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Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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Loblaws is a supermarket that is situated all across Canada; nevertheless, unlike other supermarket chain stores, this particular chain provides a lot more than the normal supermarket services – they also provide an extremely professional and distinguished cooking school. This school is the main part of Loblaws that provides birthday parties in addition to other kinds of celebrations and events.

Loblaws provides an interesting opportunity for your kids in their store that includes cooking lessons taught by a cooking expert.

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Kids will be able to decorate and design their own pizza, cake, and even cut out fruit shapes utilizing their personalized cutters. For kids who like cooking, this is a celebration that you might wish to think about.

Just how much will a Loblaws birthday party cost?

Typically, a birthday party even at Loblaws will have a price that will depend upon the number of kids, their age, and the theme of the party. Given that the business looks for a minimum of 12 guests at their parties, you are going to have to consider a price of at the very least $18 per kid. So if you had the minimum number of children, you would need to set aside a minimum of $215 for the birthday event.

We were able to talk to a parent that recently had a birthday party at Loblaws. They stated that even since 2011 is known Loblaws to charge $18 per kid, with a minimum of 12 kids needed to schedule a birthday celebration. They also told us that they had 20 children invited and were required to pay a pinch more than $420 for the whole celebration.

The popular website Canada.com also notes that the typical celebration will cost $18 per kid, and if you want a loot bag, you should put aside an extra $6 per bag. They also point out that the typical celebration is 2 hours long and is really hassle-free for the adults.

Loblaws birthday party event details

With every birthday celebration, you are going to get a particular kind of food that each child is going to prepare, together with juice, healthy snacks, and a big cake for the whole group to decorate and take home. Each party event will be made to have its own theme and design.

The staff member who runs the celebration will be able to set everything up, teach the kids how to make their pizza or another food type, and help them decorate their cake. After the celebration is over, this staff member will also be in charge of cleaning up the whole mess.

Loblaws will also include invitations to the party.

What Themes Can Will Be Available?

Pizza Party. This party bundle is created for kids ages 4 and up and will be styled for kids to make their own pizza. This will consist of all steps, such as making the dough, preparing the ingredients and toppings, putting the pizza together, preparing, and cooking it.

Mexican Party. Rather than making a pizza, the kids will each get to make a chicken quesadilla in addition to some homemade salsa and a taco salad.

Hockey Party. Seeing that this is a business located in Canada and Canadians like hockey, the hockey party plan will integrate people’s love for the sport with their love for food. The menu will consist of nachos, vegetable dip, garlic bread, and hockey puck cakes.

Pasta Party. In this event package, the kids will work together to make homemade pasta sauce, Caesar’s salad (which means they will also make the croutons and salad dressing from scratch), and garlic bread.

Should you expect any additional expenses?

If you wish to upgrade or personalize the character on your cake, the costs can be somewhat higher.

Loot bags are readily available for $6 per kid. The loot bags will consist of an apron, chef’s hat, spatula, and sweets.

If you confirm a specific number of kids with Loblaws and wind up bringing more than you thought you would, you will be charged additionally for each of those kids.

Any tips you should remember?

Loblaws Birthday PartyConsidering that some areas can fill up pretty quickly, which means that you should try to book your event as far beforehand as possible.

If you are anxious about having your child in the kitchen area with sharp utensils and ovens, you should know that the attendants from Loblaws will never let your kid utilize a knife without one on one guidance, and only the grownups will put things in or take things out of the oven.

You should tell your guests that the kitchen area utilized for Loblaws celebrations is not allergen-free. If there is a kid that has an extreme allergic reaction to some types of food, it would not be a good idea to send him to an event like this.

These celebrations are perfect for those over 4 years of age.

You should try to make sure that you bring your own music seeing that they will let you play all throughout the party any type of music that you provide.
To see how everything works in detail, you can find images of other children’s birthday parties all around the internet.

Is there any way to save some money?

With any birthday party, you should try to talk with a handful of businesses in your geographical area that you have an interest in going to. Compare the costs to see if it will be worth it for you.

Keep your eyes open for any special promos or discount coupons that you can take advantage of.

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