Monterey Bay Aquarium Wedding Cost

Last Updated on September 19, 2023
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The Monterey Bay Aquarium was opened in 1984 and has been a window to the wonders of the ocean for almost 40 years years. The aquarium is on an important mission, which it funds through its profits: inspiring conservationism by people all over the world so that we can save our amazing oceans.

Located at the edge of Pier 30, this venue provides panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and city skyline. Attendees can admire more than 20,000 aquatic animals while taking in these stunning sights.

How much does a Monterey Bay Aquarium wedding cost?

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is an amazing place to create a special, unforgettable ceremony. The rental fees for the venue can range from $850 all the way up to $5,000 depending on which banquet room you rent and when during the year it will be held as well as the day of the week. Catering costs start at only $75 per person but can increase considerably depending on the menu you opt for.

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Weddingconnection.net doesn’t agree with our average and says that the rental rate ranges from $5k-$6k and the food and beverage minimums are $85 per guest.

Monterey Bay Aquarium wedding details

Monterey Bay Aquarium WeddingThe Monterey Bay Aquarium can be rented for many occasions and is more than just a place to view aquatic life. Parties of all sizes are welcome, from 250 guests indoors or 300 seated outdoors with the reception area accommodating up to 300 people at once. The venue offers various galleries as well as an indoor/outdoor ceremony space that will make your event truly unforgettable. You should know that setup time will have to take place after the aquarium is closed to the public.

Most couples hold their wedding ceremony on the lower terrace or upper plaza. Afterward, they have a reception in one of two rooms: Monterey Bay Room and Dolphin Room. The rental fee allows them to use these spaces for up to five hours with cocktail tables, chairs linens, and other simple decorations provided as well.

The catering includes tables, chairs, linens, and napkins. They offer champagne toasts for momentous occasions as well as entrees and desserts with a variety of beverages (not premium). The venue also provides tea or coffee.

Facility options

  • Open Sea Gallery  – The Open Sea Gallery is the largest exhibit in the aquarium and your reception could take place right there, with a full view of all the sea wonders. You’ll be able to see tuna, sharks, jellyfish, and more.
  • Kelp Forest Exhibit – The Kelp Forest Exhibit is a place where you can see the grand kelp forest which has sardines, sharks, eels, and many types of fish swimming through it.
  • Marine Mammal Gallery – The Marine Mammal Gallery is one of the most underrated exhibits in the entire aquarium. The life-size models of dolphins and whales are so realistic it’s as if you’re swimming alongside them.
  • Great Tide Pool – The Great Tide Pool is not your average aquarium, you get to see the ocean and bay while also getting some fresh air.
  • Cindy’s Waterfront Restaurant and Café – Cindy’s Waterfront Restaurant and Café is a great place to both eat at the restaurant or get coffee. The atmosphere here will make you feel relaxed, as it’s less formal than other places. You can enjoy your meal with friends in their café area which has tons of tables overlooking the water.

Any extra costs to consider?

The quoted price does not include the tax and service charge, which is 19% of the total. The place recommends that you contact your preferred vendors for services like cakes, alcohols, etc. if need be.

You need to be aware of the parking fee for your event. To avoid any issues, you can either tell the guests about parking fees to expect, or you can pay the fee yourself. You’ll have a time limit that needs to be followed for each location, or else you will pay an extra $500 per hour. The cake is not included in the package and may only come from approved vendors outside of this company’s bakery.

Important tips to consider

The company does not allow any kind of confetti at your event. If there is anything you are unclear about, just get in touch with the sales manager and they will be able to help! Most venues today suggest blowing bubbles since this is cheap, easy on the earth (since it’s biodegradable), and makes for beautiful pictures.

Is there any way to save money?

Not every bride is fortunate enough (or well-off enough) to afford any kind of elaborate event – sometimes all they need is something simple yet memorable like getting married at home surrounded by close friends and family without having much money spent beyond hiring someone expensive just because he has good reviews online instead. So make careful consideration before committing yourself financially.

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