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What is NailBot?

When you combine creativity with technological advancements you get very interesting results, and Nailbot is exactly that – a smartphone nail art printer that allows you to print custom art directly on your nails from your phone within a matter of five seconds. The idea has been developed by Preemadonna, which is a community that devotes its time and attention to inspire creativity within its inventions.

How to make use of NailBot?

Using NailBot to make your nails look creative is quite easy. The first step is the preparation of the art. You need to paint your nails with a light-colored base coat. The white color would work particularly well for NailBot. Once this is done, you need to make use of the NailBot mobile app to select the art you want to wear on your nails. It could be anything: an emoticon, a picture, an art piece, whatever you want. The NailBot app works for both iOS and Android, so this isn’t something that you would have to be worried about. Once you have selected the art, tap print and within 5 seconds, you will see your selected art appear on your nail. It is indeed this simple.

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Art is considered to be the perfect representation of self-expression, and with NailBot you can share your feelings and thoughts with the rest of the world in a rather creative and stylish manner.

If you wish to design something on your own, you can use any mobile app for the purpose. Upload your art to Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Instagram or camera. The NailBot Print app will sync with these applications very easily. You also have the option of using the NailBot Print app to make your design, which is a premium feature of the app that would require a monthly membership fee. You can also submit your designs to the app to be featured on the website.

There are plenty of options to make this app all the more fun for you. You can use snapshots of your friends or pets. You can print all your favorite emoji on your nails and do much more. Make use of your favorite nail polish brands for the purpose of prepping up your nail for the art and prepared to be amazed by the results.

The cost of this creativity

NailBot Product in UseEvery NailBot is available with the hardware, proprietary color cartridge filled with safe ink, pre-print nail polish, and similar other accessories which would make it easier for you to use it. Hence, it is apparent that a lot of attention has been paid to ensure that making use of the NailBot is feasible for you and does not pose any difficulties. You can remove the prints with a nail polish remover, so this is not something that you would have to be worried about.

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The NailBot can be purchased at the cost of $179 if the super-early bird package is available. 50 Nail Bots are available in this package. $189 is the cost for the early bird package in which 150 NailBots are available. The Kickstarter Love package, which is basically the classic NailBot, is available at the cost of $199. At $379, you can get two classic packages, while three classic Nail Bots will cost you around $555. You also have the option of getting your hands on the party pack, which contains 10 NailBots along with a featured art collection in the app at the cost of $1,799.

Should the average working Jane buy Nailbot?

NailBot opens a door to creativity for you and ensures that you can have a lot of fun with your nail art. Take a look at what it has to offer and you will not be disappointed. Using it is quite easy, and you would not have any trouble understanding it. Removing it is easy as well. It would not take up a lot of your time and within a short span, you will find that your nails have reached new heights of creativity. Seeing that the basic package costs only about $179 if ordered as a super-early bird, we encourage you to make complete use of this opportunity, especially if you have or want to open a nail salon. You will not be disappointed with the results.

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