Loving Cats Cost

Loving Cats Cost

Kittens will fill your house with joy, with their insistent voice when they’re hungry and their anti-stress purrs. You can choose one of the most loving breeds of cats because you surely have from where to choose.

In the top of the most loving cat breed is the Ragdoll cat.

White Ragdoll Cat

A breed kitten ca cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000 if the buyer is purchasing show rights.

Not only it’s an affectionate cat, but it is also one of the most beautiful cat species. It is cold „rag doll” because when it is taken in one’s arms it surrenders and lets you love it, either you stroke it, brush it or tickle it under the chin, the Ragdoll cat won’t fight back, even if it doesn’t like you to pet their fur from the tail to the head.

It is a permissive cat and would do anything to be petted for hours by its owner. If you have guests, the Ragdoll cat, knows how to interact with them and to be very pleasant, without giving signs of aggression.

The Siamese cat is very pretentious, but also very faithful.

Funny siamese Cat

If you buy it from a well-known breeder a Siamese kitten can cost you from $450 up to $600, but if you get it from a shelter you will pay around $150-$200.

You’re looking for a beautiful cat with an attitude? The Siamese cat can be the best candidate! This cat “thinks” that the owner, they usually choose one favorite, is one of them so they are up to their expectations.

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Therefore, they show their affection with every chance, but they also pretend to have the same attention from the owner. In fact, they want to be treated as the most important member of the family. It’s a pretty pretentious cat, but very a loving one.

The Persian cat is the one with a royal appearance.

Sad Persian kitten

The Persian kitten prices start from $1,000 and even more, but, sometimes, you may find them at $700 – $900 or at the animal shelters for $150 – $250.

Persian cats have long hair and their facial appearance gives the impression that you are dealing with a fastidious feline. In reality, Persian cats need a lot of love and special attention from their owners.

Mostly, the Persian cat likes to squat on the owner’s feet and thank him for the attention received, by purring. They love children but are ideal for single people that need someone to care for them.

Tonkinese is the 2 in 1 cat, Siamese, and Burmese.

A breed Tonkinese cat sells for $350 – $550 up to $600 and more. If you buy it from a shelter you will pay from $50 up to $300.

Tonk, as the Tonkinese cat is spoiled, is the result of interbreeding the Siamese with the Burmese. If you like this cat, you should know that it borrowed traits and habits from its “parents”, but it also developed its own traits. It is distinguished by its social, playful temperament. Unlike Siamese, mild Tonkinese usually prefers to rest.

The Burmese cat is a good friend for the little ones.

At a shelter you pay around $150 to $200, but at a reputable breeder you will pay from $400 to $609 and if you want a show quality pet it will cost you around $800 – $1,000.

It is very affectionate and attaches very quickly to her owners, whether they are young or adults. When children play around her, the Burmese cat is very patient and tolerate them when they pull its tail or ears. The Burmese cats simply love their owners.

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The Somali cat is a playful „foxy”.

The average price for a Somali cat is between $700 and $1,200 and more for a show quality cat.

In the top of the most loving breeds of cats, but also the most beautiful, the Somali cat occupies an honorable position. It looks like a foxy and it’s a very playful and friendly cat.

Do you know what’s funny about it? The Somali cat loves its toys and, if you hide any of them, it will look all over the house to find it. It gets quickly attached to people who show affection, or to things that bring it joy.

You should also take into consideration the fact the shipping costs will increase the price of your loving cat.

Should the average working Joe get a loving cat?

If you love cats and you have the possibility of getting a loving breed of cat, then you should get one. It will bring a lot of joy, especially to your kids or to you if you live alone. Remember that show quality cats are pretty costly, so be sure that by getting one, you don’t get into a financial crisis.

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