Luna Lamp Cost

Luna Lamp Cost

Last Updated on December 21, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on September 29, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

When someone asks you for the moon from the sky, most likely he asks the impossible. But what would happen if you could offer them the impossible … somehow ?! It’s not the real Moon, but it is the most suitable solution: a lamp that imitates the full moon and can transform your home into a magical fairytale place.

The Taiwanese company, Acorn Studio, has created one of the most beautiful lamps – LUNA, which shines with a light brightness over all of the darkest corners of your home, creating at the same time a dreamy atmosphere, through an artistic interpretation of the full moon.

Each Luna lamp is handmade and comes in seven different sizes. You can hang them from the ceiling or simply place them on a piece of furniture, or even put them on the floor; all the options you have are dictated only by your imagination.

The smallest size starts from 3.2 inches, meaning 8.1 centimeters, and you can buy it for about $75, and the largest of 23.6 inches, 59.9 centimeters, will cost $875. This might be the home decor you need if this Sunday’s superlunar eclipse left you particularly inspired.

Properties of the Luna lamp:
• It is mainly made of glass fiber and non-toxic latex;
• Its luminosity is adjustable, ranges from Lux1 to Lux5;
• It is water-resistant;
• It is heat resistant;
• It is crashworthy

The 7 sizes of Luna lamp:
• Luna XXS – 3.2 inch
• Luna XS – 5.9 inch
• Luna S – 7.9 inch
• Luna M – 11.8 inch
• Luna L – 15.8 inch
• Luna XL – 19.7 inch
• Luna XXL – 23.6 inch.

Luna lamp sizes


The Luna Lamp comes with a cable and the device for luminosity adjustment. The Luna M lamps and smaller ones use E27/28W/110V Halogen bulbs, while the Luna L lamps and bigger ones use E27/42W/110V Halogen bulbs.

An exception is Luna XXS lamp because instead of a Halogen bulb and a cable, it has a Led bulb and mercury batteries (LR41), a unique mini lantern. It is not suitable for hanging and its luminosity isn’t adjustable.

The first and the second Luna lamp shipment are expected in March and May 2016.

Typical costs:
Luna XXS – 3.2 inch:
For the first 50 the cost per piece is $65
• After that, the price per piece is $75.
Luna XS – 5.9 inch
For the first 20 the cost per piece is $130
• After that, the price per piece is $150.
Luna S – 7.9 inch
For the first 20 the cost per piece is $170
• After that, the price per piece is $200.
Luna M – 11.8 inch
For the first 20 the cost per piece is $270
• After that, the price per piece is $305.
Luna L – 15.8 inch
• The price per piece is $410.
Luna XL – 19.7 inch
• The price per piece is $610.
Luna XXL – 23.6 inch.
• The price per piece is $875.

Cloudless and mysterious, the lunar cycle has intrigued and charmed people from all times. With the proper design and the nowadays technology, you can enjoy anytime the mystery of a full moon… This Luna lamp is not recommended for a werewolf.

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  1. qSign
    qSign says:

    Thank you for pointing out the bug with double comments. Your comments get throught approval before being posted anyhow :)

    As for the lamp, the article seems clear to me, sorry if you have a hard time understanding what I wrote. The first batch of Luna lamps will be available in March to May 2016. It isn`t released just yet. As for the price, when they will be launched, the first 20 with the size M will cost $270. You can buy just one or all 20 from the first batch and you will still pay $270 for each. After that, the price goes up to $305 per lamp.

    The L size will be available at $410 right from its release.

  2. Mary Pollice
    Mary Pollice says:

    How exactly do I go about ordering a luna lamp and when can delivery be expected.
    Everything is so vague here. It’s now October of 2016 and I can’t seem to find someone to talk to about ordering with confidence.

    • qSign
      qSign says:

      The Luna Lamp is still in pre-order state for some reason. Check their official website -> HERE. We have no affiliation with them so we can’t tell you exactly when will the item be available on the market.


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