How Much Does LoJack Cost?

LoJack System Cost

LoJack is a neologism that was invented as a piece on the term “hijack”. It is also the name of the company that invented the term, which uses it to refer to a handful of theft recovery services.

Their main services are focused on a stolen vehicle recovery system, but LoJack also offers products that can help recover laptops, freight transports, or heavy equipment. In addition to these anti-theft services, LoJack also offers a product that can help find lost children, Alzheimer’s patients, the elderly with dementia, and others who may be vulnerable.

How much does LoJack cost?

The cost of a Lojack depends on the type and model of your vehicle. The Lojack device is designed differently for each reason why you might need it, but they all fall into one category: safety features that keep people safe from theft or other crimes.

As LoJack is mainly utilized by car owners, you can choose between a wide variety of packages specially made for classic cars, trucks, commercial equipment, or taxis.

For example, the cost of a LoJack for a collectible or classic car is anywhere between $700 and $725 depending on the make, model, and year of the car, as well as how rare it is. The price of a package for the newer models of cars starts somewhere around $720. The company doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee on top of the one time cost.

If you’re looking for total protection, the cost of a package like this would be around $1,200 as a one-time fee. The silent transmitter installed in your car, a warning signal to tell you if the vehicle is moved without your permission as well as an extended warranty for five more years additional to the standard two, are all included in this package.

According to a LoJack research paper, every 50 seconds a laptop is stolen. This happens because these devices are compact and lightweight so it is pretty easy to take them. In order to keep your laptop safe, they offer a service that can locate it very easily for $45 per year.

Other items that are stolen very often are motorcycles as they are open vehicles and can be trailed very easily. The cost of a system that can keep your motorcycle safe is somewhere between $430 and $950 for a one-time fee, depending on the dealer and the location.

According to an article from, the cost of a one-time fee with the early warning characteristic is anywhere between $700 and $1,000, but it can be negotiated.

What are the extra costs?

Annual LoJack renewal fees required for some products such as laptops or other devices can be as low as $45 per system.

LoJack is offering an extended warranty that will ensure your peace of mind. With the five-year guaranteed coverage, you can rest easy knowing they’ll pay $2,500 to both yourself and the dealer if a vehicle isn’t recovered in 30 days following the theft report or when is totaled due to thieves.

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After LoJack has located your car, the next step is for you to report it with all relevant information and contact authorities. They may charge a fee in order for them or their officers to respond since this isn’t an emergency situation.

How does LoJack work?

LoJack Device for CarLoJack for laptops is software-based, but all other products are based on two main components. One of these components is a radio transmitter that can be installed in a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other vehicle.

The other part of the system is a series of radio receivers. These transceivers are operated by local police forces and are widespread. Police forces in 27 states and Washington DC use LoJack and these tools are available in 30 other countries as well.

If a vehicle that has LoJack is reported stolen, a remote call can be sent to activate the transmitter. The LoJack system in the vehicle will then start broadcasting at a set radio frequency, allowing local police to get home to their location.

LoJack’s transmission range may differ depending on the position, height, and composition of buildings and other obstacles, but police cars with a radius of 3-5 miles will generally be able to receive the signal.

When a police tracking unit receives a signal from a stolen vehicle, a few different things happen. The tracking unit will indicate the general direction of origin of the signal, which allows police officers to reach the stolen car.

The tracking device will also access the LoJack database which contains information about the vehicles using the system. This will give the police officers the make and model and even the color of the vehicle. Using this information, law enforcement officials can track and retrieve the vehicle.

Is LoJack effective?

The effectiveness of LoJack may depend on a number of factors, but it increases the recovery rate of stolen vehicles. The average recovery rate for stolen vehicles in the United States in 2020 was just over 60%, and many of these cars and trucks were severely damaged before police found them.

According to LoJack, vehicles that use their tracking system are recovered 90% of the time. Since police can track vehicles in real-time, many of these recoveries are also much faster than they could have been otherwise.

However, LoJack has some inherent weaknesses. Because the technology is based on short-range radio transmissions, signals can be blocked either intentionally or unintentionally. Radio broadcasters are able to completely hide emissions from a LoJack system and even parking the vehicle in certain parking structures can make it difficult for police to track down. Of course, other systems for recovering stolen vehicles can also be circumvented by very similar methods.

Important things to consider

There are many vehicle recovery systems on the market, but none work the way the LoJack stolen vehicle system does. LoJack is the only system that uses short-range radio broadcasts and is also the only commercial tracking system used by local police forces.

The technician can install LoJack only on a specific type of car and you will not be able to transfer to another model.

Installing a LoJack system can be a great, affordable solution for vehicles that have been reported missing, but it is not available everywhere. Check out their website to see if it’s available in your area.

How can I save money?

Lojack has been known to offer their products at reduced rates if you order directly from them. They typically will reduce the price by up $100 on any given product.

According to Automotive News, the price of LoJack to the dealers is anywhere between $220 and $270, with the possibility to negotiate. Do not accept their first offer as most will be happy enough in lowering it down even further.

The Lojack name is well-known in the car theft prevention industry. The company offers many services, such as tracking and recovery of vehicles that have been stolen with help from a database that contains information about each vehicle’s location through its onboard electronics or via cellular signal if available.

Other companies like Mobile IQ or Zoombak offer similar products but at varying prices to suit your needs. Make sure you research them carefully before deciding on what will work best for you.

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