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How Much Does a Loblaws Birthday Party Cost?

Last Updated on April 12, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Celebrating your child’s birthday or special milestone at Loblaws offers a fun, unique party venue beyond the typical options of chuck-e-cheese arcades or bowling alley basements. With personalized, all-inclusive packages featuring catering, decorations, entertainment, custom cake, and more, Loblaws makes planning a hassle-free celebration simple for parents.

But with so many service offerings and customization choices, how much should you realistically budget for a Loblaws birthday party package? What specific factors influence the pricing? This guide will break down the typical costs for these celebratory store events and provide budget-maximizing tips to throw the perfect party on your terms.

The costs vary primarily based on the specific packages chosen, number of young guests, and any premium add-ons you select to make the big day extra memorable. With smart planning and an understanding of the pricing dynamics, you can easily tailor a Loblaws celebration event to match your budget and preferences.

How Much Does a Loblaws Birthday Party Cost?

A Loblaws birthday bash for kids generally ranges $200-$700+ on average depending on the options selected.

To simplify budgeting, Loblaws offers predefined birthday party packages at set pricing levels which can then be further customized as desired for an additional cost. The three main packages available are:

The “Happy Birthday” Base Package – $200

This entry-level package includes the event room rental for 2 hours during regular store hours, including tableware/plastic utensils, basic balloons, alphabet cake, and 2 hours of party coordination by a Loblaws event host.

The “Super Star” Package – $400

Building on the Happy Birthday base features, this upgraded package also incorporates catering platter refreshments for the kids, your choice of a 30-minute magician, clown or costumed character appearance, personalized invite cards, and bonus party favors for each child.

Custom Completely Customized Parties – $500+

Here you start with either the Happy or Superstar base, then select premium add-ons a la carte such as higher-tier catering, character appearances, crafts or game activities, photo booths, balloon towers, limo red carpet entrance, tiered designer cakes, and more, for a fully tailored celebration. Pricing varies based on selections.

Add-ons offer tremendous flexibility to personalize your ideal party within your budget.

Entertain Kids on a Dime Blog provides a price range for Loblaws birthday parties in Ontario, estimating the total cost to be between $452 and $497, including tax, with packages ranging from $20 to $22 per child plus HST which includes food, drinks, a large cake, and a personal assistant. The minimum number of children required for a party is 12, with a minimum cost of $215 for the birthday party.

Overview of Loblaws Kids Birthday Parties

Unlike most other birthday party venues, Loblaws provides absolutely everything required in one convenient location – from hot catering platters to themed decorations, clowns or magicians, a personal photographer capturing all the fun, and of course a show-stopping custom cake as the centerpiece.

Some of the all-inclusive party services and features offered by Loblaws for birthdays include:

  • Catering – Tasty catering menus with sandwich platters, fresh fruit, salads, pizza, and other kids’ favorites to fuel the festivities. No outside food allowed!
  • Decorations -Vibrant personalized decorations like balloons, banners, tableware, wall murals, and themed party packages to set the scene.
  • Entertainment – Entertainment options such as costumed character mascots, magicians, DJ dance parties and more to amuse the children and make the birthday extra special.
  • Photography – Professional photography packages to document your child’s special moments for memories that will last long after the cake is gone.
  • Desserts – Custom cake design with everything from chocolate to banana strawberry. Cupcakes, cookies and ice cream cakes also available to satisfy all guests.

With all the essentials covered under one roof, Loblaws makes planning a seamless, joyful birthday bash surprisingly easy for parents compared to coordinating individual vendors and services elsewhere.

Factors Influencing the Total Party Cost

While the base packages provide a starting budget level, several important details will impact your final all-inclusive birthday party expense:

  • Venue – Specific venue location and room rental rates which vary by store based on size, amenities and metro area pricing
  • Guest Count – Number of young guests attending, which determines catering quantities, seating needs, party favor amounts, and more
  • Menu Selections – Menu selections from affordable pizza platters to premium sandwich/fruit BBQ spreads to indulge the palette
  • Entertainment – Type of entertainment and activities chosen such as clowns, DJs, games or crafts all at different price points
  • Party Length – Party length of 2 or 3+ hours which extends the entertainment and catering service times
  • Add-ons – Any extra specialized add-ons like fancy balloon columns, candy stations, limousine rides etc. to make the day unforgettable

Carefully selecting your perfect options and guest count while staying within your designated birthday budget is made easy through the Loblaws planning process.

