Mastiff Cost

Mastiff Breed Cost

Mastiff (also called “Old English Mastiff) is a big breed which is categorized as a working type of dog. Its weight is around 160 to 230 pounds for males and 120 to 170 pounds for females.

Mastiff dogs can live for six to ten years. They are ranked 28th out of the 194 in the American Kennel Club breed popularity.

It is a huge breed of dogs. In fact, an eight-year-old mastiff pet dog called Zorba at some point held the world record of being the biggest dog in 1989.

One-Time Costs when Buying a Mastiff

The Actual Mastiff Cost

If you wish to purchase a Mastiff, its real cost is around $850 to $1,700 at Greenfieldpuppies. The rate depends upon the breeder and the age of the pet dog.

Transportation Expenses

The shipping will cost you around $450. There can be a change in the shipping cost depending upon the season. It will take you 7 to 10 days from the time your purchase is validated up until you get your pup.

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The puppy shipping service professional of the exact same is going to look after your Mastiff as it picks the pet dog up from the breeder and up until the time it gets to you.


You can register your Mastiff at American Kennel Club for $34.99 to $63.99 depending upon the kind of package plan you pick for your dog. There will be extra charges for late registration documents. You can also register it online for $30 to $79.99.

Repeating Expenses of Owning Mastiff

Mastiff is a bit hard to keep. There will be plenty of expenditures to think about as you look after your pet dog. With this in mind, you must be ready for the following:

Food Expenses

Given that Mastiff is a big type, you should feed it with pet dog foods for its size. It has a higher dietary requirement compared to other types of dogs so make certain that your canine fulfills its dietary requirements.

Among the least expensive commercial dog foods, you can purchase is the 7oz. Impulse Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Mixers Mobility Support Grain-Free All % Natural Dog Food Topper by Nature’s Variety. You can purchase one for as low as $1.99.

Premium pet dog foods are always better. You can also try CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea with Fresh Salmon Dry Dog Food, 24 lbs. for as much as $64.99.

Obedience Training

Mastiff DogsIt is always crucial to do obedience training with your pet dog so that it would know who the leader of your home is. Tenakerpetcare is among those which provide training courses for pet dogs which have prices that start at $255 for a 4-hour session. It also provides other bundles such as a board and train program which begins at $975.

Grooming Expenses

Mastiff will need regular baths. You can utilize a hair shampoo like FURminator ® deShedding Ultra Premium Pet Hair shampoo which costs around $6.21. You must clean its teeth, eyes, and ears frequently to prevent any future problems. Its coat needs brushing a minimum of two times a week.

If you are searching for grooming services, you can have your mastiff bathed for the cost of $40 at Celiagrooms. If you need them to do a nail cutting for your pet dog, you’ll need to pay $10. They can also brush your pet dog’s teeth for $5.

Health Expenses

Considering that a Mastiff is enormous in size and in weight, it is prone to joint issues so ensure that it gets the best workout it will need. You need to make certain that your pet dog gets all the vaccines it will need too.

If you wish to make a vet visit for vaccination purposes, you can do it online at Oregonmobilevet. Its vaccines have prices that start at $15 per shot. They will also provide gland expression for $20; ear swab and microscopic test for $30, and you will need to pay $12 if your pet needs to go through deworming. Your Mastiff can also have a full puppy bundle for $195.

What Will Determine the Cost of a Mastiff

There are a couple of elements that can impact the rate of Mastiff which are listed below:

  • The additions in your purchase such as the carrier with absorbent fabric and a little food and water dish for your young puppy
  • Any warranties, as many breeders provide them
  • Its health condition, if your Mastiff has any health issues
  • If it has actually gone through health examinations and has been immunized while under the care of the breeder
  • Other variables such as pedigree, show potential, and geographical location

Tips for Purchasing and Looking After Mastiff

When acquiring a Mastiff, here are the following things you may need to think about:

  1. Try to find a registered breeder.
  2. Make certain you take into account all the costs and prospective expenses prior to purchasing.
  3. Always ask for health certificates.
  4. Try to avoid sending your cash through Western Union, as some sellers say that there will be no refund for your cash.
  5. If you wish to look after a Mastiff, you must at the very least have a home large enough for it.
  6. Make sure to take preventative measures when it pertains to its health due to the fact that it is prone to many medical problems.
  7. Mastiff is loving and smart. It can be an excellent therapy pet and guard dog. It is also devoted and protective to the household and looks after it. If you chose to purchase one, then you’ll undoubtedly have a great companion.
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