How Much Does Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star Cost?

Last Updated on February 4, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The illuminated Mercedes star is one of the most iconic and recognizable automotive emblems. Mounted on the front grille, this glowing emblem gives Mercedes Benz vehicles an unmistakable look of luxury and style. But is the upgrade actually worth the cost? This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star pricing so you can determine if it’s the right investment for your vehicle.

Beyond just looks, the LED emblem also improves visibility and safety. The glowing star increases the vehicle’s presence on the road at night or in low light conditions. Approaching drivers are more likely to notice a lit-up Mercedes. So the emblem provides practical value in addition to its striking visual impact.

How Much Does Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star Cost?

The cost of a Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star can range between $100 and $600 for the part alone, while professional installation costs $200 to $400. This means that the final price of Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star installation can easily reach $1,000. The final bill will be based on these influencing factors:

  • OEM vs. Aftermarket – Opting for a genuine Mercedes replacement from the dealership is more expensive than aftermarket options.
  • Model and Year of Vehicle – The emblem must match your specific Mercedes model and year. More recent models cost more.
  • LED vs. Non-LED – LED-lighted stars provide brighter illumination but cost more.
  • Dealership or Third-Party Installation – You’ll pay more for professional installation from Mercedes dealers.

Genuine OEM Mercedes emblems with dealership installation will be at the higher end of these ranges. Aftermarket LED stars with third-party installation will cost less.

On FCP Euro, for example, the price for the Mercedes Illuminated Star part is $215.99.

Performance Speed Shop offers the Future Design Car Led Emblem Badges Illuminated Star Front Car Light for Mercedes Benz priced at $520.00.

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Mercedes Illuminated Star Options

Mercedes offers OEM illuminated stars for most models from the past decade. These genuine parts are designed to perfectly fit your Benz’s front grille with a quick plug-and-play install. Mercedes dealerships carry a range of illuminated emblem options:

  • Factory Installed – Some new Mercedes models come standard with a glowing star. This is the most integrated but priciest option.
  • Dealer-Installed Upgrade – You can customize a new Benz by adding an illuminated emblem directly at the dealership.
  • Replacement Emblem – For older models, dealers can replace your existing star with an updated light-up emblem.

Aftermarket companies also produce illuminated Mercedes stars, often using bright LEDs. These non-OEM parts cost less but may not integrate seamlessly. Popular aftermarket options include:

  • Direct Replacement LED Emblem – A third-party star with LED lighting built in.
  • Add-On LED Kit – LED strips that attach to the back of your existing Mercedes emblem.

So you can choose between genuine Mercedes parts or more affordable aftermarket solutions.

Pros of Genuine OEM Mercedes Illuminated Stars

Opting for an original Mercedes Benz LED emblem from the dealership provides these advantages:

  • Perfect Fit – Designed specifically for your model’s front grille for seamless integration.
  • Plug-and-Play Install – Simple connector makes DIY installation easier.
  • Even LED Lighting – Light diffuses evenly across the star for a clean look.
  • Durable Materials – Made to OEM standards for maximum longevity.
  • Keeps Resale Value – Important if you plan to eventually trade in or sell your Benz.

So with a genuine Mercedes light-up star, you pay more but get excellent fit, quality, and performance.

Benefits of Aftermarket Mercedes Illuminated Stars

Yet choosing an aftermarket solution also has compelling benefits:

  • Cost Savings – Aftermarket stars are 50-75% cheaper than OEM parts.
  • Brighter LEDs – Many feature ultra-bright, attention-grabbing LEDs.
  • More Color Choices – Aftermarket stars allow you to select different LED colors.
  • Easy Installation – No need to take your Benz to the dealer for install.

For less money, you can still enjoy a stylish glowing emblem. Just ensure proper fit and brightness before purchasing.

Professional vs DIY Installation

Installing the Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star requires connecting the wiring and fitting the emblem to your grille. You have two options:

  • Dealership Install – Mercedes technicians will expertly install the emblem for $150-$400. This ensures proper integration with your vehicle’s systems.
  • DIY Install – With YouTube tutorials, handy owners can install aftermarket stars themselves in 1-2 hours, saving on labor fees.

Dealership installation is costlier but provides peace of mind. With DIY, you save money but must take care to correctly wire and mount the emblem.

Maintenance Tips for Illuminated Stars

To keep your Mercedes Benz glowing emblem looking its best:

  • Clean the Star – Gently wipe down the lens cover regularly to remove debris and dirt.
  • Check the Wiring – Ensure wiring is secure and undamaged so lighting remains steady.
  • Watch for Condensation – Water buildup inside the lens can cause foggy illumination.
  • Replace Immediately If Damaged – Cracks or dents affect lighting performance.

Well-maintained illuminated stars shine brightly for years before needing replacement. Avoid high-pressure car washes and let a detailer clean the delicate emblem area.

Is the Mercedes Illuminated Star Worth the Cost?

Mercedes Illuminated StarThe upgrade clearly provides an instant aesthetic enhancement. Your Benz will turn heads with the iconic glowing emblem. The improved visibility also adds practical value for nighttime driving.

Costing $300 to $1,000+ for parts and professional installation, the illuminated star constitutes a serious investment. Carefully weigh the benefits against the expenditure.

For devoted Mercedes fans seeking to personalize their vehicle, the shining Mercedes Benz emblem delivers signature style and exclusivity. This beloved upgrade may be worth every penny for some.

But more budget-focused drivers might prefer maintaining their car’s factory appearance. With installation costs factored in, the glowing emblem could strain your budget.

Examine all the variables and decide whether enjoyment of this iconic illuminated feature merits the money required. Either way, your Mercedes will maintain its innate prestige and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mercedes emblem light up?

Yes, Mercedes Benz offers illuminated emblems featuring LED lighting. These light-up stars mount on the grille to provide a distinctive glowing Mercedes logo. They are a popular aftermarket upgrade, though certain new models come with them already installed.

Why is my Mercedes Star not lighting up?

If your Mercedes emblem fails to illuminate, it likely has a wiring issue. Check connections to ensure cables are undamaged and properly attached. Also inspect for condensation or moisture inside the emblem housing that may be impacting the LEDs. You may need a replacement emblem if problems persist.

What does Mercedes 3 star mean?

The three-pointed Mercedes star represents dominance over land, sea, and air. Mercedes first used the 3-pointed emblem in 1909 – the points signify Mercedes’ intention to excel in all three transport realms.


The famous illuminated Mercedes star gives your Benz serious curb appeal. This guide provides complete pricing breakdowns to determine if the beloved upgrade makes financial sense for your vehicle.

With the facts on cost, options, and installation, you can decide on the best glowing emblem solution to match your needs and budget. Your Mercedes will maintain its signature sophistication and style whether you keep the factory grille or upgrade to a shining star.

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