Mahi Mahi Cost

The Mahi Mahi is a delightful sea creature, found primarily in the state of Hawaii. It’s also known as a dolphinfish or dolphin fish! What makes this swimmer so special? They have an appealing and unique taste that many people enjoy.

How much does Mahi Mahi cost?

When purchasing Mahi-Mahi, the cost can vary depending on where you buy it from and how much is purchased. If buying a filet that has been frozen before being sold at an average grocery store, then expect to pay anywhere between $1.50-$3 per pound for 1 lb of fish; however, if you purchase fresh fillets from your local fishing market, then prices will range around $7-$13 per lb.

You might also like our articles about the cost of crab legs, escargot, or fried chicken. is a website that offers fresh fish such as Mahi Mahi at varying prices, but the most affordable ways to buy are their 5lbs packages which go for around $75, or you can spend about twice as much on 10 lbs of mahi-mahi in one package.

AlwaysFreshFish has different sizes and shapes of mahimahi from ten pounds (around $150) up to twenty-five pounds ($275).

What should be included in the price?

If you purchase the filet, chances are that it is already prepped for sale. They should be packaged and sealed in order to maintain their freshness. Much of what’s available online will come from Hawaii or Latin America unless you happen upon a small fish market nearby where they do their own prep work.

Mahi-mahi is a type of fish that should be available year-round at most fisheries and can be sold in the following types: skin-on filets, frozen, skinless boneless. This fish low in saturated fat but high in B6 and B12 vitamins has been known to taste sweet and have a firm texture.

Any extra costs to consider?

The internet is always a place to find great deals, but it may not be the best option for your fish. When you order online, then they must ship it within 24 hours, or else it might not be as fresh as you might want.

During high-demand seasons, the price per pound can raise by two-fold sometimes three times as much.

Important tips to consider

A good filet will have a firm touch and pinkish color. When selecting, pay close attention to bright skin colors. Popular places in which Mahi Mahi can be found include South-East Asia, Spain, Australia, and South America.

The most popular technique to find them, other than waiting patiently by the water’s edge, is through following birds that are feeding on them at or near the surface. On average, an angler can expect to catch anywhere from 15-30 pounds while fishing with live bait but if you’re lucky enough, you might nab one over 40 lbs.

Best way to cook Mahi Mahi

Frozen Mahi MahiMahi Mahi can either be fried, broiled, grilled on the barbecue grill pan, or sauteed – whichever sounds best for you today. For those who fancy baking their own dish at home here are some easy steps: simply rinse your fillet well before placing it onto any kind of tray, then cover it liberally with freshly squeezed lemon juice (1/4 cup) (~2 tbsp). To add flavor, throw on chopped onions mixed together with mayonnaise. Spread this mixture on top of the meaty side then sprinkle breadcrumbs all-around followed by garlic salt and cracked pepper if desired; bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit until golden browned for 25 minutes to have yourself one tasty meal.

Is there any way to spend less?

If you want to save money, consider purchasing frozen filets. Frozen fish tends not to be as fresh and delicious but it will still taste great if cooked right. This can also help keep your freezer stocked with many different types of seafood for the future.

Purchase from a local fish market or grocery store for the best value. Prices in local markets are usually considerably lower than those on the internet, and most websites will also charge for shipping. Frozen filets can save you up to 60%.

You can go on a charter to catch your own fresh fish. Charter companies offer fishing trips and will clean up the caught fish for you. There are also restaurants that, if you bring them your freshly-caught seafood in person, they’ll cook it right there, for you.

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