Loblaws Birthday Party Venue and Booking

To secure your ideal celebration date/time, consider these venue tips:

  • Loblaws birthday parties take place in dedicated closed-off event rooms conveniently located right inside Loblaws grocery store locations. No need to go offsite!
  • Online booking with a non-refundable $100 deposit is required to officially reserve your party date and timeslot. Slots book up early on weekends.
  • Room rental minimums apply – each location only hosts a set number of parties per week based on space, so booking your slot well in advance ensures availability for your requested day.
  • Parties are hosted during regular Loblaws store hours which vary by location, generally 10AM to 8PM.

Locking in the venue through early booking helps ensure you can throw your child the special celebratory experience they deserve without scheduling conflicts getting in the way of the fun.

Catering and Cake Options

To feed the hungry young guests, Loblaws offers extensive kids-friendly catering selections. Popular choices include:

  • Catering -Catering platters of finger sandwiches, chicken tenders, hot dogs, salads, and veggie trays are generally priced at $50 – $150+ depending on selections able to serve 8-12 kids.
  • Cakes – Custom decorated sheet cakes or 3D sculpted specialty cakes ranging from $20 – $50+ based on detailed designs, fondant art, and dimensions.
  • Allergy/diet needs – Loblaws can accommodate common food allergies with advance notice, though surcharges may apply. Vegan, halal, kosher and other dietary needs are also accommodated.

Discuss catering details with your party manager to ensure food selections align with your guest list numbers, preferences, and budget. Their team handles all the food so Mom and Dad can simply relax and have fun!

Fun Entertainment and Activities

To keep the kids energized and thoroughly entertained, popular entertainment choices include:

  • Live performer appearances like magicians, clowns, or princess characters for $175 – $250 for a 30–60-minute show.
  • DJ dance parties with lights, music, games, and contests for $150 – $300 based on party length.
  • Leader-run games like relay races, musical chairs, and more for $100 – $150.
  • Arts and crafts stations for making keepsake party favors, cards, or sculptures for $3 – $5 per child. DIY crafts teach creativity.
  • Additional activities like face painting, balloon animals, candy stations, and photo booths for $100 – $300+ based on offerings.

Whatever combination helps guarantee a lively celebration filled with laughs, smiles, and lifelong memories for the guest of honor is priceless.

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Budgeting and Planning Your Loblaws Birthday

Loblaws Birthday PartyTo maximize value from your Loblaws birthday spend, consider these strategies:

  • Start with a consistent base package then add on more premium or plentiful options in the categories most appealing based on the guest’s age, hobbies, and party personality/theme.
  • Inquire with planners on whether any room or headcount minimum fees apply which affect pricing. Loblaws locations often require at least a $200+ minimum booking order.
  • Visit the in-store bakery for design consultations and cake tasting several weeks before locking in a showstopper centerpiece cake or cupcakes as the main dessert.
  • For availability, target booking weekday evening slots or Sundays when demand is lower versus Saturdays which fill up far quicker for parties year-round.

With proper planning, Loblaws helps make celebrating birthdays magical without blowing budgets.

Loblaws Birthday Party Reservation Process

  • Check online for your store’s Kids Birthday page and booking form.
  • Contact the store’s party specialist to inquire about availability.
  • Pay the deposit to reserve your date and time.
  • Finalize catering and entertainment at least one week before.
  • Pay balance on party day. Gratuity is optional.

Booking your Loblaws birthday party is simple and secure. Just follow the steps to guarantee your child’s special day is a huge success!

Final Words

In summary, hosting your child’s next birthday party or milestone celebration at Loblaws provides the ultimate one-stop shop venue beyond typical locations. By handling everything from catering and decor to entertainment and photography in personalized packages under one roof, Loblaws simplifies parties for busy parents.

Most importantly, seeing your loved one’s eyes light up in delight is the real payoff from a day crafted just for them. When considering kids birthday party options, don’t forget the convenient festivities available right inside your local Loblaws store!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PC Express Pass and how does it work for Loblaws parties?

A PC Express Pass allows Loblaws party guests to skip bag checkout lines. The host will receive passes for each paid child to distribute. An adult must still scan the pass but speeds the checkout process for party groups.

Is there a minimum order value for booking a Loblaws birthday party?

Most stores do require a $200+ minimum order value to book their party rooms. This minimum spend ensures the space is utilized for appropriate events. Some locations allow parties under $200 for a small fee. Check with your local store.

Does Loblaws provide a waiting room for parents to stay during the party?

Unfortunately most Loblaws locations do not offer a designated parents’ waiting room during kids’ birthday parties. Parents are welcome to wait in the front of the store but cannot stay in the party rooms per company policy. Check with your specific store for options.


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