Mazzio's Pizza Menu Prices

Mazzio’s is a pizza restaurant chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America. They are specialized in serving appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, and sometimes other specialty dishes. This restaurant offers its clients the convenience of delivery, carryout (including drive-thru windows), and dine-in. Mazzio’s wins clients with the “Deliver Supreme Experiences” service attitude and its brand promise “Get Ready For Great”.

In the table below you will find the latest Mazzio’s menu prices, so you can get an idea about how much you should budget for a great dining experience and enjoying a delicious meal in one of their locations.

Food Size Price


Large Pizza Bundle : 12 Large Pizzas $138
Mazz Meal : Large 1 Topping $23
Mazz Meal : Large Specialty $25.3
Ring & Wings $18.39
Triple Play Bundle $25.29

Crustless Pizzas

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza $11.49
Combo Pizza $11.49
Create Your Own Pizza $10.34
Four Meat Pizza $11.49
Fresh Veggie Pizza $11.49
Ken’s Six Meat Pizza $11.49
Keto Friendly Snack Small (10 Wings) $10.34
Keto Friendly Snack Medium (15 Wings) $15.53
Keto Friendly Snack (5 Wings) $6.33

Keto Wings

Works Pizza $11.49
Keto Salads
Keto Friendly House Salad $6.31
Keto Friendly Chicken Caesar Salad $8.04


Create Your Own Pizzas

Cheese Pizza Small $10.34
Cheese Pizza Medium $13.79
Cheese Pizza Large $15.51
Create Your Own Small $10.34
Create Your Own Medium $13.79
Create Your Own Large $15.51

Pricebuster Pizzas

1/2 & 1/2 Pricebuster $10.06
Cheesebuster $10.06
Name $10.06
Pepperonibuster $10.06
Supremebuster $10.06

Pick A Pair : 2 Medium 1 Topping Pizzas

Ken’s Cheese Pizza Small $10.34
Ken’s Cheese Pizza Medium $13.79
Ken’s Cheese Pizza Large $15.51
Ken’s Create Your Own Pizza Small $10.34
Ken’s Create Your Own Pizza Medium $13.79
Ken’s Create Your Own Pizza Large $15.51
Mazzio’s Cheese Pizza Small $10.34
Mazzio’s Cheese Pizza Medium $13.79
Mazzio’s Cheese Pizza Large $15.51
Mazzio’s Create Your Own Pizza Small $10.34
Mazzio’s Create Your Own Pizza Medium $13.79
Mazzio’s Create Your Own Pizza Large $15.51

Stuffed Crust Pizzas

1/2 & 1/2 Stuffed Crust $19.54
Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza $16.66
Stuffed Crust CYO $16.66
Stuffed Crust Specialty $19.54

Specialty Pizzas

1/2 & 1/2 Specialty Small $11.49
1/2 & 1/2 Specialty Medium $16.66
1/2 & 1/2 Specialty Large $18.39
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Small $11.49
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Medium $16.66
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Large $18.39
Chicken Club Small $11.49
Chicken Club Medium $16.66
Chicken Club Large $18.39
Chicken Spinach Alfredo Small $11.49
Chicken Spinach Alfredo Medium $16.66
Chicken Spinach Alfredo Large $18.39
Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Small $11.49
Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Medium $16.66
Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Large $18.39
Combo Small $11.49
Combo Medium $16.66
Combo Large $18.39
Extreme Supreme Small $11.49
Extreme Supreme Medium $16.66
Extreme Supreme Large $18.39
Four Meat Small $11.49
Four Meat Medium $16.66
Four Meat Large $18.39
Fresh Veggie Small $11.49
Fresh Veggie Medium $16.66
Fresh Veggie Large $18.39
Greek Small $11.49
Greek Medium $16.66
Greek Large $18.39
Hog Heaven Small $11.49
Hog Heaven Medium $16.66
Hog Heaven Large $18.39
Lucky Seven Small $11.49
Lucky Seven Medium $16.66
Lucky Seven Large $18.39
Six Meat Small $11.49
Six Meat Medium $16.66
Six Meat Large $18.39
Taco Small $11.49
Taco Medium $16.66
Taco Large $18.39
Works Small $11.49
Works Medium $16.66
Works Large $18.39

