Moxi Bendable Smartphone Cost

Moxi Bendable Smartphone

A small company from China, little-known around the world, wants to market a smartphone that can bend like a bracelet. The Chinese start-up could bring to market a smartphone with a very interesting design. To be more specific, it’s a model that could bend and also have a working touchscreen. Moreover, it can be carried on your wrist like a clock.

As the company advertised, the display uses graphene. Graphene is a material that currently has the possibility to replace most of the materials that formed the basis of computers since the 80s. Built of carbon, graphene is 100 times stronger than steel, is extremely resistant to heat, and an excellent electricity conductor, without releasing heat. The company that presented the ambitious smartphone is called Moxi, and the people behind it claim they already have a working prototype.

Moxi Group, which is headquartered in the Chongqing city, has recently communicated that they want to deliver in 2016 more than 100,000 such devices, as the media shows. Its feasibility would be extremely important, but you should know one thing about this smartphone: the screen would be a black and white one. A colored screen version would require more time and more resources, and the company wants to complete it by 2018.

This achievement could help the company take buyers from large rivals such as Samsung and LG, which have flirted with the idea of bendable smartphones but didn’t make it work so far.

How much does the Moxi bendable smartphone cost?

Although it is a Chinese smartphone, don’t expect a very low price. Thus, the bendable smartphones will be on sale for $765, meaning 5,000 yuan.

These devices can roll up on your hand and can be worn as watches, or can be used like any other smartphone.

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The bendable screen is based on the graphene’s model, within which the carbon atoms are arranged in a way so the material could be a better electricity and heat conductor.

Bendable phone by Moxi priceIn addition, instead of placing all the hardware components behind the display, the Moxi Group has put the battery, processor, and other components at one end of the smartphone. This allows the phone to bend so much it can form a circle.

Moxi is specialized in graphene, and it’s not their first phone that uses this precious material. In fact, the company’s name is a Chinese contraction for the word “graphene”.

Among some large companies that have seen real potential in bendable smartphones is Samsung. At the end of last year, the Korean giant has patented a device with a bendable display with the help of US Patent and Trademark Office.

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All sounds good, but the question is whether the screen will really be powerful.

If those from Moxi will be able to make a display that is at least acceptable, then they will hit the pot and will remain in history as the first company that launched a bendable smartphone.

Should the average working Joe get a bendable smartphone?

If you’re a big fan of gadgets, then a bendable smartphone might be a great addition to your collection. Remember that this smartphone by Moxi is pretty expensive, so be sure that by getting one you won’t risk your financial security.

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