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If you are craving a tasty sandwich on your way to school or work, you must stop at the closest Mr. Hero location. They have more than one hundred restaurants all over the United States that offer a wide variety of sandwiches, such as all-natural chicken, tuna, veggie, turkey, bacon, deli, but also steaks and burgers. These are made with delicious ingredients like Swiss American cheese, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, onions, tomato, green peppers, and others.

You can take a look at the table below where you will find the latest Mr. Hero menu prices, in order to get an idea about how much you should budget for a mouthwatering sandwich.

Mr. Hero Prices

Item Price

Popular Items

7″ Chicken Philly $8.22
7″ Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ $8.03
7″ Romanburger® $8.22
7″Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ $8.68

Top Menu Items

Romanburger® $8.02

7″ Meals

7″ Romanburger® BTE Meal $14.12

10″ Meals

10″ Romanburger® BTE Meal $17.69

14″ Meals

14″ Romanburger® BTE Meal $21.91


Bistro Chicken Sandwich $8.69
Cheeseburger $7.66
Chicken Bacon and Ranch Sandwich $8.29
Chicken Philly $8.29
Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ $8.03
Italiano $8.3
NEW Baja Fire™ $7.95
NEW Hatta Potatta™ $8
NEW Sir Racha Bourbon™ $8.52
Original Italian $8.42
Sicilian Parm Steak $8.36
Smoked Turkey $8.42
Tuna and Cheese $8.04
Zesty Bacon and Swiss Steak $8.04

7″ Sandwiches

7″ Baja Fire™ $8.02
7″ Bistro Chicken $8.02
7″ Cheeseburger $8.22
7″ Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Sandwich $8.22
7″ Hatta Potatta™ $8.25
7″ Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ BTE $9.6
7″ Italiano $8.22
7″ Original Italian $8.22
7″ Romanburger® BTE $9.55
7″ Sicilian Parm Steak Sandwich $7.9
7″ Sicilian Parmesan $8.79
7″ Smoked Turkey $8.22
7″ Tuna ‘n Cheese Sandwich $8.3
7″ Zesty Bacon and Swiss Sandwich $8.22
7” Sir Racha Bourbon™ $8.17
NEW 7” Baja Fire™ $7.68
NEW 7” Hatta Potatta™ $7.82
NEW 7” Sir Racha Burbon™ $7.82

10″ Sandwiches

10″ Baja Fire™ $11.16
10″ Bistro Chicken $11.17
10″ Cheeseburger $11.39
10″ Chicken Philly $11.39
10″ Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Sandwich $11.39
10″ Hatta Potatta® $11.44
10″ Hot Butterd Cheesesteak™ BTE $13.87
10″ Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ $11.37
10″ Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ BTE $13.31
10″ Italiano $11.39
10″ Original Italian $11.37
10″ Romanburger® $11.39
10″ Romanburger® BTE $13.41
10″ Sicilian Parm Steak $10.94
10″ Sicilian Parmesan $12.18
10″ Smoked Turkey $11.39
10″ Tuna ‘N Cheese $11.44
10″ Zesty Bacon and Swiss Sandwich $11.39
10” Sir Racha Bourbon™ $11.32
NEW 10” Baja Fire™ $10.64
NEW 10” Hatta Potatta™ $10.82
NEW 10” Sir Racha Burbon™ $10.79

14″ Sandwiches

14″ Baja Fire™ $15.28
14″ Bistro Chicken $15.42
14″ Cheeseburger $15.76
14″ Chicken Philly $15.76
14″ Chicken, Bacon & Ranch $15.76
14″ Hatta Potatta® $15.63
14″ Hot Butterd Cheesesteak™ BTE $18.07
14″ Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ $15.76
14″ Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ BTE $17.87
14″ Italiano $15.76
14″ Original Italian $15.76
14″ Romanburger® $15.8
14″ Romanburger® BTE $17.84
14″ Sicilian Parm Steak $15.3
14″ Sicilian Parmesan $16.58
14″ Smoked Turkey $15.76
14″ Tuna ‘n Cheese $15.89
14″ Zesty Bacon & Swiss $15.76
14” Sir Racha Bourbon™ $15.62
NEW 14” Baja Fire™ $14.58
NEW 14” Hatta Potatta™ $15.1
NEW 14” Sir Racha Burbon™ $15.07

