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MetroPCS Franchise Cost

Metro PCS Franchise Cost

MetroPCS or Metro by T-Mobile is an American brand and wireless service provider owned by T-Mobile US. It previously operated the fifth-largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States of America using CSMA (code-division multiple access).

The main MetroPCS competitors as part of the wireless service provider brand are Verizon’s Visible, AT&T’s Cricket Wireless, and Dish’s Boost Mobile.

Metro PCS does not offer franchise options, but they offer the T‑Mobile Authorized Dealer Program and all Metro by T‑Mobile distribution programs.

With the MetroPCS dealership programs now you have the chance to connect to the 170 billion wireless industry that is permanently growing. You can operate your own Metro PCS retail store through Ameritel’s Metro PCS Dealer program.

Metro PCS overview

You will be able to have your own business and operate your own Metro PCS retail store through Ameritel’s Metro PCS Dealer program. You will be part of the fastest-growing wireless brands that offer wireless services at affordable prices to millions of Americans, as an authorized Metro PCS dealer.

The Metro PCS team will help you find a retail location for your store. Also, they will negotiate and sign the lease for you, so you have time to develop your new business. Moreover, you have an opportunity for inventory on consignment which restock automatically when you run out of the most sought-after gadgets and mobile phones.

Metro PCS FAQs

What is Metro PCS?

Metro PCS is a wireless service provider designed for cell phones and other accessories. It provides plans as part of the nationwide T-Mobile 4G LTE network family and puts emphasis on the affordability of the service with no contract options, but prepaid plans.

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Who is the Metro PCS franchise suitable for?

Metro PCS LogoMetro PCS franchise is the right business opportunity for you if you are looking to join a large, settled company. Also, if you like gadgets, tinkering with them, and talking about them and other wireless devices that appeared recently on the market, this business is surely for you. Moreover, you should have good communication skills so you can explain to the customers the wireless services and how the devices are working.

What are the advantages of partnering with Ameritel – Metro PCS Mater Dealer?

Some of the advantages of partnering with Ameritel – Metro PCS Mater Dealer include:

  • this is the only way to increase your profit with an exclusive Metro PCS store;
  • they have more than twenty years of experience as wireless master agents;
  • a top devoted training Metro PCS team will help you to grow and achieve success;
  • it is a dedicated field representative for your business.

What are the advantages of becoming an Exclusive Metro PCS dealer?

Some of the advantages of becoming an Exclusive Metro PCS dealer include:

  • enhanced residuals and commission;
  • access to a large range of discounted handsets;
  • your own Metro PCS branded store.

What should I do as a Metro PCS franchisee?

As a Metro PCS franchisee, you have to hire management, technical, and sales staff for your store operation. Also, you will have to work with clients to agree on the right devices and plans for them. Finally, you will have to promote and market the Metro PCS brand in your area to increase your client base.

How can you make money with Metro PCS?

You can make money with Metro PCS through:

  • sales of extended services like device protection and international plans;
  • in-store sales of wireless phones and various accessories;
  • clients pay each month a fee for the wireless services.

Why is Metro PCS the number one prepaid brand in the United States of America?

Metro PCS is the number one prepaid brand in the United States of America because:

  • they have more than 9 million clients all over the United States of America;
  • they have been awarded many times for customer support and service;
  • offers wireless service running on the fastest 5G LTE T-Mobile network at an affordable price;
  • the cost of the plans offered starts at only $30;
  • contracts or credit checks are not required;
  • they offer the latest smartphone models at heavily reduced prices.
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