How Much Does A Mason Jar Cost?

Last Updated on May 15, 2024
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With their vintage appeal and versatility, mason jars have become a staple item for home canning, storage, crafting, and more. However, mason jar costs can range widely depending on size, features, brand, and other factors.

This guide examines mason jar costs in detail, including price comparisons between retailers and tips for saving. Read on for insights into affordably acquiring these classic jars without sacrificing quality.

How Much Does A Mason Jar Cost?

Basic Mason jars may cost just a few cents each when buying bulk, while rare vintage collectibles can command prices of $10 or more per jar.

The actual cost of a mason jar can vary greatly based on size, features, brand, and quantity purchased. Basic half-pint and pint-sized mason jars typically range from $0.50 to $1.50 per jar when buying packs of 12 or cases of 144 at large retailers. Quart sized jars and name brands like Ball and Kerr will cost $2 to $3.50 individually. Unique specialty jars with colors, patterns, or vintage styling can cost $5 to $15 each for collectors and crafters seeking decorative pieces.

The most budget-friendly options are purchasing simple, clear mason jars in bulk cases online or from big box stores, where prices can be as low as $0.25 per jar. With so many factors affecting pricing, the cost for a mason jar can be just pocket change for some basic reusable versions, while rare antique jars command prices of $10 or more as collectibles.

At Jar Store, prices for Mason jars include $24.50 for a 4 oz. Jar Store Economy Jar with Lid (24 Pack), $10.00 for a 4 oz. Squat Mason Jar (12 Pack), and $33.82 for an 8 oz. BASCO Straight Sided Jar (24 Pack).

Michaels has Mason jars feature a set of Plastic Jars with Lids, Labels, and Spatulas for Makeup and Crafts (2 Sizes, 16 Jars) priced at $16.99, and 4 oz. Plastic Mason Jars by Celebrate It™, 10ct with an unspecified price.

On Amazon prices for Mason jars include $23.38 for 16 oz Mason Jars with Lids Regular Mouth 15 Pack, $23.99 for Small Mason Jars 8 oz with Lids, Half Pint Canning Jars 30 Pack, and $19.85 for Regular Mouth Mason Jars 16 oz Bundle with Non-Slip Jar Opener Set of 6.

What Are Mason Jars and How Are They Used?

First, let’s review what mason jars actually are. Mason jars are glass preserving jars composed of heat-tempered glass and sealed with metal lids. The iconic jar shape and sealing mechanism allows for safe home canning and food storage.

Mason jars were first patented by John Landis Mason in 1858 and remain popular today for:

  • Home canning jams, sauces, vegetables, etc.
  • Storing dry goods like flour, sugar, coffee, etc.
  • Housing non-food items like cosmetics, craft supplies, hardware items
  • DIY craft projects like candles, decor, and gifts

Their versatility has made mason jars a staple in many homes even beyond the kitchen.

The Most Common Types of Mason Jars

There are a few main types of mason jars:

Regular Mouth Mason Jars – Best suited for canning jams, broths, and pureed fruits that can be spooned or poured into the jar.

Wide Mouth Mason Jars – The wider opening allows easier filling, so they work well for chunkier items like salsa, pickles, and whole vegetables.

Half-Pint – The smallest mason jars at 4 oz., good for jams, sauces, spice blends.

Pint – All-purpose 16 oz. jars for vegetables, fruits, herb vinegars, and more.

Quart – At 32 oz., ideal for canning large fruits, pickles, tomatoes, beans, etc.

Half-Gallon – Extra-large 64 oz. jars perfect for canning big batches or bulk dry storage.

Prices often vary based on jar size and features.

What Factors Affect Mason Jar Pricing?

Some key factors that impact the cost of mason jars are:

Materials – Higher quality glass and metal lids add cost but improve durability and sealing performance.

Branding – Major national brands like Ball and Kerr cost more than generic store brands due to reputation and popularity.

Manufacturing – Jars made in the USA are typically more expensive than imported jars.

Size – Larger quart jars cost more than smaller pint jars. Buying in bulk quantities saves money.

Special Features – Colored jars, embossed designs, handles, stainless lids, etc. add cost over basic clear jars and zinc lids.