Ken’s ® Pizzas

1/2 & 1/2 Ken’s ® Small $11.49
1/2 & 1/2 Ken’s ® Medium $16.66
1/2 & 1/2 Ken’s ® Large $18.39
Ken’s ® Cheese Small $10.34
Ken’s ® Cheese Medium $13.79
Ken’s ® Cheese Large $15.51
Ken’s ® Create Your Own Small $10.34
Ken’s ® Create Your Own Medium $13.79
Ken’s ® Create Your Own Large $15.51
Ken’s ® Six Meat Small $11.49
Ken’s ® Six Meat Medium $16.66
Ken’s ® Six Meat Large $18.39
Ken’s ® Supreme Small $11.49
Ken’s ® Supreme Medium $16.66
Ken’s ® Supreme Large $18.39

Cauliflower Pizzas

Cauliflower Crust 10″ Works Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Taco Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Six Meat Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Lucky Seven Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Ken’s Supreme Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Ken’s Six Meat Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Greek Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Fresh Veggie Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Four Meat Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Extreme Supreme $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Create Your Own Pizza $12.64
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Combo Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Chicken Spinach Alfredo $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Chicken Club Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza $13.79
Cauliflower Crust 10″ Cheese Pizza $12.64

Gluten Free Pizzas

Chicken Bacon Alfredo $13.79
Chicken Club $13.79
Chicken Spinach Alfredo $13.79
Combo $13.79
Create Your Own $12.64
Extreme Supreme $13.79
Four Meat $13.79
Fresh Veggie $13.79
Greek $13.79
Ken’s ® Six Meat $13.79
Ken’s ® Supreme $13.79
Lucky Seven $13.79
Six Meat $13.79
Taco $13.79
Works $13.79

Pick A Pair : 2 Medium 1-topping Pizzas

Ken’s Cheese Pizza Small $10.34
Ken’s Cheese Pizza Medium $13.79
Ken’s Cheese Pizza Large $15.51
Ken’s Create Your Own Pizza Small $10.34
Ken’s Create Your Own Pizza Medium $13.79
Ken’s Create Your Own Pizza Large $15.51
Mazzio’s Cheese Pizza Small $10.34
Mazzio’s Cheese Pizza Medium $13.79
Mazzio’s Cheese Pizza Large $15.51
Mazzio’s Create Your Own Pizza Small $10.34
Mazzio’s Create Your Own Pizza Medium $13.79
Mazzio’s Create Your Own Pizza Large $15.51

Calzone Rings ®

Pepperoni $12.64
Ham, Bacon & Cheddar $12.64
4 Meat – 4 Cheese $12.64

Wing Run Wings

Cater (Boneless) 50 Wings $43.7
Cater (Traditional) 50 Wings $50.6
Large (Boneless) 20 Wings $17.83
Large (Traditional) 20 Wings $20.69
Medium (Boneless) 15 Wings $13.51
Medium (Traditional) 15 Wings $15.53
Small (Boneless) 10 Wings $8.91
Small (Traditional) 10 Wings $10.34
Snack (Boneless) 5 Wings $4.89
Snack (Traditional) 5 Wings $6.33

Toasted Hoagies

Chicken/Bacon/Provolone $8.61
Ham & Cheddar $8.61
Italian Sub $8.61
Turkey & Provolone $8.61


Chef’s Salad $8.04
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.04
House Salad $6.31


Chicken Alfredo Bake $9.19
Chicken Alfredo Fam Bake $26.44
Create Your Own Lasagna $8.91
Italian Meat Bake $9.19
Mini Meatball Bake $9.19
Six Cheese Bake $9.19
Spaghetti $5.74
Tasty Add-Ons
14″ Cheese Dippers $11.5
9″ Cheese Dippers $6.89
French Fries $2.29
Garlic Cheese Toast $5.75
Garlic Toast $4.6
Loaded Dippers Small $8.04
Loaded Dippers Large $14.95
Marinara 3 Oz $0.81
Ranch 3 Oz $0.81
Ranch 16 Oz $4.59
Toasted Ravioli $6.61
Vanilla Icing 3.25 Oz $0.81