Side Orders

Cheese Sauce $1.7

Craver Sandwiches

Amazing Ultimate Cheeseburger $3.5
Bacon Cheeseburger $3.46
Zesty Chicken & Bacon $3.36

Kids Meals

Kids Cheeseburger (Meal) $8.07

Brand history

Mr. Hero Menu ItemsThe restaurant chain Mr. Hero was founded in 1965 by Robert Coulson. He opened the first location in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, where he sold submarine sandwiches. The concept of this business was quite simple: to create extraordinarily good tastes that clients won’t forget and this is what happened.

He created a menu that included a large variety of sandwiches and sides that couldn’t be found in other restaurants. For instance, their Romanburger is considered the best burger ever made and is their clients’ number-one choice for more than 55 years.

In the first years of the business, the restaurants were family-run. Over time they expanded across Akron, Columbus, Toledo, and all-over Northeast Ohio.

Between the 1980s and early 1990s, this company operated several restaurants under the name “Mr. Philly”.

In 2018 they developed the Steakery line and added to the menu five delicious steak sandwiches. This transformed Mr. Hero into a powerful leader in the steak sandwich segment.

Currently, there are 118 Mr. Hero locations in the United States.

Our review

Mr. Hero is well known for their signature Hot Buttered Cheesesteak and Romanburger, which are the customers’ favorites. Also, their Steakery menu includes five tasty and unique sandwiches, such as the Sir Racha Bourbon, Hatta Potatta, and Sicilian Parmesan.

All the food items are made fresh to order and they pride themselves on not using warming trays or cooking their products in microwaves. They believe that the flavor you crave should be just as tasty as you expect.

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You should plan on spending anywhere between $7 and $9 for a 7” sandwich and $11 to $14 for a 7” meal. The 10” sandwiches are priced at $10 to $13, while for a 10” meal you must get $13 to $17 out of your pocket.

There are also 14” sandwiches that cost anywhere between $14 and $16, and 14” meals that cost $17 to more than $20.

The Craver Sandwiches are much cheaper with prices of around $3. Also, the Value Snackers cost less than $3. For dessert you can choose between the Chocolate Chip Brownie, Cinnamon Bites, or Funnel Cake Fries, that cost anywhere between $2 and $6.

Mr. Hero is a restaurant that offers high-quality food items and friendly, efficient, fast customer service in an organized and clean environment.

Mr. Hero FAQs

At what time does Mr. Hero open?

Most Mr. Hero restaurants open are 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. However, it may vary from one location to another. So, you should visit the restaurant’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Mr. Hero close?

In general, Mr. Hero closes at 09:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and at 08:00 p.m. on Sunday. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. You should check this information by visiting the restaurant’s official website.

Where was Mr. Hero founded?

Mr. Hero was founded in Cleveland, in 1965 by Robert Coulson.

What is inside a Roman burger from Mr. Hero?

The Roman burger is considered to be the best burger created by Mr. Hero. It is made of burger patties, Mr. Hero’s house dressing, Italian luncheon meats, mayo, grilled salami, Swiss American cheese, onion, tomato, and lettuce.

How many calories does a Mr. Hero cheesesteak contain?

A Mr. Hero Hot Buttered Cheesesteak Sub, 7″ has 580 calories.

What type of cheese does Mr. Hero use?

Mr. Hero uses mostly Swiss American cheese for preparing their delicious foods.

Who is the CEO of Mr. Hero?

The Chief Executive Office of Mr. Hero is Michael Nasr.

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