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Movers offer you the opportunity to get professional relocation services, planned and organized, valuing your time and energy in an efficient and pleasant way.

Whether you move a few blocks away or move to another city or another country, they cover a whole range of services. By asking their help you will have the certainty of high-quality services.

Taking care of your goods is one of their most important priorities. The materials used to transport and pack your goods are of the highest quality.

Reasons to use movers’ services:

• minimal stress;
• protection for your goods;
• they use protection materials;
• professional packing and unpacking services;
• you know the length and cost of moving from the beginning;
• the relocation will have a good organization;
• your goods will be put and arranged as you wish.

Typical costs:

If you have a studio apartment, you will need two movers, which will charge about $25 per hour each for an average of 2 to 4 hours to load, and the cost of the transport and unload will be about $100 – $200.
In case you have a 900-square foot two-bedroom apartment three movers will be needed for 4 to 6 hours and the costs will range between $300 and $450.
For a 1,750-square foot house or a three-bedroom apartment, four movers will be needed to load, transport, and unload for about 6-9 hours, with a final cost anywhere from $600 to $900.
For a larger house with more than 5,000-square feet six or maybe more movers will be needed for 8 to 12 hours, and everything will cost $1200 to $1800.

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What should be included:

• Packing your goods and furniture in stretch film, blister pack, and special beds;
• Packaging and labeling boxes, only at your request;
• Removing furniture and wrapping it;
• Transportation will be assured with vans of 20 and 24 stere in conditions of maximum safety;
• Unloading and locating your goods where you want them;
• Unpacking the goods that were packed;
• Assembling the furniture and putting it on position;
• Gathering the materials used in packing.Team of movers

Additional costs:

If you opt for the packing and unpacking services you will pay around $25 – $35 per hour, but the packing material will be charged extra.
If you have the original packing of your plasma TVs they will be shipped locally for no extra costs. If you don’t have it you can rent for about $50 a special plasma TV packing box. If your TV is an older style large screen, and not a plasma TV, the cost will increase by about $25 because it requires extra manpower to load.
You should be aware that during the summer and weekends the cost increase with about 20%.
The price is higher if from the truck to the door there are many stairs, long or difficult distances.
It is not uncommon for the movers to be tipped with about $3 – $5 per hour or 7-15% of the total move cost.
The insurance for moving costs about 30 cents per pound.

Note: Prices are calculated for a complete relocation service which includes consultancy, furniture, and personal goods transportation from your current address to the new one, and also implicit and explicit guarantees for relocation services.

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Should the average working Joe hire movers when moving?

If your budget is really tight and you feel that hiring movers to help you sets you back too much, then you should think about go through all the hassle of moving alone. Even if you don`t get professional help and just get a friend with a van to help you, gas costs and any additional expenses will add up to a price similar to what you had paid the movers. Also, when doing everything alone, you have to be very careful with your goods and personal belongings. If you break anything, the cost of fixing it could be greater than what you would have paid the movers.

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