Brownie 9 Inch $6.89
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $6.89
Cinnaboli Small $4.59
Cinnaboli Large $10.34
Cinnamon Sticks $6.54
Oreo® Crunch Cookie $6.89


Coke 20 oz $2.29
Coke 2 Liter $3.44
Diet Coke 2 Liter $3.44
Dr Pepper 20 oz $2.29
Dr Pepper 2 Liter $3.44
Sprite 2 Liter $3.44

Brand history

Mazzio’s restaurant was founded in 1961, the same year when the first US man, Alan Shepard was in space. This eatery was opened at 3024 East 11th Street, in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Ken Shelby, a school teacher who was running the business alone after teaching the entire day at school. The original restaurant was named “The Pizza Parlor” and delighted many Tulsans with delicious pizza.

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After four years, in 1965, thanks to a loyal and growing customer base, Shelby made pizza his full-time job. Shelby opened a second restaurant, that was even more successful than the first one. Also, he changed the name of the restaurant to “Ken’s Pizza”. This helped Shelby to firmly brand his popular thin crust and special recipe sauce.

Things worked well and by the year 1975, more than one hundred company-owned and franchised restaurants were opened outside and inside of Oklahoma.

Shelby devised a new approach to business in the late 1970s. The new concept, called “Mazzio’s Pizza”, asked for an extended menu, more square footage of casual dining space, sub sandwiches along with a large salad bar, and thicker pizza served with much more cheeses and meats.

Currently, there are more than 140 Mazzio’s pizza restaurants in ten U.S. states including Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Our review

Mazzio's PizzaMazzio’s menu includes a wide variety of pizzas, pasta, calzone, hoagies, salads, desserts, and beverages. There are crustless pizzas such as Fresh Veggie Pizza, Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza, Four Meat Pizza, and others at the price of $12 each. You can create your own pizza and, depending on its size, small, medium, or large, it will cost anywhere between $10 and $16.

The Specialty Pizza options are a little bit more expensive, with prices starting at around $12 and going up to $19, depending on size. You will be able to choose between Extreme Supreme, Hog Heaven, Chicken Club, Four Meat, Combo, Chicken Spinach Alfredo, Greek, Taco, Chicken, Bacon & Ranch, and others.

Mazzio’s also offers gluten-free pizzas like Taco, Six Meat, Lucky Seven, and Works, to name a few. Each of these costs around $14.

The Keto Wings are priced from $7 to $15, depending on the ordered size, while for a Keto salad, you will have to get anywhere between $7 and $9 out of your pocket.

Plan on spending around $12 for Calzone Rings and almost $9 for a toasted hoagie such as Italian Sub, Turkey & Provolone, or Ham & Cheddar.

The pasta options include Spaghetti, Chicken Alfredo Bake, Create Your Own Lasagna, Six Cheese Bake, and Mini Meatball Bake. One of these costs $6 to $10.

Expect to pay $8 to $11 for a dessert like Cinnaboli, Cinnamon Sticks, Brownies, Oreo Crunch Cookies, or Chocolate Chunk Cookies. The beverage options include the classics Dr. Pepper, Coke, Sprite, and Diet Coke. Depending on size, one of these costs $3 to $5.

Mazzio’s FAQs

At what time does Mazzio’s open?

Most Mazzio’s restaurants open at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. However, it depends on the location and the day of the week. So, you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Mazzio’s close?

In general, Mazzio’s restaurants close at 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and at 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. You should check this information by visiting the restaurant’s official website.

Who owns Mazzio’s?

Mazzio’s is owned by the Mazzio’s Corporation company, which is privately owned and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also owns the Italian restaurant chain Zio’s Italian Kitchens.

When was Mazzio’s first opened?

Mazzio’s was founded in 1961 by Ken Shelby in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How many Mazzio’s locations are there?

There are more than 140 Mazzio’s restaurants in the United States of America.

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