Seasonality – Prices often rise during peak canning season in summer/fall when demand is highest.

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Mason Jar Price Comparison

Because mason jar prices can vary so much between brands, stores, and quantities, comparison shopping is key to finding the best deals. Here are some top places to buy mason jars and approximate price ranges:

Big Box Stores – Walmart, Target, Costco

  • 12 pk pint jars – $8 to $12
  • 6 pk quart jars – $10 to $16

Grocery Stores – Kroger, Safeway, Publix

  • 12 pk pint jars – $10 to $15
  • 6 pk quart jars – $12 to $18

Online Retailers – Amazon, WebstaurantStore

  • Case of 144-pint jars – $30 to $60
  • Case of 72-quart jars – $42 to $75

Craft Stores – Michaels, JOANN, Hobby Lobby

  • Individual jars – $1.50 to $3.50 each

For best value, buy jars by the case online or at big box stores when available. Check sales and promotions too.

Where to Buy Mason Jars

New and used mason jars can be found at:


  • Supermarkets – Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Piggly Wiggly
  • Big box stores – Walmart, Target, Costco
  • Hardware stores – Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware
  • Craft/department stores – Michaels, JOANN, Bed Bath & Beyond


  • Amazon, Walmart, WebstaurantStore, eBay
  • Direct from manufacturers like Ball and Kerr


  • Yard/garage sales
  • Thrift stores and antique shops
  • Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist

Compare options to find the best deals on jars in good condition. Vintage jars add unique character to crafts and gifts.

Tips for Saving Money on Mason Jars

Glass Mason JarFollow these tips to get the lowest prices on mason jars for all your canning, crafting, and storage needs:

  • Buy jars by the case online instead of individual jars at retail stores
  • Shop online bulk retailers like WebstaurantStore for discounted case pricing
  • Look for coupons and promotions from popular jar brands like Ball and Kerr
  • Sign up for loyalty programs and email lists from grocery and hardware stores for exclusive deals
  • Time purchases in the off-season when prices normalize after summer peak demand
  • Buy secondhand jars from garage sales, antique dealers, or thrift shops
  • Split case bulk buys with friends or family if you don’t need dozens

With some flexible planning and smart shopping, you can stock up on mason jars affordably.

Creative Crafts and Uses for Mason Jars

Aside from practical kitchen uses, mason jars also provide endless creative possibilities for DIY projects on a budget:

  • Make decorative candles, vases, pen holders, lampshade covers
  • Use as rustic drinking glasses or bathroom storage containers
  • Create holiday gifts like layered salad dressings, cookie mixes, or candy in a jar
  • Make party decorations like luminaries, centerpieces, or eclectic lanterns

With their vintage appeal and transparent glass, mason jars enable crafters to make beautiful items on a budget.

Final Words

Numerous factors like size, quality, brand, and quantity purchased impact mason jar pricing. With some good shopping at online bulk retailers, warehouse clubs, or seasonal sales events, consumers can find budget-friendly deals on new mason jars.

Those looking for unique vintage appeal can also shop resale stores and online marketplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fill jars when canning?

The ingredients to fill jars for canning will depend on the recipe. However, ballpark estimates for just the ingredients are:

  • Jams/jellies – $1 to $2 per pint jar
  • Fruits/tomatoes – $1 to $3 per quart jar
  • Pickles/relishes – $2 to $4 per pint jar
  • Meats/soup – $3 to $5 per quart jar

So, figure about $3 to $7 per jar on average.

How to identify valuable mason jars?

Clues to look for include: vintage glass color like cornflower blue, unique embossing/logos, glass handle lugs, zinc lid inserts, complete with wire and glass top, rare sizes like half-gallon or mini, excellent condition, and being out of production. Unusual colors, limited editions, commemoratives, and very old/antique jars also gain value.

How much can a Mason jar hold?

Mason jar sizes and capacities are:

  • Half pint = 8 oz
  • Pint = 16 oz = 2 cups
  • Quart = 32 oz = 4 cups
  • Half gallon = 64 oz = 8 cups

This varies the amount of food they can hold for canning. Quarts work well for large whole fruits and pint jars for jams, sauces, salsa, etc.

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