated on August 18, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on September 24, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

If you want to go to a wedding or to a party, renting a limousine is the best solution. You can also rent a limousine for celebrating, in a unique way, different anniversaries or to make different surprises.

You have to go to a wedding, a baptism, a party or why not to the prom, but you don’t have a car. Hiring a taxi is not an option, especially if that event is particularly important in your life. What would you think in this case about renting a limousine?

Renting a car remains the most suitable option, and acceptable in terms of price. In general, people that rent a limousine do it because they want a spectacular appearance at their wedding, at their party, etc.

Indeed, getting out of a styled limousine can give a very pleasant feeling, but what should you expect in terms of price, from companies or agencies that handle such rentals?

  • The low cost for limousine rental starts around $65 – $100 per hour.
  • The medium cost to rent a limousine for 4-6 hours for a wedding or a prom starts at around $400 – $600.
  • The high-cost category stands for larger limousines and a longer period of rental time which can start at $800 and go as high as $1800 and more.

You can rent a limo for a wedding or a baptism, for airport transfers or for celebrating anniversaries. The interior is equipped to meet any demands of comfort and discretion and may be a suitable place for your business discussions.

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If you are a businessman, the limo services for airport transfers would be an ideal way to travel, for you and your business partners. A limousine can be rented by the hour or by the day, and can include other services such as alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks and driver.

Typical costs:

If you intend to rent a standard six-person limousine you should know that its starting price is around $65-$100 per hour. For a vintage or classic vehicles such as a Rolls Royce, or 8-30 passenger model, such as a stretch Hummer, the renting price starts from $100- $300 per hour.
In general, the companies or agencies that deal with the limousine renting services have all sorts of package prices for different events. For example, expect to pay at least $400- $600 for a 6-8 passengers limousine for about 4-8 hours, no matter if it’s a wedding, a party, a prom, etc.limousine interior
Depending on what you’re demanding, these types of cars have all sorts of luxury options such as leather interior, video screen, mini bar, but their renting costs start from $800-$1800; take for example the stretch Hummer that has a full bar, flat-screen TV, laser light show. If you choose the wedding package they might include flowers, balloons, red carpet, or even the „Just Married” sign.

Additional costs:

Usually, in the rental cost, the driver’s tip won’t be included, which is anywhere from 10-20 percent of the cost, in cash at the end.
Depending on the company or agency that’s renting the limousine, you should know that some of them charge a per-stop fee around $15-$30 if there are many pick-ups or drop-offs.

Should the average working Joe rent a limousine for different events?

The price for renting a limo might seem pretty high at first, but remember that you will usually think about renting one only on very special occasions. The limousine will make you feel great and will ensure that you have a memorable entrance at any event, so if you have the necessary funds and getting one won’t put you in the danger zone money-wise, then you should think about renting a limo.


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    The size of the luxury limousine and the amount of passengers in your party will determine the price of your rental estimate.


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